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  1. There was a fire fight between the saviours and another group, the other group took the civilians hostage. One guy took us to a garage behind the police station where we would be save. Then there was one guy that walked in without saying anything and shooting me in the head even though I had my hand in the air.
  2. Mike Brown was a law enforcement officer that was send to Chernaurus to help control the infection and keep civilians from going insane. After the apocalypse officially started there was no way for him to get out of Chernaurus. As a law enforcement officer Mike Brown is trained in gun usage and first aid help, Mike Brown also had a light version of military training. He is trying everything in his power to help civilians and other people that need his help. Mike Brown always tries to strike down bandits whenever he can.
  3. This is true I got killed there as well I even had my hands up so there was no reason for them to shoot.
  4. Michael Smith was a normal guy, that loves hunting. After the zombie apocalypse broke out he left everyone and went into the woods of Chernaraus it was quit and because of the cold he never saw a single infected, but at a bad day he heared gun fire and decided to look for other survivors. When he came to the place he saw a group of 5 man. They shot and killed his dog and robbed him. After they have gone Michael swore to never trust anyone again except for his one mate who is part of the gorka patrol unit who's name is Max.
  5. Mike Hudson is a survival expert and does anything to survive no one knows where he comes from or why he is in Chernarus. His best friend is a knife and sometimes a gun when it comes to hunting. He also knows what water to drink and what not to drink and how to purify dirty water. Knowing how to make a campfire with just a small stone can be quite helpful as well. Mike Hudson is curious to how the apocalypse started and how all of this came to exist and what's left of the world. Being alone most of the time and willing to bond with others makes it harder to find an answer to all these questions.