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  1. Ollie Carey came from the urban underbelly of Chernogorsk, or as he called it, Cherno. He was born to an African father and a Russian mother. He never knew his father, his mother raising him by herself, working as a hostess at a restaurant. They had a home, but only sometimes. Most of the time, their "home" was his mother's beat up old van. It had enough space for both of them to sleep, and that's all they really needed. As a youngster, Ollie frequently got into trouble with his friends, playing mischievous tricks on people for fun. This would develop into full on illegal behavior as he and his group aged, stealing from homes and robbing people to turn a profit. In Cherno, you did what you had to do to survive. Ollie always dreamed of one day breaking out of the cycle, leaving Cherno to build what he imagined as a traditional family, where no one would have to rob or hurt others just to survive. Ollie eventually had his dream come to fruition, but only partly. The infection hit that fateful July. In the ensuing chaos, the apartment they were staying at was looted and his mother was killed. All of this happened in his sleep, so he only awoke to the scene of the crime. With his mother gone, he had no one to protect and even less reason than before to stay in Cherno. He hoped and wished that the robber had not found his hidden stash. He opened up under the floorboard and reached in, feeling a rush of adrenaline as he found his two revolvers along with his Bowie knife. He pulled out a duffle bag from his closet, a heavy backpack as well. He took his overcoat and stuck the knife and one revolver into the side pocket. He knew he had a chance to escape! He ran off through the streets of Cherno, trying to get through the ensuing chaos and into the safety of the nearby rural area. He kept running for so long, he didn't even remember where he had run to. It just seemed as if he appeared at an abandoned rural farm in Chernarus when he stopped. Ever since, he has been wandering the area and doing his best to survive, battling the infected when he has to. He wants to break free from the criminal habits of his past, so he is typically as peaceful as he can be when dealing with other survivors of the outbreak. However, his survival is always priority number one, and Ollie won’t hesitate to employ many of his dirty criminal skills when he must.
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