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  1. Burak

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    I interacted mostly with Mr Arvid and Mr Ivan , both of 'em unique , looking forward to meet all team. All big respects who made the images and story. And Good Luck !
  2. Burak

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    Those who were not able to find any weapons yet , i've seen both tisy and NWAF yesterday lots of players and groups were scavenging,looting Its normal to not find , wait 1 or 2 more days and when people take some breathe you guys will see weapons everywhere. The new system seems really fair.Let us see more in several days.
  3. Burak

    Odezva Media Thread

    Beautiful images, and static team with smooth titles.. It was good time to interact with you , it was very short but okay, (OOC: i didnt eat human meat or turned Kuru by decision.It was technically cleaning human meat from street in stariy sobor, i took it for 1 second maybe instead of throwing dynamics :)) )
  4. Burak

    The Current Whitelist

    Yea , especially one ''updated'' detailed video tutorial will work out better i guess.But who is lazy to read rules , might be lazy to watch video too..
  5. Burak

    False Report & 2.4

    Hello Everyone, I am so sorry to make Staff and @Ryan Shepherd wait a bit. English is not my native tongue and I wanted this POV to be as good as I can write it. In the report @Ryan Shepherd mentioned, I want to thank everyone who spend their time on working on it. I appreciate any outcome. First off all I made the 2.3 report, because I believed the trade union broke that rule. I gave my reasoning for that in the report itself, which the staff gave a conclusion for. But I basically reported it, because the trade union continuesly came back to Grishno with pvp intentions resulting in attacks. I wanted to have this looked into in a report. I am suprised this report has even been posted as it sets a very worrying precedence for any reports in future. According to @Ryan Shepherd I have done the following Quote: While I only wanted to have staff look into the situation that we thought was a rulebreak. Meanwhile @Ryan Shepherd also doens't mind slandering my name aswell. At first I didn't want to answer his questions, since I didn't want it to turn into a back and forward and both of us already had posted our POV's. Then he kindly requested Randy and Saunders to ask me to answer his questions and he said the following thing aswell Note that this slander was before all my words that he claimed to be slandering his name. @Ryan Shepherd was also cautioned for this post. The things @Ryan Shepherd calls slander are not slander in my opinion. I only quoted a similar incident that happened in the past. I thought bringing this up could add to the report. I stated , because I saw the same thing happening on the report that I saw in my quote. Then I didn't admit it was for solving our IC issues, I said I wanted the opinion of the staff. Like I said above aswell. I wanted an unbiased opinion on an ingame event without any intentions to 'slander your name'. Lately when I said ''It calmed down and it worked'', I pointed towards the fact that the constant attacking indeed stopped after the report. These constant attacks were the reason for the report and yes the report is linked to an IC reason. However this doens't mean the report was made to solve IC problems. For who knows, any other group could come and attack us without continuesly coming back. Conclusions to my report have been made and I am at peace with this. I hope you now understand my reasoning better.
  6. Burak

    False Report & 2.4

    @Randy i am busy a bit and outside, i will post really detailed one at home.
  7. Burak

    Green Mountain Charity Center [Selective Recruitment]

    I saw some friends and old neighbours at there, i really like idea and cause on that charity organization. When we nearby , we always look forward to donate what we have extra.Keep up the good work.
  8. Burak

    S1 - Grishino Constant Attacks , 4.4 and 2.3

    I knew this one is coming You love to do it this way i guess.. But let me tell you something more wide and smart, every person is unique but their capacity are different. if @Randy wouldnt make me answer your questions , you knew you wouldnt able to write any of these above. Me neither. You may have 6 years of experience and you may have 99999 types of different initations or reports.But sadly you still cant get the idea , You are still trying to press people to the rules and still creating reasons to comply once more. You have to know that you are the one who is mixing IC and OOC with your these words: And again i apologize mention his request me to answer your questions, i wrote all of them that i respect staff and made them understand. If you want discussion , sorry but i wouldnt like to discuss with you sweetheart. BTW : Apologizing is not the worst way on earth , at least not in my culture. If i hurt your any deep feelings or if i broke your honour with what i wrote above, i apologize. I would like you to accept my apologizes. I never feel myself backward or forward with the actions i made.Apologizing not raising or sinking a person.I suggest you to do the same for the sentence you got caution. For the Staff: I was really not expecting that you would ask me to answer his questions with his requests and if we continue i bet he will make it deeper and deeper.Lets stick to the theme of report and i am ready to answer YOUR questions. I again demand my all respect and best wishes to who keep read this report(players) and work on this report(staff).
  9. Burak

    To The Redwood Radio Camp

    *got exhausted to prepare stews within wolf steaks and zucchinis.he takes the radio* Always welcome,growing up new pumpkins,we may need some extra help while getting ready them. *drops his radio to the cooking pot by fault and screams down whole altar valley with a fury*
  10. Burak

    S1 - Grishino Constant Attacks , 4.4 and 2.3

    Both simple Yes and Yes. If Staff seek only that answer. Here it is. ''But'' here we are heading to another subject, Why trade union individuals ''alone'' (They are mostly minimum 4 or 5) looting just next to their hostile individuals ? When i tell they are baiting freshbloods(newplayers) to use them like target boards in hostility after initiation.He is of course not accepting it. Very open i will tell something that Ryan Shepherd and his friends found these grishino individuals like carps in pond(no offense please.Its just examination.).They bait them and they have gunfight everyday.Its good type of practice i really saw that and assure that.However after report it got calm down.At least it worked a bit i guess..... About invalid kill,he is still not honest, they were trying to initiate everyone on frontgate and the people meeting backyard.They didnt initiate on me individually , They saw me running 1 or 2 steps and gundown. Ok i dont have a video evidence too.But i don't have any reason to tell lies too same like Mr Ryan Shepherd. Lets go another step: before i open any report or something like that. I always try to keep people in really good attitude.Or i try to solve within discord or by finding mutual friends. I really apologize about sharing one URL i read a conversation between @Roland and @Ryan Shepherd and decide it wouldnt work communicate with him. Because whenever people try to show him his wrong sides , or suggest him something , as i saw he just describe a lot to avoid or reason his own rulebreaks. If I could understand i could solve with Ryan without any report , i could do. But I wanted to create report and see how Staff decide. In the end i really respect every person who plays , or takes duty(staff) on this server.Even oldest, even youngest , even newest it doesnt matter. Edit:Blue lined places edited.
  11. Burak

    S1 - Grishino Constant Attacks , 4.4 and 2.3

    Reports are not meant for parties to discuss it out.... reports are to report a rule break, le each party post a point of view and let the GM's decide. They are not a court of back and forth. I wont be replying further.
  12. Burak

    S1 - Grishino Constant Attacks , 4.4 and 2.3

    First, It shouldn't be like Q&A section, if it has to be , i could just pop up from your discord without creating a report here.We shouldn't turn this into a cluster if you don't mind.My opinion about these questions are just for getting me out from my comfort zone.I could also ask you tons of questions too, but it doesnt change that Either way grishino was under constant attack. My death was ''Invalid Kill'' . Second, there are some people on the server who is good at avoiding or reasoning rulebreaks,but in any way it has come to an end at last. I respect you and your friends , but Ryan , let the staff do their work
  13. Burak

    S1 - Grishino Constant Attacks , 4.4 and 2.3

    No , i dont have. But trade union has media thread , maybe they might have unedited videos.
  14. Burak

    Staff Feedback: Crimson_Tiger

    Link to the situation: - Any supporting evidence or notes: Discord helpdesk Feedback: Man he is really great support within all cases.He is offering fast solution and great support both assistance and problem focused things. I really appreciate that he is in support team, and providing such support by caring like these problem are his own problems. Suggestions for improvement: Crimson is already doing really well , i didnt see anything that he could do better, he is always in time , with fast solutions !
  15. Burak

    S1 - Grishino Constant Attacks , 4.4 and 2.3

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