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  1. I'm really sorry that i guess i misclicked to NO while it was down belov YES i guess......... As i asked and heard, there is no revert hat option, But i agree with your opinion above and please count my vote +1 To Yes So sorry again.
  2. I really congratulate you @C-J , i remember how 5.0.3 stayed on low numbers few months ago and expanded to a big family now. When you have less members it was always same RP quality and i enjoyed every situation we had in Chernarus too. Most of your guys really great RP'ers too. I wish you all one by one luck and looking forward to rp more on Livonia.
  3. Oh my gosh , its great idea. I was also curious just yesterday about a medical group , if it would be possible or not. As my buddy @DerrickStorm told , you may need to meet with the best two scavengers on livonia. Looking forward to RP with you all. *stashes 10 bottles of vodka for Roman*
  4. Burak

    Auto run.

    -1 from me , we travelled whole livonia with @DerrickStorm yesterday, we interacted with several people , we explored new places ,during hike you create rp and create storylines. If people want this mod for reaching their teammates, i don't know what to comment. Its just 10 15 or max 20 minutes. If you dont have time , why dont you play the game when you have wide , free and relax time ? If people want a break during run , log off first , make your eyes rest , make some body exercises and log in again.Why autorun mod ? All of them are my opinions,as i answered ''Why?''. Please do not take anything offensive because of my low english.
  5. *holds the radio and presses* Oh its good to hear from you guys, hello Donovan , i have some scrap for you guys , they are heavy and upon my limits, i need drop them all. For your brother Tommy , i wish best luck , because its lack of women around i guess. *releases the radio*
  6. *checks every single frequency and tired to tell everytime same message* ''Juliett Foxtrot do you copy ? i mean J-F Joyce Family , do you copy ? If you hear my message , i am dmitriy,dima from gieraltow community we met,i am the guy who cannot talk much english.I have something for you guys if you still around.Give me your private freq.If you guys went already to other countries or dead , R.I.P'' *releases hands from radio and waiting a signal after 33rd time trying*
  7. Burak

    Dance Party

    Me after watching. Okay , at least they spend a hard work to upload it to youtube.
  8. No from me , because in Chernarus especially its really common clothing everywhere , and i am able to loot some part of NWAF or any other military places , without alerting someone , or without provoking people.(<<<<<<-if you mean avoiding any hostility as a fresh spawn.Because even you dont need to avoid people or situation , everyone is helping to fresh spawns.) In Livonia its crazy , everywhere clothing , plate carriers etc. especially ruined houses.So we dont need such things , and as i guess it would cause extra work on devs.
  9. Both vids made me laugh,but mostly bear scene from 1st vid , and Callahans beating wrong person in 2nd vid was awesome scenes Looking forward to see more.
  10. i totally agree with you, some people have some prejudices(prejudgment) and it blocks them to understand what beneath the thema.Sad to see this.
  11. Hello Brat , dobro pozhalavat ! we have only chernoe kvass
  12. Happy to see its becoming official, much respects. Great people , beautiful idea
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