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  1. Good luck Docs , i know you will be revealed as death squad after sometime.... I really enjoy rp with @DrMax , i hope i can trust a ruski doctor about my bulletwounds. Looking forward to rp with you more
  2. congratulations brudda @sung , lesss gooooo
  3. It was good encounter with you guys ,it was my second encounter with y'all. What i want mention first, you guys able to handle ic things very well , some people select mostly easy way to cut RP (initiation) but you preferred the better way. I enjoyed the RP we had, all players sounds and rp'ed like experienced players , there will be always some salt & pepper to handle with,i guess you guys will find and handle by yourselves , but except that everything was fine. Looking forward to meet again Bratris.
  4. i dont know have you ever seen ak47 variants even the smaller ones in real life , AKSU while its stock folded can fit any thick jacket like gorka or tracksuit or hoodie. Other ARS Except long barreled ones can fit to any big backpack like large canvas , mountain backpack etc. I had problem with 3.5 Meters OSV rifle fitting to small operator bag,thanks god @Whitename and other devs took care of it. I have no problem with the current situation.
  5. it was great to see again @Millie , @Morytania chicks , and my boy @Eagles i just tell one sentence about @AndreyQ , ''whatever character you create , your RP is legendary.'' I really enjoy how you focus and roleplay on that character bro. RAC members, it was also interesting encounter without just shooting or initiating each other. Thanks for the RP My CLF Bratri and Sestry, i dont want write one by one , i love y'all , thanks for bringing excite,action,smile to the face every day and night. @Watchman's Ni''kola'' and @Miamomoh's Knox its always good to see you guys around Thanks to everyone again for the RP we had. Special Thanks to @Blakeh08 for fair trade
  6. my eyes are bleeding Very interesting event i will attend. And thanks for your work in this poster bro @DerrickStorm
  7. Burak


    welcome back
  8. from Protest event,and some other 1 on 1 interactions with the member of this group. That is really a ''real'' police group i've experienced in server. They are doing their work professional and react ''real'' to the outcomes. After LW , as i fallen in love with RF's ''real'' military RP ( I mean QZ thing and organization in it) , i can tell that you guys also made me fall in love with your RP Thanking each of you for your works and RP.Just keep it up.
  9. Ahahaha , you are doing it orginal
  10. Interesting Lore , interesting roster. I feel like i'm not gonna be alone in NWAF Drone duties anymore. Btw, Good luck with this, when it comes to RP you have great rp'ers, and when things getting hot , you have cool guys to lit everything and start firework show. Good luck again and i wish you get approval soon bratri
  11. Another orginal group , which is created by my brudda @sung and his fellow bruddas. Some groups are backing their story about main deep lore , and they dont last longer, i mean their work just appreciated in the beginning of approval. Some groups are backing their story very simple beginning and last longer than the hardworking ones, i just hope that it lasts long my brudda @sung. Me and @DerrickStorm had same problem with members and numbers , i can just suggest you to find more volunteers and regular players in this group and i believe that it will be rocking. I will be working hard to change that status CLF ENEMY than neutral Except my worries above , you have my alllllllllllllllllllllllllll best wishes and i really want to play at least weekends in your aussie timezone brudda. Best of lucks
  12. Great Lore , it fits all S.M.A.R.T . Good Roster. After Lorewipe , i'm enjoying the quality roleplay that lore factions and individuals brought server and i'm really sure you guys will be doing it far more than better.I wish y'all luck, and i hope you guys getting approved as soon as possible See you ig.
  13. Bro add @sung to roster bro , its unfair, we are fishing twins brudda.
  14. I'm proud of sharing same fate and serving in same front with my Bratri and Sestry
  15. Lets do this , Lesgoooooooooooooooo,
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