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  1. it looks great , this will be one of best groups 2021 im pretty sure @Jackfish, luv ya
  2. I'm not pvp god neither master fragger , but as i experienced from what i played, pvp doesnt require any extra skills or extra effort in this game , whoever takes advantage of Desync and Latency(Ping) advantage, frags other side. I can kill or trade with someone who is carrying a PKP , SCAR with an AKM easily if i pull before him or her. I dont think SCAR or PKP will matter if we remove or not. Situation was literally awful before , you hit a guy with AKM 4 times and that guy still firing back.The game is broken , removing any gun or removing 50 rounder won't solve anything imo. -1 f
  3. It was great roleplay with @The Preacher at kabanino. Thanks bro
  4. Welcome Amun ( @AndreyQ )  - RA ( @Stagsview )

    AMUN-RA , king of the gods


  5. it was fun experience for me to bump into you guys randomly Looking forward to rp with y'all. Good luck
  6. Me and some other transporters have roleplayed a week ago or more. They are good sport and they did fairplay, looking forward to rp more with different stories. I hope you guys will stay same all the time( Goodsport and fairplay ).
  7. why are you placing that roleplay gift in front of my door ?
  8. Master Mechanic , Master Chef here for ru( ehm..*cough* ) roleplay
  9. 🥰😊

    1. Rutkiy


      why, like, why ???

    2. Burak


      Mr Bean Thumbs Up GIF

  10. aa48862c1aabd952ca43a7440c7ced48.png.50ed722144b03bda78ee032dc59df768.png

    Sasha , my man.. Last remnant and last flag bearer of NPC Trader Lorefaction.

    1. Kordruga


      You'll be missed Sasha 😞 fashion god

    2. AndreyQ


      RIP Sasha. You will be missed.

  11. LESSSGOOOOOOO , congratz bais
  12. It was great roleplay tho @AndreyQ @Elmo @burRP @General Rickets @Rutkiy @Kordruga @Realize , Osman will be dropping in Chernarus this Thursday
  13. Season 1 Birthday GIF by The Office

    1. Basko


      Thank you man!

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