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  1. Chase Spencer was born and raised in the mean streets of Novodmitrovsk. Born into a rather wealthy family, Chase was too privileged to recognize the struggle of the common man. Growing up, he sought after immediate gratification and pleasure without regard for the future. His parents wished to raise an independent and accountable man, but Chase was resistant to taking up any type of responsibility. He refused to employ himself in an occupation, accumulating discontent between him and his parents. Now a 20-year-old man, Chase’s parents finally grew tired of his unwillingness to work and disowned him, leaving him find his own place to live. Chase resented his parents for this, as it shattered the reality of his world view. Roaming the streets as a nomad, Chase enjoyed his newfound freedom to take drugs and become a raving drunkard without responsibility. However, he quickly blew through the little remaining money he had, forcing him to Chase eventually took up a part-time job at the grocery store in Chernogorsk. This in turn allowed him to afford an apartment in Novoselky, finally granting him the security and stability his life needed. It was then that he realized what a favor his parents had done him, allowing him to finally grasp a hold of his life and work towards his goals. Just as things seemed to turn for the better, the infection broke out. Chase abandoned the little possessions he had and sought to find his parents in Novodmitrovsk, only to discover his former home to be destroyed and looted. The only direction Chase has left in the apocalyptic wasteland that Chernarus has become is to find his parents, if they are even still alive.
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