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"Do you like hotdogs?"

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  2. Niccolicious


    Gotta get that fix. haha. Now we dont have boxes and prob stay like that for a while.
  3. Niccolicious


    I would report it if I had a timeframe. I guess you can just make a tower off people to get in. But i bring it not just up for myself. This happend to other people to. It sucks when you just want to provide RP. You off all people know i pretty much give stuff away anyways. xD
  4. Niccolicious


    That's cool man. we but barbed wire on the ground and stairs yesterday so you can't crawl under. Before that you can get in real easy. But i tryed for an hour yesterday to break in to my own base. And i'm a badass hobo parkour master. So deffo ghosting here at least two times in 24 hours. Yeah man. Right on dude.
  5. Niccolicious


    Hey it's me, Kenneth. So i have been building a base with @miss_natcula for trading. And everyone knows it takes alot off time building stuff. I can deal with people stealing every night and it makes us wanna improve so people will have it harder. But now you can just jump on server 2 then back on server 1 to get into our base. Today i found all our boxes smashed and the stuff on the ground. walls are intact and there is no way off getting in. So they pretty much jumped server to get in and took what they needed and smashed all our storage containers. Kind off shitty. And like I said before I don't mind stealing as long as you dont destroy stuff. We have been collcting to trade and provide both us and the people that come with RP. I think we need to deal with this ghosting issue in some way. And this is not only happening to our base. Eighter remove persistance between server or have server 2 down when server 1 is not full. This is hindering alot off RP and is abused by people that just wanna ruin RP. This is an RP community so why not focus on that people? You are more then welcome to come and steal when i sleep or rob me. How do you guys feel? Don't be a rude ghost be a cool ghost like this. Cool ghosts dont abuse the game.
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    Hi shark friend!


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      That's a cute pic! Thank you!



  7. Niccolicious

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open] [Active]

    // Unarchived upon request from OP. Good luck and have one dope time my dudes!
  8. Niccolicious

    Looking for some weeds? [Open freq]

    *Kenneth sits in his appartment in Vybor watching Spider man 2 while Hilde is sleeping next to him* Zup my dudes it's me, Kenneth. If you are looking for some dank seaweed i got you sorted man. I got alot off new strains going. Lemon Cush, Amnezia Haze, Skunk and some good old AK47 that will knock your shoes off man. You be a robot dude. Come over and let's hang in the sofa, smoke a shizzle and watch some DVD's on my portable DVD palyer man. Gonna be great. Peace my dudes. *Kenneth smilies while he let's go off the PTT*
  9. Niccolicious

    To all swedish forces.. (open frequency)

    *Sven sits by a campfire by the south east coast. He hears the radio call and holds down his PTT* Uppsnappat mister Olofsson. My name is Korpral Sven Viberg with the UN Peacekeepers. I have been AWOL for a bit trying to survive with other remnents of the UN down here south east. If you need my assistance give me a call, over. *Sven let's go off his PTT*
  10. Niccolicious


    Kenneth giving up his hobo life for love like:


    1. Watchman


      im sadder than a badger

    2. AlanM


      Why post this video... *cries*

  11. Niccolicious

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Honest mistake since i did not know. Good luck with the group and most important have fun. Looks great! Thanks @Castiel and @neom for letting me know.
  12. Niccolicious

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

  13. Niccolicious


    Kenneth the Hobo is back in town. 

  14. Niccolicious


    My activity here is shit. These hours working as a chef is Killing me. 👨🏻‍🍳🦐

    1. Onyx


      Don't worry about it bud. IRL takes priority 🙂

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  15. Niccolicious

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    Kenneth is gonna be sad.