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  1. Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (NA RECRUITMENT ONLY)

    Well, i am sorry if my facts are wrong then. I just you know get shot at in town and i always hear Its you. I dont want to stirr shit up or anything. Like i said i have enjoyed the RP you have given me before. I dont want you guys to think i attack you. Maybe We can talk on TS and sort it out? Writing sucks.
  2. The Railroad

    Kenneth don't like to be called that. Not What the hobo-life is about. We do have one. Just bad at taking photos. But i think We got a few We can post.
  3. The Railroad

    Get your Street Meat today!
  4. Real life picture Thread

    "Don't worry, Im a doctor" - Random DayZ Player
  5. Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (NA RECRUITMENT ONLY)

    Solved OOC.
  6. Greetings!

    Welcome to the community. Come get your soup.
  7. Potius Cras

    Hello pink friends.
  8. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I was in town to try to talk to Socialist to stop attacking Lopatino cuz people in my group are ngetting shot at as we try to make trades. I came with Alexa. I just get cought up in shit all the time. Not much i can do. Tryed to get you out by saying you are insane and they forced you to be there.
  9. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Traitor? I was trying to help you.
  10. The Railroad Media Empire

    Post any cool pics or videos.
  11. The Railroad (Freq: 66.6 - Open)

    *A energetic and happy voice can be heard over the radio* Hey man, my name is Kenneth. I am the leader of a group called The Railroad. We trade goods and odd ends that other traders see as trash. Hey, one mans trash is an other mans treasure haha. If you like to trade with us or looking for something special hook us up over the radio. We can travel to you or you come to our current store in Lopatino. Just ask for a hobo and someone will guide you to us. But if you are lazy you can look at the big red house in the center off town. Don't be a stranger! *You can hear someone dropping the radio on the ground and pick it up again. Transmission ends*
  12. The Railroad

    I fixed that. Can't belive we missed that. Thank you so much. I get on it strait away.
  13. Any Survivors - Open Freq

    *Kenneth picks up the radio a pushes down the PTT* Haha, fuck them ghoul-hounds up my dude. I get lost all the time aswell, dont worry about it. *You hear cooking in the backround* So, Severograd is dead. It's a Ghosttown now. I would head to Lopatino like everyone else. Here We have protection and lot's of shops. There is even a bar. But i would not stay in severograd. Heard some bad rumors about that place. I'm gonna climb around abit dude. See you around. *Kenneth turns off the radio and starts to climb the church Wall in Lopatino*
  14. Niccokick

    Favorite taco-topping?

    1. Dallas
    2. dimitri



    3. BoneMan666
    4. Brady


      I LOVE ranch dressing on tacos. Its not really a topping but shits fire