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"Kill the fucking hobo!"

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  1. *Kenneth holds down the PTT* Hey, what up? My name is Kenneth. But some people call me The Crypt Keeper. This might sound a bit weird.. But i'm looking for a Bible. Does anyone own one? I pay good for it. I got some soup and some caned food. The reason is the ghost problem in the hospital in Severograd. If you can help me meet me under the bridge in my camp in Severograd or outside the bar that is always closed.. Peace all. *Kenneth trows the radio in a lake for no reason at all. Then regret doing that.*
  2. *Kenneth fumbles with the radio and presses PTT* Demons just don't go away. Embrace them. Come talk to me under the bridge at my tent in Severograd. I Tell you about the demons. M Oh, Its me the hobo. What up? *Kenneth realese the PTT*
  3. Thank you all for being really welcoming. I look forward seeing you all ingame and on TS. ?
  4. *Kenneth fumbles with the radio and presses the PTT* Hey, what's up? I pretty shit with the guns and things but i make a sick soup. You need a friend? *Kenneth release the PTT and trips on a rock. Kenneth finds a can off tuna*
  5. Hi, i'm Nicco and im new to this server. I play the crazy but nice hobo that likes to make soup. So far i have been really enjoying the RP. I play alone right now so if anyone want to hang just hook me up. Peace! PS. I livestream sometimes. If you wanna just come and chill here is the link. https://www.twitch.tv/niccokick
  6. *A voice can be heard over the radio on freq 96.9* "Yo, what up pimps. I'm Kenneth but you can call me the Crypt Keeper. Looking to set up a network of fellow hobos in Berezino. We can make some soup, open a bar or something or just chill in the graveyard. Come over here and let's have one HELL of a time. Peace!" *Message repeats*
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