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  1. So, for the past week i have been unavilable to play due to the game crashing when i press play. I have tryed several things.

    • Reinstall graphics drivers

    • Try the SA Launcher

    • Verifying gamefiles, reinstalling the game and removing all files

    • Reinstalling Windows

    After this it still fucks me over. Anyone have a clue? Below is the error massage. Cheers.


  2. 27 minutes ago, Eagles said:

    Was a pleasure to finally meet your group for the first time, situation started off a little tense when you guys hopped into the soup kitchen from the back and initiated on us (The front gate was unlocked by the way) but after we got to talking we understood it was merely for an intimidation factor and from there things smoothed out. I look forward to interacting with you all again in the coming days!

    The Treasurer of Bones will see you soon.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Inferno said:

    Group page looks great, let’s see if this organized system of yours will work

    Thanks dude. We aim to have an unique style of hero roleplay. I personally take part in register new members and the payment part. We have a google form to add new member and how much they payed, when and if they want insurance. That transfers over to a sheet where i can keep track on the books. Since i cant do this IC. 🙂

  4. 1 minute ago, Marcoooz said:

    Oi oi.

    Yeah it was cool that y'all came over and talked it out OOC, there were tons of misunderstandings and/or misread signals in the situation from our side. As you said, no bad blood. When it comes to OOC things being said I can't really defend myself or anyone else, but I can be honest and admit that some of us are and have always been quick to say shit we shouldn't. Lots of it isn't serious, but when it is I guarantee we forget about it shortly after and just let it go; we can be hotheaded dickheads and have a history of being just that. (Important to note that I am only talking about us who were present in the clip)

    What's worse is that it was said on stream, which we should've thought about to be honest. It's one thing when you're on discord with buds and talk shit, but on stream when everyone can hear is very different. And it contradicts our "always prioritize IC" rule completely. (shame on us) When it comes to the RP side of things, I'll take on most of the blame as I went overboard with my character and it ultimately got me shot which is fair game. I fucked up and I knew it, even if I said otherwise in the heat of the moment.

    I'll let others speak for themselves if they so wish, but I am certain they could all agree that we get hotheaded sometimes. Hope no offense sticks and again: some of us have a history with this and it's something we should fix, admittedly.

    Cheers mate. There is defo no bad blood. We can always get better at something. I know i can for sure. I always play a fucking hobo and just fuck about. And when I am in a situation I am mostly told to fuck off. haha. So thanks for understanding and not taking it wrong. I always thing communication is key to everything and we need to stay strong as an community. I am more then happy to talk att all time over PM's to not clutter the thread. 🙂

    I do like the consept and the thread like I said. Ours is not as nice. 😉

  5. Hello fellow roleplayer,

    So, we had an little session erlier today. And there seemed to be alot of tention during and after it on a stream. So, after the session I hear you guys are pissed over the recent RP we had. So me and @OxeN go and talk it out with you guys cuz we really want to beef and if there was any issues and wrongs on our side we gladly take that in and get better. We sorted stuff out and there seemed to be no bad blood. Really nice. 
    Okey, so the Trade Union meet the Pegans in Vybor. You guys from the start introduce yourselfs as the Pegans and say you are here to make armsdeals with russians. Since we are a different type of hero group we see this as an issue and tell you guys to put your hands up. You guys comply and that is great so we can form a story and do the RP we are there to do. Unionize the trading in the region. From the get go you are annoyed and give little to no RP back. And looking at the vod afterwards (I do this to make my own RP better and learn) i am conserned and dissapointed in some off the stuff said and acted ingame and in the stream on a OOC level. There is shit talk about members of our group including myself and others. below is one clip from the session.

    There is always two sides to RP. And it's hard for me to give RP when you from the start don't want any of it and avoid it. I try to ask questions but i can see in the vod that you guys pay little to no attention to what we are trying to do and just slag it off. If you go into an situation with that mindset it's not gonna be fun at all. You need to accept others roleplay and not just your own. Roleplay always goes both ways. 

    We are trying our best with what we get. And yeah, we maybe did not bring our A-game but we where willing to talk about our flaws with you guys afterwards. And as I said above I look trough the stream to improve my own RP aswell. (I usually play a fucking stoner) So yes, i need to improve with this stuff. 
    I also looked trough the group page and found the rules. And alot of the stuff said in the stream goes strait against those rules. And I really hope that you guys will work on that for future sessions with no just us but everyone.


    I'd also like to point out that we gave you guys alot of chances after members decided to tell us to fuck off numerous times while having guns to your heads. We where simply making a treat to make you guys talk to get information. So this lead to even lowering arms to yell at us as shown in the video below while we had you guys taken hostage. 

    With all of this being said I have no personal beef with anyone involved. I just exept more from a member like @kimmylou that I have RP'd with for years here and other servers. And I have respect for her on a IC and OOC level. I wish we can both learn from all this and make future meet ups better for both of us. 

    I will end this with some good feedback. You have some good people in the group and the thread looks really crisp. Have a good night. 😄

  6. *Treasurer of Bones picks up his radio*

    Shalom friends, shalom.

    Well, going trough my books and I have some people here who have failed to pay up. I suggest paying as soon as possible. Have I failed to get payment in 48 hours your rights will be removed. 


    A Mister Bear Adams


    A Mister Wyane Rolse.

    *Another pause*

    Alright, time to pay up lads. That is 2 cans of food each then another each as a late payment fee. 

    *Treasurer of Bones let's go of the radio and puts it back on his desk*

  7. *Treasurer of Bones picks up his radio*

    Shalom Mr. JJ. This is the Treasurer of Bones. Your time to give me an apoligy letter has almost past. I suggest hurry up so Mr. Shepard can relax and dont have to be angry tonight. Get back to me.


  8. *Treasurer of Bones picks up hus radio*

    Shalom people of Zelenegorsk. IF you need protection from low grade bandits i have a real deal for you. Join the trade union. One can of food a month and we give you rights. Add one more can and we trow in insurance. You lose your shit? Boom, we pay you what you lost in the small time of five bankdays. What a deal!! Get back to us.

    *He puts the radio down*

  9. *Kenneth eats trash in a dumpster as he picks up his radio*

    Yo, don't think people want the queens brigade around dude. This land don't need outsiders to enforce law and order. Let the locals do that part. And remember, up the RA and fuck the queen my dudes.

    *Kenneth eats catfood and passes out*

  10. *Kenneth is lurking around in a dumpster as he picks up hos radio*

    Yo dude, so im interested what strains and soil you guys use. I proud myself in growing the highest quality cannabis in the region. Tell me more about the product dudes and i might help out. 

    *Kenneth passes out*

  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Discord ban

    Why the verdict is not fair: Yeah, the verdict is fair when i think about it. I tend to get high and don't think. I was making a joke in the "#sverige" about being hot. And @Roland asked for pics. I then asked him how long his penis is in a jokly manner using the ugliest and stupidest name of penis is swedish. I did not really think about what i was doing. 

    Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Sorry for being stupid.

    What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get my ban appealed so i can talk to people there if needed in the future.

    What could you have done better?: Stop being stupid and think for once. Sorry again.

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