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"Kill the fucking hobo!"

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  1. KennethRP

    What's the deal with everyone having RP in their forum name?

    Heroes never die. Or comply.
  2. KennethRP

    • KennethRP
    • Camo

    Eat as get gassed!

  3. KennethRP


    God Julet!


  4. KennethRP


    This is why it's so hard to play Kenneth.


  5. KennethRP



  6. KennethRP


    So fucking ready for RedM!!


  7. KennethRP


    Well, im not gonna buy a new GPU like bohemia want to get this game to run. Not when i can run every other game. I guess this is farewell for now my friends.

    Marry Christmas.

    1. Jamie


      What card you running?

    2. KennethRP


      1060 6gb

    3. Jamie


      I’ve only got a 970 and it works fine for me

    4. DallasRP


      Did try to roll back your drivers to the older ones?

    5. KennethRP


      Did everythiing mate. Even a hard reset off the PC.

    6. Camo


      That's weird I have a GTX 1060 6GB and my game runs very well. Though the Arma engine has always been CPU-intensive. I wonder if your CPU is the cause.

  8. KennethRP

    Game crash at startup

    Tryed evrrything above. Havet tryed to contact bohemia without an answer.
  9. KennethRP


  10. KennethRP

    882 days since the outbreak: What are some of your character's accomplishments?

    Masturbated with stolen beans in a shack.
  11. KennethRP


    happy Birthday @JewRP 


    1. TurkRP


      @JewRPhappy birthdaycutie

  12. KennethRP

    Game crash at startup

    Yeah, it did not work.
  13. KennethRP

    Game crash at startup

    Other games work just fine. Its just dayz.
  14. KennethRP

    Game crash at startup

    So, for the past week i have been unavilable to play due to the game crashing when i press play. I have tryed several things. • Reinstall graphics drivers • Try the SA Launcher • Verifying gamefiles, reinstalling the game and removing all files • Reinstalling Windows After this it still fucks me over. Anyone have a clue? Below is the error massage. Cheers.
  15. KennethRP

    NozzyRP's Not So Good Edits

    Nice stuff!!
  16. KennethRP


    Kind of desperate and need help fixing my game. Still not Starting up and just goes blackscreen when i press play from the launcher. I have reset my PC but it did nothing exept me loosing all my stuff. Anyone?

    Here is the error message.


    1. Eagle


      Use DayZsa launcher verify all the mods or remove and try again using that client.

    2. KennethRP


      It will not even start without the mods.

  17. KennethRP


    My game is still fucked.. I have reinstalled Windows and still DayZ refuse to start. I have no clue what im gonna do.

  18. KennethRP


    Seals are my new favorite animal.


  19. KennethRP

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Great stuff!! Good luck with this!
  20. KennethRP

    Calling Vlad Visus

    *Kenneth sits in his dumpster. He picks up his radio * Yo, this is Vlads Jester Indiana Jones. If you need to give Vlad info I can met up and relay it. I aim to serv my master. *Kenneth passes out*
  21. KennethRP


    My gf got kicked in the face by a cow at work. I got many mean looks at work today when we where shopping. 

    1. Camo


      I didn't know you were a cow? I like cows.

  22. KennethRP

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    The Treasurer of Bones will see you soon.
  23. KennethRP

    Irish Takeover?

    Sweden will support this!
  24. KennethRP

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    Thanks dude. We aim to have an unique style of hero roleplay. I personally take part in register new members and the payment part. We have a google form to add new member and how much they payed, when and if they want insurance. That transfers over to a sheet where i can keep track on the books. Since i cant do this IC.
  25. KennethRP

    '' Finally some warmth and sleep ''

    Sleep well pupper!
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