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"Kill the fucking hobo!"

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  1. KennethRP


    Happy new year! This is my first year here and what a ride. I always have a hard time getting into communitys since i prefer playing alone alot of the time or in small groups. But here it like a big happy family. Gonna be like other people and thank a few special people. New year same ol Hobo!

    RP Boys: Since the first day joining here i was told to avoid you people in and out off game. But that's what made me wanna hang with you people. You are chill and even when i never fight and campfire RP a filthy hobo you guys respected me. Thanks to the people still left. @JimRP @Eagle @groovy tonyRP @RandyRP @OskuRP @N-ToxRP @Cipher @YungBrandonRP and @MrPanda

    Staff: I sort off never thought I be accepted since im sort off a fuck up but you guys are hella sweet and good people. I can't name everyone here but i give a special few that helped me alot a shout out. @Sleepyhead @Jamie @Banshee and @Semiazas AND EVERYONE ELSE!!

    Roleplayers: People i have had a great amount off fun with ingame and out off game. @Bounty @miss_natcula @OxeN @Max @Eddie @Jean @RomcakeRP @BoneMan666 @Camokid95 @Morphin and many more.

    And last but never the least to the best guy there is in this community!! My best pal @DallasRP Love you bro.

    Keep on trucking and hit that bong! ❤️


    1. Sleepyhead


      Happy New Year, Nicco!

    2. groovy tony

      groovy tony

      happy new year mate

    3. Cowmoo


      Happy New Year my dude!

    4. DallasRP


      Awww @Niccolicious love you too my guy, you’re the best pal a hobo can ask to run around this place with. 

    5. RandyRP


      Happy New Year man! Glad we got to know each other!

    6. Semiazas


      Happy new year Kenneth! Don't let me hear that from you ever again; you are the exact opposite of "fuck up". We are lucky to have you and we love you!

    7. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Happy new year buddy!

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