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  1. KennethRP

    Searching For Qualified Doctors [Open Frequency]

    *Sami hears the man over the radio and picks up the radio. He holds down the PTT* Hello Mister. My name Sami Iisiaat and i was Anarchy doctor and the best doctor in the country. hahaha. I would not trust the other trash in the land. hahaha. You find me in Grishino. *Sami giggles and let go off the PTT*
  2. KennethRP


    Only 10 days more for until my next day off. Im lucky i love my job. 


  3. KennethRP

    Possible NATO Forces In The Area - Open Freq.

    *Sami giggle as he holds down the PTT* Jesus you guys are retarded. I said "half" you said scandinavian countrys first. Say only fucking Sweden if that is whole of scandinavia for you. Stop being a radio warrior or me and the boys is gonna have to pay you guys a visit. We give you simple task and all you do is talking shit. Is ammo worth more then your lifes? hahahaha. *Sami let's go off the PTT*
  4. KennethRP

    "Everything's Boring"

    Even when you meet me that are a "Fucking idiot"
  5. KennethRP

    Possible NATO Forces In The Area - Open Freq.

    *Sami smiles as he holds down the PTT* Funny men, half of the scandinavian countrys are in NATO. Are you retarded? Stop with you lying and be like good boys. Get us in anarchy and moretti some ammo then get on the radio when you done. Prove your military asses useful or we come visit. Have nice day. Kisses on the cheek. hahahahaha *Sami let's go off the PTT*
  6. KennethRP

    To the Civilian Military retards

    *Sami stands in Louies office and brings out his radio. He holds down the PTT* Yes, mr civilian military. You are requested to come into town and talk to Louie. If you do not show up will will have to hunt you down. Don't let us do that. Have nice day. Hugs... hahahaha *Sami giggles as he let's go off the PTT*
  7. KennethRP

    Possible NATO Forces In The Area - Open Freq.

    *Sami picks up his radio hold down the PTT* I knew these clone troopers where retards from the moment i first saw them. Keep saying They are civilian. Hahaha. Let's have some fun. Hahahaha *Transmission cuts off*
  8. KennethRP


    Doctor Death is back in the town.


  9. BorisRP

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    1. KennethRP


      Its Almost time

  10. Jamie

    • Jamie
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    How was golf practice? 

    1. KennethRP


      It was good man. My putting is holding me back right now.

  11. KennethRP

    Invalid kill and invalid initiation . Lopatino S1 EU

    Hello, i Will have my POV written after work and golfpractice. I do it as soon as i get Home tommorrow. I start working in 4 hours so need some sleep. Peace!
  12. KennethRP


    When you dry..


  13. André was born in the calm town Jönköping in Sweden. He come from a large family just outside town with a large farmhouse. At a young age he started doing summerwork at IKEA and started out as an janitor. As he grew older he started to man the cashregister. He is really good with quick maths and adding numbers. André was sent with some other representives to Chernarus to look over a new store being built there. And was just gonna help setting up the registers and teaching some off the locals how to operate them When the outbreak started he hid in a barn for over a week before he was brave enough to walk outside. He is to this day looking for other Swedes in the area.
  14. KennethRP


    Go green boys!


    1. Grey


      The tuck he does going down the stairs is golden xD

    2. KennethRP


      It's fucking ace!

  15. KennethRP