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  1. KennethRP

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Hi, i'm Kenneth. Thanks for having me!
  2. KennethRP


    Gotta love living like this. Two of our six horses. We also have three cats and an old dog.


  3. KennethRP

    I'm Back

    Welcome back baby!
  4. KennethRP

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    Hi, im Kenneth. I wish you good luck.
  5. KennethRP


    Thanks @Ryan Shepherd for making District an awesome group and letting me be part off it. Top lads in that group!! Slava John Johnson! 🇮🇪

    1. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

  6. KennethRP

    Make DayZRP great again!

    Hi it's me, Kenneth. It's been alot off tension recently and alot off hostilities. So I want us all to paus and think off all the good times. I have been here since the strart of last year and i love it here. Whenever I got time to play I always jump on, light a joint and have a good time. So, with this post I want people who feel like it to: My best moment here was: A person i don't know OOC but like to bump into IC is: Let's spread some love and be happy we all have this community to bring ourself together. I have made some good friends here. My best moment here was: Being part off anarchy when i first joined here. Meet alot off good people and friends. Person i dont know OOC but like bumping into IC is: @RedSky Benen really good at RP when i met him and also seem chill on his stream.
  7. KennethRP


    What happend to this place. The community have gotten really hostile and devided. I know you cant get along with everyone but flaming and carry over hate IC needs to stop dude. Like in the end it's a game and we are here to have fun. Come together DayZRP.

    1. CocoMii



    2. BrianM


      Some people are just immature my dude. Nothing we can do about it.

    3. Mugin


      I feel the sentiment, but good fucking luck.

    4. Rutkiy


      things are wild

    5. Eagle



    6. OldSchool


      It's kids acting like kids, it's to be expected sadly.

    7. JamesRP
    8. Mexi


      It's been this way for a lot longer than you've noticed.

    9. GreenySmiley


      Sadly most of us have a hard time to be generous in the interpretation of another persons behavior unless we are in love with the person. 

      Maturity comes in when you turn around 4 usually where you find out your good parent and bad parent is the same person and you can love and hate them at the same time and its ok you don't need to run away. 

      Its an immense achievement when we do no longer divide people into absolutely perfect and shit let me down. Everyone will disappoint us at some point, a person going from being absolutely marvelous to being absolutely terrible in our minds. Maturity is the ability to see there are no Heroes or Sinners really among human beings but all of us have this perplexing mixture of the good and the bad.

      Adulthood true physiological maturity [we may need to be 65 before it hits us. ( I am not there yet)] is the capacity to realize that anyone is going to be this mixture of good and bad. Lets not exclude people for it. We are all human and guilty ourselves. 

    10. APositivePara


      When was this a new thing? lmao

      Community's a toxic cesspool of hate most of the time. It's everywhere in streams, the forums, discord etc. Honestly the amount I've seen in people's streams of people just bashing the antagonist to their precious streamer's story is crazy.

    11. Aisling


      Disliking IC villains for being villains is one thing... thinking they are villains OOC as well and acting like they are a bad person IRL is not acceptable. 

  8. KennethRP

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Hi, I'm Kenneth. I don't usually leave feedback but I have to bring som stuff up I have seen these few days. I have visited for three days now and got questionable RP out off it. First off i'd seen good RP from this group before and you hade good people in the group. But i have met people talking OOC several times or people just ignoring me when i talk. Kind off annoying when you come to the camp and some people are to busy to even say hello when i try to RP. Met a guy from your group running between houses and i tryed to talk to him four times. I know he noticed me since he spoke on discord and told a friend i was there at the same time. When i said ge dublemic i got told "Leave me alone, im looting" I expect more then this from an approved group. Members also tend to sit AFK alot aswell. And please don't say "sorry bro, was afk" when you come back. Sorry for the boring feedback i guess but it is to help. I like everything else about this group. Peace my dudes!
  9. KennethRP

    Deer Isle

    Yeah, at the castle right?
  10. KennethRP

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    *Kenneth wakes up*
  11. I was never really a kind man. When I was a kid growing up in Angerd, Göteborg you had to be strong or fucking insane. When we where twelve we beat up old people and steal the little money they had like idiots. School was never really my thing and most off the time I just spend skipping or getting in fisght in the schools yard. When I grew older the crimes got bigger and ended up in a gang when I was only sixteen. Mostly I drive around packages between people on some trashy moped they gave me. But to never look in the packes or try to open them or they gut me. Now I know it was drugs and guns but who really cares. Everything was really good until I finally got a chance for something big. We where gonna rob a fucking bank. For real the most retarded thing I have ever tryed. We got a way with the money but the cops where on us. And people started to look for us. Me and one other guy decided it was time to get the fuck out off the country and slipped on and cargo ship going to Ireland. We used fake passports to get work as cargo loaders. Took alot off talking and money to get us in but hey, we got it. We sailed to seas for years before my friend decided to jump off in Argentina. I will admit It got a little lonely in the start but making friends was never really hard and I already knew alot off the rest off the crew really well. One weekend we stayed in Dublin and me and some off the crew decided to hit the bars. If you have not hit a bar in Ireland you really need to, place is fucking insane. A couple off beers in and I start talking to some of the locals. Really rough guys you don't really wanna say something retarded too. And if you do they probley curbstomp you. We talked over some beers and I tell them I work on a cargo ship. Two off the dues started whispering to each other. I thought I was getting my head kicked in but sometimes the planets allign and I actually got some good deals to make with these boys. They wanted some cargo moved around and I did not really have an issue with that. Heck I needed some extra cash since almost all my money from the robbery is still stashed back in Sweden. So I took the job. In the beginning it was really small things and not something hard to get on. Some drugs or some small firearms. If you know your way around the ship you can hide it really well. But stuff got larger and harder to get in. I had to pay off alot off people to get the stuff on. Maybe a bit more work but hey, I still made alot off cash. I have never really been good with dates and such but it most at least been the year 2017 and we where sailing outside coast off Chernarus and it was really fucking stormy. We took a really bad wave and started taking in water fast. I think we where about two miles off the coast and the ship was sinking pretty fast I had to leave alot off stuff behind and get a liferaft. Me and two other crewmen jumped off and got a liferaft. Felt like we where in the middle off nowhere in the dark with the huge waves. Some hours later and the sun is coming up we can see that we are floating towards an isleand just off the coast. This was really good since we lost the rations in the storm the night before. We crawl up to the land and the two other guys goes up to a nearby house to ask for directions and help as I start to pack up our things. All off a sudden I hear this loud screams and growling from the house. I run up there as fast as I can and see two what looks like pale dead humans biting the other two guys in the chest and face. I panic and grab A pipe and start beating one off the weird looking guys in the back off the head. He falls over my friend and tryes to get back up. I smack him once again and the other starts to notice me. It turns and i can see it into it's dead eyes. Before it could do anything I smack it in the face before running off. I start to look around for any normal people but the place is all filled with the dead looking people and gunshots. This was really fucking bad...
  12. KennethRP

    • KennethRP
    • GMAK

    Hey, wanna be my IC boyfriend?

  13. KennethRP


    Current backround video is a tribute to when back in the days I sucked off my mate @RomcakeRP IC.

    1. Roman



  14. KennethRP


    Going on tour with the band for the first time in five years. It's that time again...


  15. KennethRP

    The Railroad

    The current low numbers is taking a toll on the group. Hard to find members in this specific no gear RP ATM. WoW Classic is not doing any favors aswell. Please archive this group staff.. Thanks for this time. (We be back)
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