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  1. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Thanks for the kind words guys!! Let's do this!!
  2. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Welcome back @RomcakeRP
  3. Kenneth

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    @GMAK Is a good RP'r and are in a good group.
  4. Kenneth

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    We will get you the wife.
  5. Kenneth


    This man need to come back for this. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6731/
  6. Kenneth

    Baguette or Roll?

    Im not a bum.
  7. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Welcome to the man, the myth and the legend. GMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! @GMAK
  8. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Welcome @JestersGame to the gang. Surfs up!
  9. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Looking for new people for trading-RP. If you are interested PM me. I don't care for how long you have been on the server. Don't be shy!
  10. Kenneth

    The Dollars

    Good luck! Our groups need to become partners.
  11. Kenneth

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    I really like it boys. Have fun and play nice sweethearts.
  12. Kenneth

    Help needed!

    *Kenneth organzises the store in Kabenino. He holds down the PTT on his radio* Hey it's me Kenneth. I'm currently looking for people to help out at the store or with security for the store man. IF you are looking for work or something to belong to get back to me dudes. Store is located in Kabenino. *Kenneth let's go off the PTT and goes back to running the store*
  13. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Thank you dude!! Give me your shoes.
  14. Kenneth

    Kabanino Coffee Shop [66.6Hz]

    *Kenneth looks over the store as he picks up his radio* Hi it's me, Kenneth. So I have like moved to Kabanino and moved my store here dude. The store will focus on cannabis and stuff around it man. I got plenty of strains in store and more will come. Current strains are. Sativa: AK-47 and Amnesia Haze Indica: Northen Lights Hybrids: Chernobly Blazt and Serbian Gangbang So like swing on by and all that. We are located in the small store in the center of town dude. *Kenneth let's go of the PTT*
  15. Kenneth

    The Railroad

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