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"Do you like hotdogs?"

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  1. Kenneth

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open]

    // Unarchived upon request from OP. Good luck and have one dope time my dudes!
  2. Kenneth

    Looking for some weeds? [Open freq]

    *Kenneth sits in his appartment in Vybor watching Spider man 2 while Hilde is sleeping next to him* Zup my dudes it's me, Kenneth. If you are looking for some dank seaweed i got you sorted man. I got alot off new strains going. Lemon Cush, Amnezia Haze, Skunk and some good old AK47 that will knock your shoes off man. You be a robot dude. Come over and let's hang in the sofa, smoke a shizzle and watch some DVD's on my portable DVD palyer man. Gonna be great. Peace my dudes. *Kenneth smilies while he let's go off the PTT*
  3. Kenneth

    To all swedish forces.. (open frequency)

    *Sven sits by a campfire by the south east coast. He hears the radio call and holds down his PTT* Uppsnappat mister Olofsson. My name is Korpral Sven Viberg with the UN Peacekeepers. I have been AWOL for a bit trying to survive with other remnents of the UN down here south east. If you need my assistance give me a call, over. *Sven let's go off his PTT*
  4. Kenneth


    Kenneth giving up his hobo life for love like:


    1. Watchman


      im sadder than a badger

    2. AlanM


      Why post this video... *cries*

  5. Kenneth

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Honest mistake since i did not know. Good luck with the group and most important have fun. Looks great! ? Thanks @Castiel and @neom for letting me know. ?
  6. Kenneth

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

  7. Kenneth


    Kenneth the Hobo is back in town. 

  8. Kenneth


    My activity here is shit. These hours working as a chef is Killing me. ??‍??

    1. Kieran


      Don't worry about it bud. IRL takes priority ?

    2. Randy



  9. Kenneth

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    Kenneth is gonna be sad.
  10. Kenneth


    Gotta try that dank MilitaryRP all the kids are talking about. 


    1. Fae


      make sure you do it right or the military elitists will get sad ?

    2. Kenneth


      I wish I had been a soldier IRL.. ?

    3. Fae


      Theres still time to join so ur RP is top notch

  11. Kenneth

    The Hobo Caravan [66.6]

    *Kenneth picks up his radio* Hey it's me Kenneth. The hobo caravan is currently set up in Novaya Petrovka. The store is at the main square. Come by later for ammo, magazines and general wares. Later dudes! *Kenneth let's go off the PTT*
  12. Kenneth

    The Rise of Tortuga and the Fall of Kabinino (Open Frequency)

    *Kenneth picks up his radio* Hey man, then Why did i get kicked out? I just tryed to sell my stuff and got told to fucking leave dude. *Kenneth Lets go off the PTT*
  13. Kenneth

    The Rise of Tortuga and the Fall of Kabinino (Open Frequency)

    *Kenneth picks up his radio* Hi, I was in your town yesterday Mr Moody. I heard on the radio about How you care about trading. So I come and get harassed by your people. Spit on for being a hobo and trown out off town. I have never been treated like that in this country before. Im just a traveling trader trying to help. At least you get accepted by the people in Kab. *Kenneth Lets go off the PTT*
  14. Kenneth


    When you just got a job as a chef but you know nothing about cooking. 


    1. Nelson


      easy, just throw a frozen dinner in the microwave and bam

  15. Kenneth

    The Green Dragons

    Good luck with this!
  16. Kenneth

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Lyca @GreenySmiley It was nice meeting you. ?
  17. Kenneth


    *A hurt Kenneth pick up his radio* I can tattoo you. It's the art off the street and hobos been doing it for a while. Find me. *Kenneth passes out*
  18. Kenneth


    The lonely hobo..


    1. GMAK


      You'll always have the Kab Gang.

    2. Kenneth


      *Does the Kabenino shuffle*

  19. Kenneth

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Oh, then i snip my old post. Thanks Buddy. I think this was a good decision from the group leader. ?
  20. Kenneth

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

  21. Kenneth



  22. Kenneth

    The Railroad

    Shall i remove the insurance people?
  23. Kenneth

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    With the Numbers you have now as a tip i would create a Sergeant to lead this group.
  24. Kenneth

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Looks good but think Col as a rank is waaay to high for a small group like this to make sense in a "milsim" point off view. Get some companys and it would make sence.
  25. Kenneth

    Bad version - Cannot join server

    Hey dude, Make sure you have followed all off these steps. https://www.dayzrp.com/join/ If it still don't work feel free to jump into the "Waiting for Staff Help" on Discord and I or an other person in staff will help you out. Kind regards, Niccolicious, DayZRP Staff
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