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""Kill the fucking hobo!""

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  1. KennethRP

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Thanks for the promotion.
  2. KennethRP

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    Thanks for the pride armbands. You knew. ❤
  3. KennethRP

    • KennethRP
    • JimRP

    You are my rolemodel papa. 😘

  4. KennethRP


    I finally got myself the pride armband as a gift. Good job team. 😍

    1. Osku


      Now we can finally publicly celebrate our marriage!

  5. KennethRP

    Broadcast to Vlad

    *Kenneth giggles as ge picks up hos radio* Oh shit Doc. You sound like the good old days man. Hopefully you stopped hangning around with fake teenage doctors dude. Hey, come down to polana and i Cook you up brother. Hobo code for life!! Missed you bro! *Kenneth let's go off the radio*
  6. KennethRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Good luck
  7. KennethRP

    WANTED - Connor [Open frequency]

    *Kenneth picks up hos radio* Yo, dude. Whats the reward? And what is the price for him dead? *Kenneth falls to sleep*
  8. KennethRP

    Hobo Carnival!

    *Kenneth roams trough Goglovo and picks up his radio* Zup my dudes. It's me, Kenneth. Swing by the carnival in goglovo and smoke some pot with me and my friends. Gonna be lit dude!! *Kenneth let's go off the PTT*
  9. KennethRP

    [66.6] The Railroad Traveling Market

    *Kenneth stumbles trough the woods as he holds down his PPT* Hi it's me, Kenneth. The traveling Hobo Market is up dude. We are currenty like located in Polana and Novaya Petrovka or something. We sell whaterver we get our hands on. I currently have a platecarrier and M4 rifle to sell in Polana man. Looking for a blue tent to trade my dudes. Hook me up Bros. Peace. *Kenneth let's go of the PTT*
  10. KennethRP

    S1 - Bad RP/Gear RP

    Hi it's me, Kenneth. I did not really take part off this. I put the the guts on @tosstheball after not wanting to give e his pistol. We where in the same group. He emoted washing it off. Cheers.
  11. KennethRP

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Thanks for the promotion. Happy to be here.
  12. KennethRP


    Going live to do some ERP!


  13. KennethRP

    What music describes your character

    Kenneth Carlsson
  14. KennethRP


    Everything is gonna be alright.

  15. KennethRP

    Found this cool song

    LET ME OUT!!
  16. KennethRP

    Hobo Traveling Market [Freq: 66.6]

    *Kenneth stumbles trough some trash as he picks up his radio* Hi, it's me Kenneth. I'm currently set up near the bar in Novaya Petrovka. I have some stuff for sale if people are interested. Swing by if you like. Peace homies. *Kenneth trows the radio to the ground*
  17. KennethRP


    Hi, I'm Kenneth.

    1. Banshee


      Hey Kenneth, I'm Nick, How are the kids?

    2. KennethRP


      They are dead.

    3. wirpy


      Hi I'm Chugs. 


    4. KennethRP


      Hi Chugs.

    5. wirpy


      How are the kids ? 

    6. Banshee


      They are dead

    7. wirpy


      What did you do to them ? 

    8. KennethRP


      I ate them.

    9. wirpy


      Shit, what did they taste like ? 

    10. KennethRP



    11. wirpy


      Please sir, did you save some ? 

    12. KennethRP


      The hair.

    13. wirpy



    14. Banshee


      develop some beans, developer boy.

    15. wirpy


      give me some beans to experiment on. 

    16. Sleepyhead


      god bless badlandschugs

  18. KennethRP

    S1 False Innitiation, KOS

    Kenneth Carlsson POV: Hi it's me, Kenneth. I was in my store in Novaya selling drugs and general trash. I har there are people trying to sell drugs in Vybor. The hobo king i am i wanna look it up since i take pride in my business. I meet up with them near Lopationo and start to talk to them. They offer me to buy weed and i pretty much say thats my job and they want me to work for them. I decline and say i work for other people. Two of my african friends show up @Challenger and @Cuchulainn and they take over talking to them and I stand by and just chill. The reporting party decide to leave and @tosstheball decided to yell to them to put their fucking hands up. I am located way longer away then the reporting party and still hear it and see the textbomb from @Challenger. The party decide to run around i circles with their guns up and shooting starts. As always my rat character hide until i know the situation is in my favor. Just then the server goes down. I get back in and see we took a buy hostage. De wait around a bit more if anyone else was still alive. we then took the man inside a house and start to interrogate the hostage. I hit him over the knee with my bat and play dancing queen by ABBA. We decide to get the man go and i go to get his backpack bit ge was already sprinting away. OOC: I think talking between the partys is needed even if the report is not dropped. Watching part of the stream afterwards i see alot of anger and confuzion. Cheers.
  19. KennethRP


    Im gonna bulid a huge camp then move after being attacked once. It's really good for server performance.

    1. Aisling



    2. OldSchool


      I'm gonna build a huge camp as a decoy and hide barrels under pine trees 10 mins away from it.

    3. Eagle


      Because that would mean that'd have to fight or accept the deal of the enemy.

    4. KennethRP


      It's my RP or no RP.

  20. KennethRP


    Yo, how do all you instagram models have a medical degree at 20 years of age IC? 

    1. FalkRP



    2. Mademoiselle


      They could just be claiming they have medical degrees IC but be lying?

    3. RavenousRP


      I'm a fireman, policeman, lorry driver and i do adult entertainment at the same time. I am a man of many talents

    4. Aiko


      Mines not!

    5. DrMax


      Depends. I sleep with the right people to get my degrees. 

    6. Shroud
    7. Fae


      Im a 12 year old trauma surgeon 

    8. FalkRP


      I'm John moody

  21. KennethRP

    [GAME] Who Is Your Legend?

    Eh, rude?
  22. KennethRP

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Hi it's me, Kenneth. Im off to new ventures. Thanks for having me. Some great roleplayers in this great group.
  23. KennethRP


    Going live my dudes!



  24. KennethRP

    NATO | OTAN - Operation Phoenix (Military Roleplay) [OPEN Recruitment]

    Served two deployments with the UN in Afghanistan and Mali. I am willing to help in any ways I can. I'd love to see someone doing it right and not act like supersoldier robots.
  25. KennethRP


    When people let Kenneth join them ingame. 



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