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  1. JSaul


    Love you all

  2. JSaul

    Howdy Everyone!

    Hello Budyy
  3. JSaul

    Real life picture Thread

    hahah xD love it
  4. JSaul

    Real life picture Thread

    que pasa I hope thats a good thing!
  5. JSaul

    Real life picture Thread

  6. JSaul

    The Failure that is the Demons and the Saviors.

    *Winjab Pushes PTT* "What is wrong with de world, The green lizards seem to think their attacks are going to stop our persistence" *Puts out Cigarette whilst sitting at the highest point in Novo* "What is your problem lizards, we're never giving up moody, he is our brudda and we're not a merry band of soldiers at this point, we are ay family. All these silly accusations of pedophilia & cannibalism is hypercritical don't you think, we hear those ally's you call District beat innocent woman in Kabanino, Awimba seems to eat corpses hearts. Yo all'be crazy mudafuckas, hiding the truth from yourself and putting the blame on those who threaten you, i myself am also from Nigeria, and my African bruddas have chosen de wrong side. maybe one day they shall open their eyes. Viva'le Saviors... We won't ever give up. *Throws radio from cliffs*
  7. JSaul

    2 day Ban and 5 warning points

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Those who ran out the town and continued out wasn't shot, and those who left heading towards Northwest Airfield then run back. The report was left for 2 weeks then had harsh outcome due to it being open for so long. as we saw people doing a (U) Turn back into the town we assumed they was defending the town. we have offered to speak in discord with no reply, as i wanted to say sorry for the huge misunderstanding. as i saw they was unarmed from a closer advance i then ceased fire on the man as the picture attached below shows. i just think points would of been efficient as i wasn't the one to kill him and i also ceased fire .. Thanks for your time. and something like this will not happen again as I've only been within the community for a few weeks now. as i felt uncomfortable in the situation as it was because of my new affiliation to the group when this incident happened. I am happy to talk to anyone in discord to discuss this further and say sorry like i offered out before this ban. Thanks again and appreciate you reviewing this Ban. Massive miscommunication. Also CaliforniaRP also requested to close the report. so i don't understand why the ban was necessary. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I just don't think it fair for the ban as it was a big mistake and i offered to speak to the man in discord. and they never showed up. i don't mind leaving the point on my account as i did do something wrong. but i just think the ban was hasty. Especially when CaliforniaRP requested to close the report. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unban, And points removed What could you have done better?:bring a megaphone to ensure everyone hears initiation
  8. JSaul

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    my apologies for not including the death of otto. i was pushing with joe and jmmy and saw exactly what ryan saw, he had his gun out after initiation and told to put his hands up
  9. JSaul

    S1 & S2 | Kabanino | Report #2 | AOGM/Metagaming | 2019-01-19, 05:10

    Even with one hand up is considered complying. In that animation he has no chance of shooting you whilst you are aiming at him.
  10. JSaul

    S1 & S2 | Kabanino | Report #2 | AOGM/Metagaming | 2019-01-19, 05:10

    the second guy you shot did comply, he put his hand up. and you gunned him down.
  11. JSaul

    Radio message to the saviors

    *Hears radio going off once more* I don't care if your a green lizard, commie,a district. or neither. Your statement is hilarious. Kabanino IS NOT SAFE no matter what your response is, soon it will be over run by those poor souls the towns folk robbed when they was only seeking help. *Switches radio off, Winjab has a important job to do. No more alerts to be heard by Winjab*
  12. JSaul

    Radio message to the saviors

    *Winjab hears this and laughs & almost chokes on his banana. pushing the PTT* Kabanino safer than Novaya? you must be joking brudda, every person who crosses the Kabanino sign gets robbed or beaten and worse of all... KILLED. You green lizards and the rest allow the woman who enter the town to be harassed and abused. everyone I''ve met had told me these things. *Throws Radio down*
  13. JSaul

    RDM Novaya Petrokvka 14/01/2019

    The reason was settled as i spoke to mr DK over discord. i am willing to drop the report.
  14. JSaul

    RDM Novaya Petrokvka 14/01/2019

    Server and location: DayzRP US (Winter Chernarus) in Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11:40 14/01/2019 Your in game name: Winjab Akunda Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Not sure (Green Armband) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I jump on DayzRp for the night after work, to get some RP in and enjoy myself, within 10 seconds of logging in i look up to see a green armband who just sprays me down with no initiation or RP.. I'm not on this server to PVP I'm here to enjoy RP, as its in the name.. they had me by surprise, why couldn't they tell me to put my hands up.. at least i would of got some RP from it.
  15. JSaul

    Novaya's 3 beautys.

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