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  1. My name is Harry and i'm 28 years old. I've been living in Elektrozavodsk my whole life. My mother and dad died in a car accident when i was just 10 years old. After that i got transferred to a foster home where i escaped from when i was 15. I ended up in the streets where a guy named Markus took me in his house. I believe it was around 2006 when i started dealing weapons together with him. He died in a conflict between two dealers which he had nothing to do with and i took the bussines of him. All the way till 2009 I've been a blackmarket dealer. Knowing about every gun this land has to offer. But then the bloody 2009 civil war happened. Chernarus got in the headlines and my way of earning some extra money was vanished into thin air. After the war i had been living of the extra money i collected and hopping in and out of friends places. Untill i met a beautiful woman named Valentina, she took me into her home just out of Elektrozavodsk. And after a couple of weeks i started looking for jobs. I eventually started working at a car dealership for several years. My wife and i never had much money but on the 20th of july 2015 we got married. Almost 2 years later the outbreak happened, and they took my wife. I luckily managed to escape Elektrozavodsk and head into the woods. I'm now roaming around cities looking for food and water just hoping i'll survive the day.
  2. @Brayces Haha that VoIP thing has happened to me. I'm just waiting for the site to review my whitelist. Thanks for the help but i dont need it.
  3. Excited to meet you all. Who can all agree on this picture?
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