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  1. PrinceCharles74

    Why don't you get in game?

    -User was warned for this post-
  2. PrinceCharles74

    • PrinceCharles74
    • GenjiRP

    I sexually identify myself as a black rose.

    you thought wrong GIF

    1. GenjiRP


      Does that mean you... fuck black roses?

    2. PrinceCharles74


      I prefer sunflowers

    3. GenjiRP


      wow racist 

    4. PrinceCharles74


      excuse me what GIF by Mashable

    5. Farmer-BorisRP


      ez free gear

  3. PrinceCharles74


    will ferrell love everybody GIF

    1. Mademoiselle


      +1 to this. Make love, not war.

  4. PrinceCharles74

    things and stuff

    Take care, half of my time on this server was rping with you and the roses. A lot of great moments.
  5. PrinceCharles74


    When your school cancels finals and letting you out 4 days early. 

    yummy james franco GIF

  6. BSJasonGames

    • BSJasonGames
    • PrinceCharles74

    best day ever will be when charles harrison is dead :D

    1. PrinceCharles74


      Honestly it would

  7. PrinceCharles74

    The Black Roses

    Very awkward.....
  8. PrinceCharles74

    The Rise and Fall of the Black Roses

    I dont belong to anybody sir.
  9. PrinceCharles74

    The Rise and Fall of the Black Roses

    Good times scouting in lopatino.
  10. PrinceCharles74


    Apparently it possible to play solo  on0.63. No idea, here the link if you wanna try.


  11. PrinceCharles74

    Need PC Help

    I have the same specs for you except i have a rx 570. It runs fine for me on normal setting. You get more frames with the 580 so you be ok.
  12. PrinceCharles74


    0.63 stream is live

  13. PrinceCharles74


    RIP my boy Stephen Hawking 

  14. PrinceCharles74

    A Message to the Falk's

    *Charles picks up his radio and press down on the PTT* Hello Selina, you really think your 1 step ahead, i would think not. How was it talking to that dude who thinks your affiliated with the black roses in sevrograd? Don't think changing back to your real name or whatever you think is going to protect you from us. Sorry it had be like this but see you soon. *Charles releases the PTT and takes a sip of water from his canteen.*
  15. PrinceCharles74

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Very emotional but amazing rp with @ryanbroman @TheTrueHawk @kimmylou @Novaroxxus @BSJasonGames @Anoymouse RIP Liam, will be missed