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  1. Yo man... is that necessary? That’s off topic of me. Sorry. anyways... it’s ooc info.. not a rule change. I’m out of this debate. Best of luck.
  2. I was more hoping for a system where it was just the case. It were the rules we would agree upon. The thing is this is an ooc thing... it doesn’t matter icly... well it shouldn’t effect how you rp your character anyways.
  3. Hmm... Ok. I was misunderstanding the intent here then. Hold on... She is on normal mode. therefore all interactions with her character must oblige with the rules, correct? It's only when a "hostile player" is initiated on that these special conditions apply. I'm starting to see the other side of the coin. Damn...
  4. Absolutely. Will need a completely rework of rules.
  5. Hmm... to fairly answer this.. I’d have to know what you think RP is. I’d tell you mine if you think it will benefit the thread and discussion. It’s my opinion though and not factual. If you ask I’ll share but I won’t shove it down your throat. We’re all in this.
  6. Ah. Ok. My apologies. Eagle - this rule isn’t to encourage pvp in my opinion - which sounds daft. What if this change gave you a choice to expand your role playing capabilities and achieve something more free and less restrictive. Currently though yes- you are correct. A knot.
  7. Fair points. how about this - don’t pulse check. If this gets pushed through. Assume they are hostile. Be wary ICly... unless your character is not wary. By all means approach then if that is the case. Names don’t matter anyway. You could argue the //do I recognize you as you kinda thing... or let it play out. You CAN make the IC decision to not believe the name they tell. Gut instincts are of value. Hmm... female characters. I’ll think more before I speak
  8. The problem I see most prevelant sir is re-defining the rulesets and how to fairly find a middle ground for all three modes to coexist. A complete rework of the rules would have to be done, yes? Read 6.1 and 6.2 in it’s current state. Hostile mode eliminates the protection. You could run up and pulse check but does it make IC sense to risk your life for someone you don’t know?
  9. Heads up btw.... if i'm confronted - trey's gonna act basically how he wants to act when it comes to trey's life. I don't have a current approved group. (In the queue) And I have one life on this character... dynamic rule clashes directly with this. Of course i'm not gonna be an asshole and I'll go out into chernarus as I always have - happy dory... psycho no worries. but this mode needs to have the right to defend himself. Thoughts? Also NVFL... if it's bad... hell... it's somethin, right? Just noticed you hid the modes... I speak for Hardcore mode.
  10. You're absolutely right. Three modes. options. Choose wisely. Or give permission if you don't have hostile/HC Here's hardcore mode in my eyes. Life You get in a car crash. he flies out the window. dead. You get shot. damn. that sucks. Anything goes. Glitches n shit... obviously that's dumb. We are here for a story afterall
  11. If you can change it - it entirely devalues the point of what this means. +1 for not being able to change.
  12. Alright fuck it. I really don't have anything of extra value that hasn't been said but maybe if you read this you can gain some different inner opinion. I only hope it benefits the conversation. Rolle - Hi. Nice to meet you sir. I'm not tagging you because I assume that annoys you and you probably see this shit everyday... at least that's how I assume you feel. Sorry if this is not the case... as always... i'm in my head. This post is meant for you, Rolle. Hi admin team. I respect y'all and if y'all take charge and censor this - by all means. But we really gotta address the belly of the beast here.. let's dive in. Don't be afraid of the teeth... you can only die once, right? anyways.....Let me state... I'm new here but please know I value a lot of what goes on here... and what HAS gone on. You run the server. Your knowledge here is of value. Let me state I don't do well with formalities - True meaning and understanding, I find, is sacrificed at the expense of "watching what you say." Maybe it might do some good for a no name to chime in too - a name that has been on a couple of sides - pvp/rp/alone/attempting group. I don't mean disrespect... quite the opposite. I hope this proves to be of some value to you. I also hope you see the positives I will try to make here. First - How do you feel about your community sir? Detach from yourself, your position and judge the situation and it's current state. Do you like what you see/feel? Now I want you to dump all knowledge you have of your server. Click on the rules list. There is a lot right? Rules are great. 15 ( or is it 16? somewhere around there ) individual sections with x.x.1, x.x.2 addendums under each. Scary isn't it? Shit.... don't fuck up or you'll be a fuckass! Perhaps... a shorter, more concise, and an unchanging rule list would help? Could it really be that easy? I believe so. Call me naïve. I like to call it faith. See... People that should stay in an RP server, in my humble opinion, are raw people. people that respect others. people that know what's going on. people that care about the effort others have put in. people that settle their shit at the appropriate level... which in my humble opinion, most of the time, should not involve y'all. You make a server - set some ground rules - then let the kids run around and play. If they fuck up... spank 'em until they learn.... or you know... "kill em" if it legitimately warrants an "instakill" We as players agree to play with each other, in a world that is fucked. OOCly we adhere to the values we set forth... and ICly... we live. Who are we to expect acts of god? Let the community have it's will. Have faith that it will hold. It has thus far... but it feels to me that something is missing sir.
  13. *Surprised, Trey smiles to himself while in thought and picks up his radio* Don't worry about it. I suppose I should tell you - Stay quiet. There are many ears out there and in conflict you either find yourself... or find yourself wanting. *A couple seconds of static rings* I'll see ya when I see ya... it's a small world after all. *Frequency fades as he begins to hum*