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  1. Thank you. You're right. This isn't the place. My apologies.
  2. - User was warned for this portion of their post - I won’t share the video because it contains a variety of obvious rule breaks from members of this community that I’ve seen other members burned for. Members that have done a lot for this community, that people talk shit about, that blatantly display no respect for, that fucking bully people and then shit all over them. I won’t share because you asked to see the video before I upload it. WHY?! You mean you want me to edit it? Make sure your shits good? How about some mother fucking god damn honesty up and down this bitch?
  3. I recognize the consequences and respect your stance. I stand by my decision and will only post my video evidence of the RP involved for this report if it is first dismissed, forgotten, and the procedures and attitudes change for filing a proper report. Also if we come to an agreement... no one is to be burned for the few other rule breaks that occur within the video... that frankly... other reports have been filed on members for... resulting in burns. No one is learning from these reports. The video is cringe. I’m sure I screw up in it too. I didn’t file this report though... and if I did... I would have made sure i had shit to back it up while trying to resolve it in a less dramatic way. ( I’m dramatic here though so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) My point is sir... reports aren’t helping the community grow. They keep happening. And it isn’t handled... well.
  4. One more thing - I belittle my other reasons because... why is the bullshit still happening? Even in this report you see it. A post that decides people being able to play... yet it isn’t serious. From staff. From members. Anyways. Hope you consider. Thank you.
  5. Ok. I am talking about why I am choosing not to show video evidence. It’s a rant. I won’t edit my rant just as you would ask me to not edit my video. quite frankly, in summary, it is a message that I’m sure has been said many a times before. Change doesn’t happen though... I am looking to try to maybe change the way reports are handled. Make it more difficult to file a report by adding checks in the box before you can even file one. Require video evidence. Require a constructive, fair, recorded text chat between both parties.... one that displays a sense of integrity and respect between each other. Many a report repeats the same method. He said. She said. And what’s worse is when a report is filed with... zilch... video evidence. So. That is some of my reason. ... and then y’kno... the usual “rah... staff suck. Community suck. Mad. angry.” How I look to change it though is by being honest with everyone on my views even if im wrong and look stupid. That’s worth something, right?
  6. I was asked in a PM “why?” May I share it here as I shared it to them?
  7. I’ve given this some thought. Some shitty thought but it’s the one I’m gonna go with. i will not be uploading my point of view or video evidence. Thank you.
  8. Absolutely. I’ll message you when I get home and can work through this. I record every second.
  9. I like this approach and I am personally proud to hear you say this. His role play is good. AND he provided a cool scenario. It uh has consequences though... y’all should talk how to rp it.Which you will see once I figure out how to get Playtv uploading to work. I might need help with this when I get back from work. A lot of what happened and is being considered for this report has happened throughout a wide range of reports of which contain senior members and others contain not so senior.
  10. Uploading big ass video with ample before and after. Audio is eh (had to use laptop mic currently) but definitely understandable at the times concerning this report. Just letting you know. I will edit and provide link with timelines when it finishes upload. I had a nice night. Hope this gets resolved. Good luck
  11. Fair winds and following seas brother. I have not met you but this is nice to see. Take care.
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