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  1. A cautionary warning :(

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    2. SweetJoe



      why is your S different than mine....

      its fuckin smaller...

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      youre the big spoon, im the little

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      oh. Cool beanz!

      mine looks...demented...yours looks better, lmao

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  3. Ty mate have a good one too
  4. I love this version of Sweet Dreams:D

    1. Strawberry


      Same here, it’s a good remix

  5. Hi Buddy, ty, yes i try to stay safe
  6. My name is Camil Billcapil called Auron, yes !, Auron was a character of my favorite videogame, ah ... Good, old and dear videogames ... What a Nostalgia !. I was born in Italy on 31/05/1989, in a small village on a hill, mainly agricultural. It was fun and hospitable, surrounded by woods and vast farmland. My family consisted of: my father, my mother, two younger brothers Luigi and Piero and Maria Concetta my girlfriend. We were a beautiful, well-off family. My future in-laws were very nice and loving towards me. Very often they invited me to dinner with them and it seemed like it was always Christmas. My father-in-law had a passion for hunting and fishing, once a week he invited me to go with him to teach me everything he knew. It was very fun to learn to fish and hunt with him, it seemed to be in the Boy-Scouts, I lived that day with him as an escape from my daily routine, since my brother Piero and me we ran a chain of restaurants in various countries, yes, successful !, But that success was the result of hard work and dedication work by both. Since 2009, following the civil war, the Chernarus region has made great progress, so my brother and I decided to go and open a branch in that region. The first days of May we left and once we arrived, we immediately started the bureaucratic procedures for the new opening. We settled in Elektrozavodsk, when we started to hear stories of riots and fighting that were happening it was too late, we were stuck, by martial law. Later we learned that those disorders came to Berezino and Solnichniy. I remember my brother in those days was in Solnichniy, and the last time I heard him, it was when his phoned to tell me that a large crowd of people were going through the city pouring along the coast and that a man in the midst of them bit him; he continued to tell me that he felt a strong headache and princes of fever, but not to worry because he would have reached me after going to take painkillers or something for the headache ... The next day I saw again Piero, but unfortunately he was no longer in him, I watched him drag himself staggering into the street, until he was reached by a bullet to the head while he trying to bite people at the road block at the entrance to the city. I did not have any news about the rest of the family, I think they're all dead. Basically, I found myself in hell, in the midst of bombings, soldiers, military vehicles and people fleeing in every direction ... It was chaos !. I never imagined how things would evolve, the rest is history. Now there is only one thing left, the life! So I survive! ...
  7. Hi Harvey XD, Ty and i hope yes
  8. Ty for the support, I will follow your advice
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