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  1. Tired… Rest… Sleep… Adrian hobbled through the dark woods, his heart pounding in his head as he limped forward, leaving a trail of blood behind him for his pursuer to follow. He could hear the taunting words of his victim turned pursuer behind him as he limped into the woods, blood gushing from the wound in his leg. Surrender Rest Sleep… The voice in his mind echoed again as he began to slow down, tripping over a root and collapsing roughly to the floor. He heard the pounding of footsteps behind him as the man began to catch up Goodbye… The voice mumbled as Adrian put his head to the dirt, waiting for the end to come. He heard the explosion of a shotgun blast behind him, but he felt nothing. He heard a body thump to the floor as a pair of uneven footsteps walked up behind him, the familiar thunk of a an old friend stepping up behind him was all he heard. He saw a metal hand extend down in front of him. “Alex..?” ‘Doctor’ Alexander Camille stared down at him quietly, offering him a hand to his feet. The pair had aged considerably since they last met...ten years would do that to men, especially those in the world they lived in. Adrian took the metal hand and hobbled to his feet, limping over to a root nearby to sit on. Alex helped him without a word. He sighed as he inspected the gun shot in his leg. “It doesn’t look too bad I suppose. Fixable.” Alex’s cynical tone was the only friendly voice Adrian had heard in months. The months he had spent running, hiding, defending himself as a world revealed what he truly was. Tears dripped down his face slowly as Alex set the shotgun down next to him. “Why...why did you leave me?” Adrian mumbled quietly, his gruff voice breaking slightly, not helped by the agonizing pain in his leg. “The world pushed us in separate directions, Adrian.... All I could do was follow the current.” Alex mumbled quietly as he bandaged the wound on his leg, “You left me to die...you made me what I am.” Adrian’s voice slowly began to fill with rage, his accusation rang out with a harsh echo in the empty, now quiet woods. “Maybe I did...It doesn’t matter now.” Alex replied solemnly, grunting as he pushed himself to his feet, wincing at the pain in his knee. “You had the tools to fight it...you turned away from what I tried to teach you.” “You said you would fix me…” Adrian shot back, his voice lowering again “But you didn’t...you left me.” Alex gave a thin smile as he rested his hand on Adrians shoulder, “I tried, Adrian, I did all that I could…I wanted to help you.” “Then why..?” “The world doesn’t give freedom to men who want to help. We were driven apart.” More tears fell down Adrians face as he pressed his hands against his face, “I’ve done nothing but suffer for ten...ten long years Alex...I want the suffering to end.” Alex kneeled down in front of him, “It doesn’t end, Adrian, it goes on until the end of time, even in whatever afterlife you go to, there will always be suffering.” Adrian looked up to meet the old doctors eyes, “Make it end...please. Let me go to god...if he forgives me.” Alex sighed and leaned forward slowly, embracing an old friend closely, “Maybe god will forgive you if we both beg.” Adrian leaned his head on Alex’s shoulder, sobbing quietly. He gasped as he felt a sharp pain in his side, the feeling of a knife being driven between his ribs. His vision slowly faded as he heard one final word, Goodbye...
  2. Any good businessman needs a good tie. Johnathan approves.
  3. From the day he was born, Johnathan’s parents expected great things from him. His father wanted him to be a lawyer, his mother wanted him to be a doctor, but John? All he wanted was the luxury only money could afford. As he grew older, he slowly worked his way through the criminal underworld of the United States, starting in LA. He did it all, a Hitman, a burglar, pickpocketing, a petty thief, anything and everything that made him money, and it worked, it got his name out there, and soon he was sought after for bigger crews, larger heists. He scored big on his first heist, performing well above the others, even further improving his reputation. As time grew on, and his experience grew, he started working his own jobs, pulling together crews, running jobs. His influence grew, he began to expand his ever growing market and funds into other criminal activities. Arms dealing in the United Kingdom, drug cartels in South America, he did it all, he was all over the world, all under the cover of a simple, ever expanding business to keep the public eyes off of him. John was a businessman, plain and simple. Everywhere he went, he forged his own opportunity through the immutable bylaws of business. As he planned his expansion north of the American border, he started to hear rumors of his cartels being hit by a group coming out of Chernarus. That night, he spoke with his closest men, the few he would ever consider to be his friends. “Simple job, we fly out to Chernarus tonight, find the smug sonova bitch whose been hitting our mules, put him in the dirt, fly out. Days work at most.” “Sounds solid, but ‘ow do we find these focka’s eh?” “I’ve got a contact out there who already found one of their labs, hit the lab, find out where they get their orders from.” “Sounds go- A creak above them interrupts their conversation. “We aint alone boss..” Everyone at the table drew their guns, but John simply called out to the shadow, “Surprised you got past the guards outside...come on out, we’re not gonna kill you kid.” “There were guards?” The shadow replied simply as he dropped down next to them John scoffed, “You’re impressive kid, but you know we can’t let you just walk out of here.” “You kill me, your cover is blown and you know it.” John smiled, “Bold and sneaky, I could use someone like you…. Tell you what, you come with us, work this job, you walk out a free man. Do it well, and theres a place for you in my crew, but if you refuse, you won’t be walking out that door.” “...Deal..Names Ma-” “No names...not yet, you’re Twitch for now.” The newly formed crew set out the next day for Chernarus, the very day that the Frenzy Flu would begin taking hold, and while they accomplished their goal, they were left stranded in the new wasteland. Slowly they dwindled, but John and Twitch, who he learned was Max Morticelli, stuck together, determined to forge a business out of this new wasteland.
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