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"I steal Exio's memes and I'm proud of it."

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  1. JasonBR

    Refusing to RP with characters

    If you don't want to RP with someone, make an excuse to leave the area. If not, then you don't really have a choice. It's an RP server, so you RP. This isn't a safe space.
  2. JasonBR

    Dr. Drew Williams' Journal

    Entry 9 Added
  3. Born to a working family in Florence, Paulie was taught to work for himself from 10 years old. His parents gave him nothing, and he expected nothing, working to provide for himself, and himself alone. He stole what he could and pawned it off to those who would buy it, gaining quite the reputation with local police. Of course, he learned quickly how to bribe them off too, paying a pretty sum of his ill gotten gains for them to turn a blind eye. His reputation swelled with his size grew up, growing to be a towering 6’5, 240 pounds. His thefts eventually led him to stumble across a healthy stash of drugs, enough to be sold to keep him alive for a full year. Of course, this was a trap. The local mob had their eyes on him for a while, and this was a test to see his motives. Paulie tried to split with the drugs, but of course they caught him. He wasn’t one to go down without a fight, and he started swinging. Took four of the mobsters to get him down, but they got him eventually. Impressed with him, a Gambino underboss who witnessed the fight recovered his drugs and brought Paulie to meet with the boss. This meeting is what set Paulie to a true life of crime, working with the Gambino family as an enforcer. His massive size kept him as an imposing force in the field, working to secure their dominance in Florence. Eventually, he was truly sworn in to their family, a true member. Never had he been more proud of anything in his life. Eventually, when the fall of the world came, the Gambino’s had some product stolen by a rival cartel. Furious at this, the bossman sent him and his brothers out to recover the stolen product.
  4. JasonBR

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I'm down for a lore wipe. A lot of my old characters are out of date and just downright poor quality that I want to re-attempt on here. (Sergei specifically)
  5. JasonBR

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    Ah yes, let’s get rid of the easiest place to pitch ideas and provide sources of discussion. Discord is so cluttered with memes and stupid bullshit that you can almost never have a clean discussion. Getting rid of the forums would just force people to go into that cesspit in order to pitch ideas (which will probably be further memed) An alternative, IMO, would be nuking discord
  6. JasonBR

    Whistle While You Work?

    I listen to exclusively The Last Stand on repeat to assert dominance on the hostile RP'ers
  7. JasonBR

    Redwood Radio - Music back on the airwaves! (open frequency)

    *Drew presses the PTT, his voice sounds tired, almost saddened* Redwood...feels like ages ago I was there. Is Jack still with you guys? And Alice? Jimmy? My name is Drew, I don't remember if they were officially with you all but as far as I knew they lived there. Just want to check in and make sure they're all okay. *He releases the PTT*
  8. JasonBR

    DayZRP 20.1.1

    Ballistic shield should probably have a toned down spawnrate. Find like 6 of them at a time walking into a PD, and they're very inconsistent. They dont work as a handheld with how they are held and they're so small they're not going to be effective in combat.
  9. JasonBR

    Dr. Drew Williams' Journal

    Entry 8 Added
  10. JasonBR

    Torture Techniques 101

    A bit, just a bit. What you and Moretti get up to in private is your business.
  11. JasonBR

    Torture Techniques 101

    ...What the fucc?
  12. JasonBR

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    For the most part, experience has been good with this group. Definately got a hostile vibe from the town considering someone was straight up executed the first time I was there, but other than that things seem good. Causing a split for what I want to do with my character for sure. Good luck guys.
  13. JasonBR

    Torture Techniques 101

    NOT MY LUNCHES, BULLY! Otherwise, looks good.
  14. JasonBR

    New Life Rule warning

    Fair enough. I've seen stuff happen like that. To each their own I suppose. The staff will decide what they deem is best.
  15. JasonBR

    New Life Rule warning

    I get the concept, In my edit I said I agree with the addition. I just don't particularly think it's fair to punish someone for something way out of anyone's control.
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