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  1. Andrew Williams was born March 6, 1980 to John and Kayla Williams, a middle class family in Mesa, Arizona. Coming from a Christian family, Drew was always taught to put others before himself, and to be open to giving and to protecting others, a belief he always carried with him. Throughout school, Drew was always interested in the human body, slowly drifting towards his career as a doctor. With high academic prowess, Drew had a promising future, until his family came down with economic struggles, and Drew had to work to help his struggling family. His dreams put on hold, Drew sought out any and all opportunities to not only help his family, but to keep his dream possible, and eventually he found his chance. A newly formed PMC organization, only known as Cerberus, began recruiting. While most PMC’s only recruited with training, Cerberus was more interested in being a private army than a smaller, experienced PMC. Drew saw the pay and took his chance. He went through training and served with the PMC for three years. He was 22 when he left them with enough money to support his family and go to med school. During his time with Cerberus, Drew was well trained and gained a lot of experience, spending time in Iraq, Syria, and some time in Afghanistan, all places he never wanted to visit again...but the things he had to do there still haunt him. After completing med-school, Drew became a forensic pathologist, and despite his history with the company, the high, reliable pay was attractive to him when he learned of a subsidiary medical company of Cerberus, Knight Medical. Drew used old connections and quickly secured a position in the company in 2013. Drew would serve with Knight until the collapse of the world in 2020. In 2019, Knight began researching the Frenzy Flu pandemic in Europe, Drew taking a direct role in this as he researched into the deceased victims of the flu, attempting to find any directly curable cause of death. His research would soon be discarded and long forgotten when the “cure” was found by Nozzby, and they set their sights on other diseases, however, Drew’s research was filed in archives, soon to be found missing in 2020. Following the resurgence of the Frenzy Flu in April of 2020, Knight Medical, under the protection of Cerberus from the rioting, went into Chernarus in order to conduct research into the cure on a wider scale. All data and information collected was filed, archived, duplicated, and sent to the US where it was archived, and backed up into a secondary research division. This team in Chernarus consisted of many doctors, including Dr. Andrew Williams. Their research bore little fruit, and as a lack of progress was shown and with rising unrest in Chernarus, many on Drew’s team were concerned of their future their. Soon enough, their concerns were put to rest as Knight Medical was shut down as funding dried up and Cerberus could not afford to maintain them. This sudden lack of funding left Drew and his team stranded in Chernarus, but not before all their data was duplicated and sent back to Cerberus. When martial law was finally declared, Dr. Williams' research was taken over by the Chernarussian government, and he was soon out in an evacuation camp, another foreigner in the sea of tourists. His team stuck together, or at least tried to as the world began to deteriorate, and soon, one by one, they were either killed by infected, or separated in the wasteland, finally leaving Drew on his own to survive.
  2. Fucking finally, I was getting ready to ask about this. Got big plans for an old character.
  3. Livonia died out sadly. Chernarus is still fun tho, unless you're russian.
  4. Based on how scarce loot has been recently, I'm saying no. Shit me and a friend ran from Cherno to Stary and found one can of food (Which was yoinked by mfing Dmitri, smooth son of a bitch) and nearly starved to death. I was crit HP and food for about 5 minutes until I got lucky and got a can of tuna and found some chickens.
  5. I took a break but RP has been stale already. Can't find anyone I want to be involved with really, losing direction with Drew.
  6. 1: The Last of Us - IMO Best game of all time. Fucking amazing story, amazing music (Gustavo Santaolalla is music legend = to Marty) 2: Halo Reach - MARTYYYY, also best multiplayer and story of the halo games (CMM) 3: For Honor (Surprisingly) - Despite all the issues it has, I still have a fuck load of fun with this game, and play it daily. 4: Skyrim - Skyrim has always been dumb fantasy fun 5: Despite everything, DayZ - Yes
  7. Waterproof M65
  8. Strange. Last character played was Drew Williams.
  9. Made a post and noticed under my name that a different character was active. Double checked my profile to make sure, and it showed the correct character was active. Not sure if this is a bug with the new map setting for profiles, but it's there.
  10. JasonBR


    Would like to have the laugh tho. Make being a cannibal easier.
  11. Entry 14 Added. Patient Files section added.
  12. Ayyyy it's a real group now, cool! Good luck guys
  13. I'm iffy on it. They wouldn't be as bad if they consistently died to headshots and the population of zombies on Livonia wasn't so fucking dense. Especially with how buggy the game is and how laggy the server is. I've had times where I've been attacked through walls, hit by hordes of zombies from 10 meters away, stuck inside zombies so I can't shoot back, hell I spawned on top of a zombie yesterday and it nearly killed me while I was logging in. Bit of a tangent there, but I'd say they need tweaking but not an outright nerf. Maybe reduce how many spawn, or make headshots more viable.
  14. *Drew presses the PTT* Killer's already dead, quit wasting your time. *he releases the PTT*
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