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  1. I really don't think you need to carry a AK to deal with them. Knives stun lock them, splitting axes consistently one shot and stun lock, most decent weapons stun lock and if all else fails you can always block, but maybe I'm off base. I think more zombies would be nice as long as they don't crash people.
  2. Calling in @Whitename For their POV on potentially increasing inventory capacity to 30. Would be nice to see this done to other clothing items too. It would definitely give us a better variety of clothes being worn.
  3. Even when the AUG was an option, it's always been the M4 for me.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that the AOGM attachment is invalid for several reasons. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As seen here 17:12:39 | Player "Oleg Rickev" is connected 17:12:39 | Player "Drew Williams" is connected" Both I and the OP were connected at the same time. Additionally, as seen in the video, I had the time to initiate multiple times. In my eyes, I would assume (since we connected at the exact same time) he was aware that he was being initiated on. Additionally as seen in the video, the OP turned to me with his weapon out. I had no clue the OP would have been tabbed out, and assuming as such, I chose to value my life and deal with him as a threat, considering I had initiated multiple times, we connected at the same time, and he turned to me with a weapon out. Position logs (may) additionally show that I had not moved from where I had logged out the day before and if possible (I recognize this may not be) I would like the position logs from the day prior to the raid be pulled to illustrate that I had logged out in the room that the OP had been disconnected from the restart. I logged out on the sleeping bag I placed before logging out. Furthermore, I was not intentionally timing the defense with the restart. When I heard we were being raided, I tried to get in as quick as possible and was stopped from connecting due to the restart. Though not shown in logs, I attempted to connect twice while the server was down from the restart. The only reason I initiated on the OP multiple times was because I wanted to ensure he could hear it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: AOGM Verdict remove along with the associated points and duration of ban removed. What could you have done better?: Potentially give the OP additional initiations in order to ensure he was not tabbed out and was aware that he was being initiated on.
  5. .308 for the PPSH, 7.62x54 for the TT. Definitely nothing wrong with that at all.
  6. Well then yes, we would have had defender rights, as stated here, They knew the home owner was there prior to the restart. And even regardless of whether or not defender rights were distributed, I initiated multiple times AND someone initiated on @8Dust8 we were well within our right to defend our home.
  7. Yet another lie. As seen in Buraks POV, he could hear me initiating repeatedly. As seen in the video, I initiated clearly. I had yelled my initiation multiple times before you had entered and tried to attack me.
  8. I would like to point out this is a blatant lie. The only person logged in was Dust I only logged in after the restart. The connection logs show this. Furthermore, if I didn’t have rights on you, why did you shoot first? Beyond that, I yelled my initiation after your friend non com. Exact words “All of you put your hands up right now or you will be killed.” Even more than that, you four were actively raiding our base. There would be no reason for us to not open up on you.
  9. Loving the title. As seen in the video, I'm mid way through initiation when he turns to me with a gun out. Why you would choose to tab out in the middle of a raid while logging in is beyond me, but it's what got you killed.
  10. Posting POV now as I know I will be called in Drew Williams POV: After logging off of Siege to join DayZRP, I log into our radio comms and hear we are being raided. Restart occurs before I can log in. WHen I log in I turn to my left and spot someone I do not recognize inside our base. As such I initiate 3 times, "Put your hands up right now or you will be killed, put your hands up right fucking now" I believe it was the OP. Instead of complying, the OP chooses to turn towards me with his AK out. Seeing this as non-complying I gun him down and rush into the hallway, continuing to yell my initiation, "All of you put your hands up right now or you will be killed." I kill one more in the hallway before being killed. END POV I am always willing to talk this out in Discord. Allies involved: @XxGrAipYyxX @TaniksBR @8Dust8
  11. I don't think Zergs are a big problem. Most of my time on DayZRP I've fought against them and it never really caused too much of a problem for me. I think it should fall more onto the players. For example, Knight Medical is going to be capped around 10 members because of our lore and my general dislike for working with large groups. This is our choice, which I greatly prefer to an admin capping ALL Groups. Forcing people to limit their groups will limit RP. Tighten up group requirements and things should get better. Also, yeah Turk is right. Relations are based too much on OOC rather than IC goals. Granted this is more case by case as there are some groups who I could see allying with despite our goal differences, due to a mutual interest in whats happening IC, rather than what is listed as a goal.
  12. I'm on the fence. The RPG makes fights significantly easier and turns the tide of fights. On the other hand, it detracts from fights and makes them shorter which can get boring. Also friendly fire is extremely easy ahem Also I can't make my boy @XxGrAipYyxX sad and take away his favorite weapon.
  13. I enjoyed Namalsk while people play on it. Lot of Arma 2 Nostalgia and the map was interesting to play on. Sadly people preferred Chernarus so everyone moved back over. I took a break after that but I'm still enjoying Chernarus.
  14. Unfortunately, this response is being annexed by JasonBR. I believe the next poster will be Hofer.
  15. I'm for it because the picture on the far right is Aleksander Venkev. Thank you.
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