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""I steal Exio's memes and I'm proud of it.""

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  1. BSJasonGames

    Building the ED [Open Frequency]

    "This is Doctor Drew Williams. I was...assisted by one of your doctors, Doctor Marie, yesterday. I'm looking for a prosthetic, either professional or makeshift, for my right leg. If you happen to have one in your camp, it would be greatly appreciated if it could be delivered to me. As you can guess, I can't exactly travel far."
  2. BSJasonGames

    SOS - Severely Wounded

    *His voice sounds strained, but more clear and calm* "I amputated what little was left of my leg myself. Already applied a tourniquet. Still holding out here but I'm not going anywhere. Military checkpoint to the west of Kamenka. I can hold out but not for too much longer"
  3. BSJasonGames

    SOS - Severely Wounded

    *In between breaths, Drew's shaky breathing and grunts of pain can be heard as he holds the PTT* This is...Doctor Drew Williams. I need a bit of assistance... A rough night and some...unfortunate circumstances, have left me stranded, with a considerable amount of blood, and bone...and flesh, and an entire fucking leg missing. I've managed to drag myself to some shelter for the time being, but without some serious fucking help, I'm probably a goner. Anyone out there able to help? I think...I think Im near the Kamenka checkpoint. Help...please. *Ptt*
  4. BSJasonGames

    Kamensk Expedition

    "Brandon? I knew your voice sounded familiar. This is Doctor Drew Williams. I doubt you remember me but we worked together about a year ago. Something about a plane crash if you recall. If you're in need of doctors, I can head your way"
  5. -User has been warned for this post-
  • BSJasonGames

    things and stuff

    Later graipster. Sad to see you go man. Seems like a lot of people are leaving now. Seriously though, good times with you and your boys.
  • BSJasonGames

    I'll be back some day.

    Later Exio. You still have a hefty tab you need to pay >:C
  • BSJasonGames

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    ....im uninstalling (JKJK Good luck bois!)
  • BSJasonGames

    BeanZ WAR

  • BSJasonGames

    BeanZ WAR

  • BSJasonGames

    Truth or Lie

    Lie! I have never consumed any form of alcohol.
  • BSJasonGames

    In Game Radio Interactions.

    One of my first times on an RP server, I was scrolling through random frequencies and ended up finding someone on the radio. We had a short conversation and she ended up telling me to go to Novo as it was a safe space. In the morning, I began the long trek from Cherno to Novo and ran into a man named Sam on the way up. He traveled with me up to the shipwreck. We were looking for supplies when a group of people came up and held us up. They talked with us for a while and I recognized one as the woman on the radio from the night before. We continued to talk (with our hands tied) and (cutting out some shit) they ended up executing Sam. Eventually they let me go and I ran into the woods. I ended up running into a group of militia who I convinced to help me. They gave me some equipment and we went back up to novo and retaliated on the group. We killed all of them except the woman who we held up, tortured, and killed. Tempted to make that character and keep those memories. huh.
  • BSJasonGames

    In Game Radio Interactions.

    Ever had an interaction with the in game radio/Walkie Talkie? Describe it here!
  • BSJasonGames

    Truth or Lie

    False I play fallout new vegas
  • BSJasonGames

    Using kill rights = Ruleplay?

    Please take to PM's, not this thread.
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