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  1. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Sergei sighs and holds the ptt, speaking through a voice changer he had never used before* All agents...shoot to kill. *he releases the ptt*
  2. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Sergei laughs and holds the ptt* Well, I have some bad news for you, Kiddo. Like I said, you don't scare me. Have a beautiful day. *He releases the ptt*
  3. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Segei holds the ptt* Then you're gonna bring me into these internal affairs, that's my girlfriend. *he released the ptt*
  4. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Sergei holds the PTT infuriated* Bullshit its not my business. You don't fucking scare me kid. *he releases the ptt*
  5. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Sergei listens in, in shock. His hands shake as he holds the ptt. His voice sounds shaky as he speaks* Polly...? Where are you? Who the fuck did this to you? *In the background you can hear him loading up his rifle* Whoever the fuck did this, if you're listening, I'll skin you alive. *he releases the ptt*
  6. Potius Cras

    When you spot lyn watkins on 420 US >_>
  7. Operace Orel - "Tipping Scales" (Lore Post - Aftermath)

    Time for the return of Sergei. Drew can sit on the bench for now
  8. Aiko gagged me with duct tape. Now im sad. (rip my status updates)
  9. *Drew holds the ptt* I'm no psychiatrist my friend. I might know someone who is though. Give me time and I'll see what I can do for you. *he releases the ptt*
  10. *Drew listens in before holding the ptt* While not a traditional doctor, I do have medical training. Whats the problem friend? *he releases the ptt*
  11. Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Lore Event No. 1 - Operace Orel

    It was declared that we captured 1 of the pilots by Major. Only reason you guys got the pilots is because CDF decided to move the evac >:L
  12. Welcome to DayZRP, here, have a fishy stick.