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  1. Zofia Berg is an energetic young woman with the tedious habit to straightly tell her opinion regardless of the circumstances, which sometimes leads her into really dangerous situations. She came to Chernarus just weeks before the outbreak with her german friends from university. After getting lost on her way from the camp in Krastonstav to the Devil`s Castle she made first contact with the infected in Severograd. After arriving in the camp she had to find it broken, the whole town was undead and no trace of her friends. She still tries to find any surviving team member left while roaming through Chernarus. As she has no experience in using a weapon she is likely to be practicing in a secluded area, trying to figure out which ammo fits which weapon. Zofia an ambitious person and does not allow herself to surrender or rely on the generosity of strangers. Still she likes to meet new people and if you ever cross paths with her she is likely to share food, drinks and medicine with you. Some people say she has a darker part in her persona and is secretly trying to hunt a certain person down. However, these rumors have never been confirmed.
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