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  1. Born in Miami, he was born into a military family. His father was enlisted in the Army as an infantry SNCO, he was dispatched all around the world, seeing sights and learning new things. His mother was a Navy aircraft technician, working on Naval fighter jets. Looking up to his parents, and his father and mother traveling the world, he decided he would join the military when he turned 17. He looked around trying to find a branch that would suit his needs, times have changed and the Army and Navy aren't what they once were. Stumbling around he bumped into a United States Marine Corps recruiter whilst walking out of the Air Force recruiting station. The man begged he listened for opportunities and so John listened, as the man filled his head with all of the wonders of being a Marine, john loved this branch, and so after going to MEPS, he DEP'd into the United States Marine Corps, shipping out to boot, graduating 13 weeks later to becoming a Marine. He was then deployed to South Korea, and Takistan, seeing combat on the Takistan side of things, as his MOS was 0311. When he heard of a new deployment to the small country of Chernarus he was ready for action, not knowing what would entail in his Journey, he was only told that after the war was won against the Russians his battalion was deployed there for peacekeeping, finding out it was just more than that.
  2. @barto300 @Exio @Nozzy1110 great RP in Berenzino! Was nice to have a great session with you gentlemen!
  3. It was very fun! I hope we can RP A Lot more!
  4. But i ended up getting my legs crushed by a laggy truck and dying. IT WANTED BLOOD!
  5. We had a truck, it flipped due to an invisible wall, Then we spent almost 2 hours unflipping it by rolling tires at it and smashing it with another truck... Thanks DayZ
  6. Had my first encounter today with @Rifleman, made my day a blast!
  7. Albert was born in the hospital in Electro, living with his mother and father for a good chunk of his childhood, until he was 17 years old, and the Chernarus Civil War was at large. His father volunteered for the CDF, loving the country he grew up in, and wanting to secure a long lived life for his kids, sadly his father died in the war by Russian Mortar fire. Albert not knowing of this until after the war had ended, volunteered himself into a munitions factory, making crude bullets to help the war effort. Since his learnings of Chera-Russian history, he has always been a patriot, loving anything about Chernarus. So he did what he could to help the war effort. When the war ended, and learning about this fathers death, his mother soon became very ill with cancer. Knowing she didn't have much time to live and the country in a horrible shape since the war, she didn't live very long. After her passing he inherited their house, keeping it up to standard. Coping with the loss of his father and mother almost simultaneously, he grew an obsession with guns, wanting to learn how to use them and knowing everything about them, hoping that he could save a brave soul in honor of two that he couldn't. His only salvation from his parents death was his friend Gabriel, which he met while working at the munitions factory, and happened to live in Polana with him, and they became best friends ever since. He spends some of his time lifting weights to get his mind off things, and continue his job as a construction contractor, as he ran his own business.
  8. Thank you all for the greetings! I appreciate it very much! I'm just waiting on my white-list approval, and I'll see you all in-game!
  9. Wow, this community is AWESOME! Thanks for all the welcoming!
  10. Hello DayZRP! My RP name is Albert, once I become white-listed It'll officially be Albert my real name is Joseph. I am a 19 year old man living in the United States, Florida. I have been an ArmA veteran since 2014, playing ArmA 2, until I finally bought a Gaming PC powerful enough to play ArmA 3. I am enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, I ship to Boot Camp on August 24th, to Parris Island South Carolina. I love playing Airsoft and working on my 1996 Mercury Marauder, (When it wants to work) I appreciate good wholehearted people, and am a very friendly person. Thanks for reading!