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  1. Albert Bazek

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's name: TTKSO Vest Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Give more RP for players in TTSKO also barely any Russian vests in-game
  2. Albert Bazek

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

  3. Jakub is a heavy Nationalist, loving his country to the point of planting flags outside his house, painting his motorcycle in the colors of Chernarus, even wearing a Cherna-Russian helmet when he rides it. When the Russians invaded Chernarus Jakub didn't hesitate to take up arms against the Chedaki and Russian government forces. Being a heavy gun supporter, he and fellow nationalists conducted raids on Chedaki occupied territories, freeing civilians, bombing HQ's, and even assassinating top figures of their military. They helped the Chernarus war effort greatly, and were a small amount responsible for taking back the country from the Russian terrorists. When the war was over, Jakub's nationalistic views grew exponentially, seeing the country he loved damaged heavily, although they won there was much work to be done in order to secure their country for much longer. Jakub and friends would still be in search of Pro-Russians, Chedaki, and Russian forces in hiding. Even during the Great Infection, he is still hunting men to this day, believing the Russians are the sole reason for Chernarus' demise.
  4. Albert Bazek

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    Maybe have approved settlements?
  5. Albert Bazek

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

  6. Albert Bazek

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    The Rolls Royce will complete the server update soon lads!
  7. Albert Bazek

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    yes it says in changelog
  8. Albert Bazek

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    Building inside cities only to fortify vantage points would be a good idea. A huge base would be a no no, but for settlements, we should allow base building inside cities for the RP reason, only to an extent though
  9. A group of fascists that don't call themselves fascists Groups of extreme nationalists which are communists and don't call themselves communists (And they're both fighting each other) Neutral groups trying to stay out of all the conflict A huge worldwide apocalypse which recently happened To top it all off... We're in an old Russian Province? Metro 2033?
  10. I was not part of the initiation @Brady Nor did I shoot a single bullet chasing after the man. Look, the bottom line is, I wasn't initiated on, nor did I initiate, when I left alone, i was killed. I was not with @Nihoolious because he was shot.
  11. Albert Bazek

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    Character Name: Albert Nazek Age (IRL): 20 Timezone: EST Previous Groups: Early 2018 I was in the CDF Phantom Militia, can find it in archives. Why do you want to join the CPG? My friend Finn and I have been looking for a group that best suites our characters goals and preferences. Since he told be about this group, I find it very interesting, and I feel like I'd find great RP within the ranks of this group. Also the nationalistic ideals of this group suite my characters story in a great way! In what battle did Pavel Nespenov gain his fame? The Battle of Sinop.
  12. But why did you kill me and not initiate on me? You clearly miss ID'd me and I did not shoot at you. So you just assumed "Oh a guy is running to Grishino, im just gonna shoot him." What if I had nothing to do with chasing you? Regardless it is still RDM without initiating on me and just randomly deciding to shoot me. You also did not address killing me, please provide why you shot and killed me.
  13. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Barn Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/27/2018 00:40-00:43 Your in game name: Albert Bazek Names of allies involved: Some Saviors and New Moon Name of suspect/s: Do Not Know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Wasn't Recording Detailed description of the events: A man shot at a group of people in Grishino, I ran over to check out what happened, was told a man robbed one of the saviors for his backpack and shot two members of the town, one of which is @Nihoolious and the other I do not know. We chased after the man, and couldn't find him, so we all ran back, and as I was about to enter the town limits I get a "You are Dead" screen. I never initiated on the man. I am hoping logs could shed some light on the situation and whoever was chasing the man with me could have some video evidence.
  14. Remember the old times? Back in ArmA 2? even 0.62! Share your nostalgic moments!!!