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  1. Steve was born in the UK but moved to Chernarus after a University degree presented him with the opportunity to work there as a teacher. He fell in love with the region and met the girl of his dreams and in time started a family. Steve Nolan was a teacher in Gorka before the outbreak occurred. He lived with his family in the town, content in the knowing that he was safe and happy. He taught Biology at a secondary school, and one day he heard word of an attack on Severograd. He had been aware of the events and disputes in Chernarus before the attack, but he had simply thought nothing of it and carried on with his everyday life. When Steve caught word of people in Turovo beginning to flee en mass, and the infected beginning to attack those who were trapped, he decided it was time to evacuate as he knew something wasn’t right. He ignored military instruction and instead took his family up north towards Tisy where the rest of his family lived. They set out on foot, knowing that roads would be closed and it would be too dangerous. They took enough supplies to last a couple of days, but they soon ran out. His children became tired and began to slow. They insisted they set up shelter for the night, just south of Tisy in Novaya Petrovka. Steve’s children soon became unwell. They possessed high temperatures which halted their progress for 3 days. When Petra, Steves wife, set out to look for water she was attacked by an infected. Steve shot dead the zombie but it was too late. She was bitten and already losing blood quickly. He knew he couldn’t do much. The virus was already taking over and his beloved wife would soon be no more. Without hesitation he raised the gun to her head and shot her. He broke down and in a fit of rage and panic ran off into the woods leaving his children behind. A couple hours passed and he came to his senses. He ran back to the scene of the attack, screaming his children’s name as he went. But they were not there. He didn’t know where they had gone. He carried on towards Tisy in hope to find his children but he never found them. To this day Steve can be still seen wandering the wasteland looking for his kids. Steve’s characteristics may surprise the average wanderer, taking into account his loss. He is a heartfelt soul who is always willing to help for a price. He carries around his trusty repeater, in hope that he will never have to use it.
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