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  1. I was playing the music in the truck
  2. Nathan speaks into his radio, disgruntled "This is Nathan, confirming existence. We shall seek out this rat infestation we seem to have."
  3. Get in Discord you cheesecake.

  4. Glad to be part of this, long live Shakovka!
  5. Completely agree man. Fast Travel completely ruins the game in my opinion. The fact threads are being pushed away even though they gain much attraction is an issue. I really like this server but I think an NPC Trader and Fast Travel would get rid of the magic of DayZRP. Player Interaction is the main point for RP, and having NPC traders would just limit possible RP and limit reasoning to RP as a trader. Fast Travel would get rid of the point of walking with your friends in the woods for 30 minutes to go get some better clothing or gear. Travelling to me at least is one of the most enjoyable things to do in DayZ. Thanks for bringing up this topic.
  6. Nathan Rollins was born on April 6th, 1992 in Maine. His mother, Cassandra, died to complications at birth, leaving Michael with only his father, Michael. Growing up, his father had allowed Nathan to grow into his evident passion, firearms. Nathan very much enjoyed the outdoors. He partook in activities such as hunting, sport-shooting, and fishing. Aside from his blood, Nathan found his second family when he reached his teens, the 3 Percenters. The 3 Percenters are an American paramilitary group spanning across multiple states, with their main goal being the protection of constitutional rights, mainly the 2nd amendment. He took comfort in the idea of comradeship with a purpose. On almost a daily basis, Nathan would spend his time familiarizing himself with a variety of firearms. As Nathan grew older, and the time came for him to choose his occupation, he decided to take on hunting. After various trips throughout the United States, Nathan took a trip to Chernarus, mainly due to his interest in the Civil War that had broken out previously. It would give him an opportunity to get a look at their infrastructure, and see how their people have fared since the event. It was during this time that the outbreak occurred, and Nathan was left alone in a hostile territory.
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna try to give the idea its justice. I see the potential this group has and I like the idea of a lot of non-hostile RP. Diplomatic missions, trades, etc. There's so much to do with a group like this and I wanna do it right.
  8. *static is cut* The sound of an American is heard over the radio Greetings, whoever is listening to this. I am a man of god who is in search for other men of god. We have a task to accomplish. Many infidels plague South Zagoria, and we must defend our Christian interests. If anybody out there wishes to join me in this holy fight, don't hesitate to respond. Blessings of the lord be upon you. *static returns*
  9. A lot of stuff I'll most likely use once I get the members, mainly just because a lot of more interesting sections can't be made until we start acting as a group in-game. I couldn't use the backstory though cause it conflicts with Deus and I's characters.
  10. All we need is 5 members and then I think we should get approved
  11. Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time attempting to create a group, so the lore isn't 100% fleshed out yet. I will continue to edit this as well as meet people in-game to possibly add to the roster.
  12. Spread Christian influence and coexist with other children of God. (Ongoing) Establish camp at a local church securing a safe, holy, ground for worship. (Day 750) (Completed) Secure the town in which our church resides. (Day 755) Recruit more men of god for our cause. (Day 765) Gather supplies to fuel our crusade against the Infidels. (Ongoing) Begin occupation of various castles as military outposts. (Day 770) Question survivors on religious beliefs and enforce our values. (Ongoing) Secure and establish a healthy trade network. (Ongoing) Learn more about local Infidels and work against their spread. (Ongoing) Begin and arise victorious of our Tenth Crusade. (Day 900) (Ongoing) Absolute Obedience Organization Loyalty Faith Templar Cross Armband Varied Tops Black Pants Black Vest Beret (red/black) @DerpyW (Abraham Adams) ~ Grand Master @Deus (Eric Levitt) ~ Master and Commander @xxxDynastyWolf (Billy Benton) ~ Knight Recruitment: To join, just send a message to Deus or DerpyW. We will also attempt recruitment in-game.
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