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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna try to give the idea its justice. I see the potential this group has and I like the idea of a lot of non-hostile RP. Diplomatic missions, trades, etc. There's so much to do with a group like this and I wanna do it right.
  2. *static is cut* The sound of an American is heard over the radio Greetings, whoever is listening to this. I am a man of god who is in search for other men of god. We have a task to accomplish. Many infidels plague South Zagoria, and we must defend our Christian interests. If anybody out there wishes to join me in this holy fight, don't hesitate to respond. Blessings of the lord be upon you. *static returns*
  3. A lot of stuff I'll most likely use once I get the members, mainly just because a lot of more interesting sections can't be made until we start acting as a group in-game. I couldn't use the backstory though cause it conflicts with Deus and I's characters.
  4. All we need is 5 members and then I think we should get approved
  5. Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time attempting to create a group, so the lore isn't 100% fleshed out yet. I will continue to edit this as well as meet people in-game to possibly add to the roster.
  6. Spread Christian influence and coexist with other children of God. (Ongoing) Establish camp at a local church securing a safe, holy, ground for worship. (Day 750) (Completed) Secure the town in which our church resides. (Day 755) Recruit more men of god for our cause. (Day 765) Gather supplies to fuel our crusade against the Infidels. (Ongoing) Begin occupation of various castles as military outposts. (Day 770) Question survivors on religious beliefs and enforce our values. (Ongoing) Secure and establish a healthy trade network. (Ongoing) Learn more about local Infidels and work against their spread. (Ongoing) Begin and arise victorious of our Tenth Crusade. (Day 900) (Ongoing) Absolute Obedience Organization Loyalty Faith Templar Cross Armband Varied Tops Black Pants Black Vest Beret (red/black) @DerpyW (Abraham Adams) ~ Grand Master @Deus (Eric Levitt) ~ Master and Commander @xxxDynastyWolf (Billy Benton) ~ Knight Recruitment: To join, just send a message to Deus or DerpyW. We will also attempt recruitment in-game.
  7. Abraham Adams was born in Denver, Colorado. Growing up, his father taught him to be an avid hunter. In school, Abraham always enjoyed learning of U.S. history. It intrigued him to learn about the major conflicts the United States had been involved in. This and his early interest in firearms is exactly what led him to his interest in the Marine Corps. At the youthful age of 18, Abraham enlisted with his best friend Eric Levitt. They both were placed into the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit. They simultaneously served their first tours of duty alongside their childhood friend, Xavier Sanchez. During their deployment, Takistani extremists were running rampant. On a routine patrol exercise, one of these extremists ran into a crowd of marines awaiting food at a local shop. Xavier then gave his life to protect his comrades from the Islamic extremist. Abraham and Eric then grew much closer through their resentment. While it may be the irrational route, Eric and Abraham began to despise the religion due to the loss of their dear friend. A few years later, being deployed to Chernarus was a fresh start. With an entirely different subject to handle, they were given a break for a while, stationed on the nearby island of Utes, overseeing the development of new Chernarussian infrastructure and maintaining existing U.S. Bases. When the infection struck and the chaos began, Abraham and Eric were separated from the main forces of the Corps. When things went loose, they were both stationed in Elektrozadvosk and lost comms. After that, they devoted themselves to being good Christians, and abandoned their allegiance to the fallen Corps. Now, they strive to protect their Christian interests, and vow to destroy any who oppose them.
  8. I see the reason behind this decision, but will still voice my opinion. I personally think the idea of military guns being rare is quite cool. While it is indeed frustrating sometimes gameplay-wise, it encourages more scavenger-type behavior. Sneaking around a town to find food and ammo in low quantities makes sense in the IC lore. Having assault rifles all over the place and high-end gear is just immersion breaking (to me at least). The idea of high tier guns being rare also forces communities to interact with each other if they want that equipment. I just like the idea of two communities trading with each other for weapons or something. In-game shops with valuable items could be much more prominent, and just much more RP could be had. Like I said, I understand the decision and why it is happening, but I would rather leave things the way they are.
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