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  1. Most likely not I'm afraid it takes up to a week as there is a lot of stuff the admins have to check out but sit tight and hopefully we can see you in-game soon! Good luck
  2. After an eventful afternoon Dante found himself on the roof top of an old mine warehouse, having a rather interesting and touching conversation with a man called Razz, they became very close after that night.
  3. Amazing roleplay with @Lady In Blue , @dimitri and @Dusty . most of all amazing lasting whole night conversation with @SkinVest best roleplay encounter so far!
  4. 10/10 Lady In Blue, name goes blue, avatar is a lady in blue, seems legit
  5. Sounds good, if you decide to go through with it I will be sure to pop by every once in a while, i would even offer to be a security guard.
  6. SimplyMMJJ

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    @Lady In Blue ahahahaha but you were on my screen !
  7. Welcome my friend! Hope to see you IG soon so you can meet Dante, good luck on your application!
  8. Thank you I can do much better than that i barely tried as i had to be very quiet, tomorrow when we both wake up in that house and the wolves are hopefully gone it will be a whole new level of roleplay haha, and Quinn is also an interesting character .
  9. After arriving in South Zagoria this morning and loosing his best friend by a sudden swarm of the undead, he ventured west off the coast and after spending 2 hours scavenging around the cities he found himself just north of Severograd and sat on the hill admiring the view.
  10. @GiNOO I had to, everybody has to witness the amazing roleplay in the good old days.
  11. Mr Ginoo Liptonski, welcome back comrade. <3
  12. THE STORY OF DANTE: On December 24th, the day of the Soviet invasion, a boy was born in a Yahhar mountain village to the local Yibir. His name was Dante, son of Abu. Shortly after his birth Abu left the village to join the Somali Armed Forces in fighting against the communists. It only a year later that Yibir Abu perished in the fight against the Soviets. Dante was raised by his uncle, a Yibir like his father. When the Americans came in 2001 it was clear what Dante should do. Together with his good friend Sayid they joined the insurgence. Only boys they were, but fight like lions they did. But not even lions could stop the American war machine. The two Yahhar accepted that their struggle was lost, even though pockets of resistance never stopped, and returned to their villages. But the many years of war had changed them. Life in the mountains bored them, there was no glory in herding goats. This was not serving the cause, this was not helping people, this was not pleasing Allah. It was then, in 2013, that ISIS showed itself. The Caliphate made a quick rise and showed the evil West that Islam was truly alive. Dante and Sayid, unaware of the dark times ahead, traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State. It only took a few months before they both realized the extend of their mistake. The entire Caliphate was based on sin, Muslims were butchered, women were raped, there was no honour in this. Allah was not pleased. When the news came of the crisis in Chernarus, of the horrible disease that turned people into rabid beasts, it became clear what was happening. All these acts of violence and tragedy were the result of the decadence of the world. The disease was clearly the Plague of Decadence, sent to punish the sinners and non-believers. The war in Syria was another punishment of decadence, the secularism of Assad and the sins of the Islamic State. A choice was made by Dante and Sayid, they would save the people of Yahhar to save the world. When Syrian government troops made an assault onto their position the two men decided to run. They traveled east, into the lands of the Kurds, disguised as goat herders. As "refugees" they entered Turkey, even though it took weeks of waiting at the border. The sneaking over the Georgian border and the hard travels through the Caucasus were worse, but all hardships were endeared for the greater good. Once the men arrived in South Zagoria, they were swarmed by a hoard of the undead, not knowing what to do they slip up and ran different directions, they had nothing, yet the months of travel without funds had taught them how to survive, Now after a week Dante still cannot find Sayid and is very afraid of what could have happened to his best friend, Dante will never give up the search for him, he now travels across the land in search of Sayid, making new friends along the way to help him in his mission.
  13. SimplyMMJJ

    I'm Out

    Good luck out there bro! Come back soon just take a breather!
  14. SimplyMMJJ

    Where are all the groups going

    That is exactly how it should be done, well done to you Rolle and the staff for actually forcing people who want to have an official large group to think about every single aspect of the group not only posting the thread and going on a robbing spree without any interesting and fun roleplay. All my beans to you sir!
  15. SimplyMMJJ

    Where are all the groups going

    I think there should be both good and bad groups as well as some core lore groups run by staff to keep things interesting, it always seemed to work but was not always executed the right way.
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