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  1. sorry guys I figured it out im all set now, im used to running the client but i was using the regular launcher, thanks for the help though
  2. just tried it, its still saying the same thing, i appreciate the help though
  3. So every time I load up the server, ill be able to play for a solid 10 seconds and then im kicked with the message to follow "kicked from game BattleEye: game restart required", can anyone help me out? ive uninstalled and reinstalled my game a couple times, and ive closed the application and re-opened it a few times to no difference, anyone know a fix for this?
  4. My character is a young filmmaker that got stuck in chenarus during a documentary he was filming with some friends, he's now a lone survivor now after escaping being held hostage by the Russians after being caught trespassing in a restricted property. He’s from the Boston area in Massachusetts, a younger kid fresh into his sophmore college year. He’s made other films but heading to the Chenarus area to document the NATO and Russian conflict was the one where his life would be turned upside down.
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