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  1. Dimitri was born in Сургут of Russia, from a very young age Dimitri was trained from his father on how to become a brave soldier. At the age of 19 he joined the Russian army and was part of the special operation forces. Dimitri was trained from the best soldiers of the country and learnt how to survive and overcome difficult situations. During his service he met a girl that was a nurse and fell in love with her. Eventually he was married at the age of 24 his beloved wife Maria and had 2 beautiful daughters. Moreover Dimitri was informed that his cousin was getting married in Chernarus because his wife was from there. He said goodbye to his family and flew there. Little did he know that flying to Chernarus would be the last time he saw his family. After he arrived to Chernarus he settled on his cousins house. The next day his cousin got married, while they were having a great party Dimitri saw from the window something weird, he noticed a person that was acting weird. After a while he saw him attacking another person, he immediately grabbed a beer bottle and went outside to stand for the inocent person. While he aproached him, he noticed that the attacker's skin was white and looked like he was a dead man walking, he was so scared for the first time in his life. He broke the bottle on the pavement and stabbed the attacker in the face. After that, he run into the house and locked the door. Two days later the house that those people weer hidding was attacked from 15 lurkers when they broke into the house from the windows they started biting everyone to death...Dimitri was the only one that survived and run away in the woods to hide. While he was running In the woods he noticed a group of survivors that were sitting around a fireplace. He introduced himself and asked for water. This guy name Vitally Yankov gave him food and water. He told him to sit by the fire and tell everyone his story. After a while Vitaly asked him if Dimitri wanted to stay by their side and survive with them because they were searching for trained soldiers to fight with them. Dimitri was devasted and happily accepted his invitation. From then those people are surviving together and fight anyone and anything that tries to stop them from that.
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