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  1. Ay up, I prefer the name 'God', but big orange will do for now
  2. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a GUID reset for the mod please //Voodoo: PM Sent
  3. Well...

    Ah he was a sound lad, remember playing CS with him. But thanks! And thanks everyone else for the welcome backs
  4. Well...

    I never paid you shiz im far too tight for that thats why i have so much money because i never spend it Touché, you still needed me either way
  5. Well...

    Mate why would i pay for you? we had Dima(R.I.P) back then I was Dima's replacement. You needed someone better to fill in so paid me
  6. Well...

    *Coughs* Okay, you have 45% of me. SC does look super interesting though! News to me mate when did i buy you? :troll: You payed for me to join ISOA before because I was such a beast PvP'er.
  7. Well...

    Jake has always and always will own me... Sorry guys
  8. Well...

    Aha, you! I'm done with CS.
  9. Well...

    This guy, it's been a while Hatch!
  10. Well...

    Yeah, I'm back!
  11. Steam Summer Sale

    I am, played a bit of it on console and it's such a good game!
  12. Leaving Staff

    Wow, I left RP last night, have a quick look at the forums now and 2 admins have left staff. Thanks for all your work Sin, you always helped me out when I needed it. You're a very wise man and I'm sure CLF will be very benefited having you back. See you around!
  13. Well...

    I know man, I think now that all of my exams are done I've started to experience the outside more and started going out with my friends a lot more. Shocking, I know. But yeah, we'll play soon.
  14. Well...

    Thank you. I'll definitely be back, don't worry! No worries, you deserve the credit. Yeee, sorry man. If I ever return to playing like, all day long then I'll be sure to send in a new new app to yah. Not necessary just say the word buddy Take care man Thanks, Valk. <3
  15. Well...

    Yeee, sorry man. If I ever return to playing like, all day long then I'll be sure to send in a new new app to yah.