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  1. Alex's story falls in with many americans who got stuck in Chernarus. He and his father moved here for the job offer/promotion his father had gotten. They had family in the country so they knew the language, although they were nowhere near fluent speakers. Before moving, Alex had been cold for years. His mother was murdered during an armed robbery, Alex was only ten years old at the time. It changed him, he got quiet, lost any sign of care for the people around him, and he just gave up on trying for anything at all. He was adrift in a cruel and hateful world before the apocalypse, leaving choices to be made by others. He held deep hatred for his father, who Alex blamed for the death of his mother. At fifteen, starting over in a foreign country was not sparking any interest in Alex. He still pushed others away, kept to himself, locked up inside from the world around him, questioning his place in it all. Many times he though about taking his own life. Word of the outbreak began to spread, and he and his father locked themselves away in their home on the outskirts of Elektrogorsk. His father would tune in on radio broadcasts and TV news outlets for information on what was happening around them, but Alex still sat empty, already given up on the world. The news of people eating people did not seem to make Alex feel any type of way different than how he already felt. It was just another reason to hate the world around him. As weeks went by, their food dwindled to nearly non existent. The news and radio broadcasts ceased around this time aswell. Alex thought to himself about how to government could have collapsed. One night, he looked to his sleeping father, wanting only one thing, vengeance. Although his father did not kill Alex's mother, Alex thought he had just as much part in killing her for not being home, and always being at work. Alex wanted to let out his anger he's held in all these years on something, someone. It just so happened to be his father. He took the pistol his father had, and shot him in the leg. As he cried out pain, Alex remained quiet, opening the front door to the house with a bag of everything he would take with him. As he walked off hearing the cries of his father, he noticed the infected storming into the house to rip his father to shreds. He stopped in place to hear the screaming, only continuing on his path when the screaming ceased. Alex knew this was wrong, but he simply didn't care. This didn't change anything, however. Alex still wanders adrift in life, feeling pointless and hurt, he just keeps moving.
  2. This'll be great, if everyone plays more like realistic survivors, and less like macho badasses.
  3. This will be my last comment to you and I'll leave it to the staff, because I don't want to keep going at it back and forth. I never once said you had to fear me? But if you wish to not get shot at, complying to a man with a gun aimed at you makes sense, that doesn't mean you have to fear me. Yet you swore up and down that I opened with telling you to drop your armor. So did I or did I not tell you to drop it? which one is it?
  4. @Kent Blackgrove I initiated on you and then you started moving around and dipping for cover right after, What else am I supposed to do, let you run to pull your shotgun out and blow me away? I did not want to kill you but at some point my hands are tied when you refuse to listen to commands. I initiated and made my demands clear, hands up and drop the armor, even if you didn't hear the first part, you definitely heard the second part, yet you still chose to disobey and to move around.
  5. @Voodoo I do not have any video/Picture evidence of this event either, but I did initiate. It was Kent who began strafing and attempting to take cover after I raised my rifle at him and told him to place his hands in the air and to drop his armor which provoked me to shoot before he can make a break for it. @Kent BlackgroveThat's the reason I shot you. because you neglected to do as I said and you were moving around, specifically to the left where you were trying to get behind the shack we were next to. The true NVFL that happened was that you began strafing when a man aims a gun at you and gives you a command, in my opinion.
  6. When I walked into Soup Kitchen after robbing @Kent Blackgrove, I didn't notice it was him until he yelled out. Usually at soup kitchen everyone lets the beef be settled between the parties. So when I ran around to try and get a good view of Soup Kitchen, I ran into him and the guy recording. I thought they were together and I didn't see the person to my left, and I believed the guy in the construction uniform was just a random since he had no gun out. I don't believe it was NVFL because It was just the two of them and I had proper cover by the tree. Like I said I had no idea of the person to my left who had started to shoot at me, I only knew of the 2 men infront of me that had me worried it was about to be hostile and the construction guy. I changed into my hoodie to hopefully solve my character from being overly cold and losing health, so theres that. I was going to apologize to Kent to save my own ass in Soup Kitchen, but when I saw he had a buddy and they were looking for me, I could only assume it was about to get hostile, since he still had rights on me. So I shot at Kent and tried to shoot at the other guy once Kent got behind cover, but I was shot by both sides by surprise. I do not have any video/picture evidence. Edit: I was taking a look at the video and you can clearly see my back was faced towards the third man with a gun the whole time, I never knew he was there and that's just me being oblivious to my surroundings and not looking around. I was just too focused on the two men infront of me.
  7. @God You swung on a kid over 4 tetracyline, you ruined your own rp. Wanna talk about rights but I had rights to kill you at first, not give you a warning to fuck off. It is shitty roleplay when you gang up on me using numbers for what? The roleplay was bland and pointless and my death could of been avoided, thats why I made the report. You claim you know the rules yet you are so close to being perma banned. I suggest it's in your best interest to be more careful about your actions and things like this can be avoided. And no, a sneeze or a cough looks nothing like pulling a gun, especially when there is a sound que for it. Trigger happy, pointless robbery and you just took advantage of the situation to get loot off of me, and found out I had nothing, But I still believe that was your main goal.
  8. No, wish i were, but my recording software stopped hours before this happened without my knowledge. I understand that makes it difficult though. The only thing I have that I would call evidence is that @God and @Lucas came into the vc calling it an accident and that they were sorry, and now that I filed a report they've changed their story. This can be backed by @Job and I believe @Jade who were both in the vc for this part. But as for any other evidence, I have none.
  9. I argued until threatened, i complied when i had to, after you took me hostage. You can claim you had kills rights but if i am a complying hostage then what purpose was killing me? Why are you saying all this when you came into the discord vc calling it an accident? The whole situation overall was shitty roleplay by your guys part but i was willing to let it slide up until you randomly fed me a bullet for complying. It felt like ruleplay and that you just wanted my loot.
  10. Thats the animation you mistakened for me reaching for my pistol. @Lucas
  11. @God When you stopped me, you specifically said, "Go ahead and drop that gun off your back." To which I complied. You said nothing about multiple weapons or my sidearm. As for @Lucas You told me and @Job in the discord vc that you were very sorry because you thought my characters cough "Looked like me reaching for my pistol". My question is, if you noticed the pistol and thought of it as a problem, why did you not ask for it to be removed? Also, why did you delay your shot at me to after the coughing animation was nearly finished, if you are saying it looked like I was reaching for my pistol?
  12. Server and location: Livonia Server, on the outskirts of Sitnik, near Soup Kitchen Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Couldn't find Your in game name: Brayden Miller Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Lucas and Kirby Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: After some arguing in the soup kitchen, Kirby proceeded to chase me around trying to punch me. After he did so many times with very little reaction from the people around, I tried to create panic, claiming he touched me, (my character is only 15, so I was hoping this would cause a rise) Once they got him off me, I raised my gun at him and told him to stay away from me. Kirby then ran and hid, so that I assume only to wait for Lucas to get close enough, because they proceeded to hold me up when he arrived. They took me on a dirt path and asked me a few questions, and then we stopped. They told me to drop my gun on my back and to not look behind at them as they tied me up. As I was complying, I was randomly met with a bullet through the head.
  13. Brayden Miller has always been unlucky. No father, a crackhead of a mother, and a shitty lifestyle growing up. He'd always find himself butting heads with other children his age, and always finding himself biting off more than he could chew. Many nights, if he'd come home at all, he'd return with bruises, bloody knuckles and face, and cuts all over. As he got older, he dreamed of being a soldier. He dreamed of being on the frontlines and standing strong infront of the face of fear. However, Once Brayden got his GED and signed up for the marines, he absolutely hated being commanded and told what to do. Basic ate him up and spit him out simply because it could not change him or who he was at heart, a loner. This only made his relationship with his mother worse. She ended up having him sent to Livonia so he could live with his grandparents on their small farm and learn discipline. Not long after, the outbreak worsened, and his grandparents were in no shape to survive. They soon fell ill after not getting the proper prescriptions they needed and died. Brayden was left alone in an unfamiliar environment, with no ties or anyone he could trust, but this was nothing new. Brayden was facing the fear he desired to face as a soldier, in an all-front battle. A one man army. A young man, angry at the world, with something to prove of himself, and now was as perfect of a time as ever. People like Brayden truly get to express their evil- - and anger- - in an apocalypse. He isn't one to be messed with.
  14. I was running with the boys as we headed north along the coast. We see a guy in the road and he looks at us and immediately starts bolting for the trees. He looked sus so we went after him. I followed Noah when we ran up to him. After attempts from Noah trying to RP, the dude just kept walking backwards. After doing this for a minute, I hear Noah engage so I raise my gun. The dude then starts spraying at me so I shoot back when I get killed. I dont got any video evidence cause my PC is dogshit so I cant.
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