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  1. An arabic field reporter who recently moved to Russia to study abroad and ended up in Chernarus doing a report. Marcus has no family left, and few friends still living in Lebanon; his choice to travel was an easy one. Marcus grew up in a lesser household and his humble attitude and his lack of morals show. He thinks the world needs to know about current events and realizes that most people prefer to turn a blind eye on peoples suffering. He luckily was given opportunities to advance his education while in Russia, giving him access to this field of work. Marcus respects true media and thrives on the possibility of delivering the real news to the world. Updating outdated knowledge and delivering current stories on dangerous events. This is his legacy.
  2. I just came back after a long bit, only one person on EU servers, quite a shame ?
  3. Thanks Brayce I appreciate it more than you know! Too late
  4. I'd like to say I am not new to RP, I hope to be white-listed soon. My name is Caleb and I am trying to get into a good RP community for DayZ. Most of the non-white-listed servers are toxic. Heres to hoping this is different.
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