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  1. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Now i'm not gay yet, but i've been taking pills and telling men they have a nice ass in game so am I an honorary gay guy?
  2. Server and location: S1, Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:30ish Your in game name: Egwu Mugabe Names of allies involved: @LawRP and some Anarchy guys Name of suspect/s: @RandyBiscuit Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and Law met up at the police station in severograd when we heard a lot of shots come from the main area. After getting like 12 zombies on us we ran down there screaming "HELP". They killed the zombies and then we saw an unconcious guy who was being treated by a doctor after he got shot. Nobody else was dead or injured then somebody said "I heard footsteps in the bar", so I went in with no gun out, repetedly yelled "I'm coming in, I don't have a gun" and when I got to the main room in the back there was a guy laying on the floor and after a second he sprayed me down, do note that I was yelling "I don't have a gun, i'm coming up" and I didn't have a gun. I was in no way involved in the firefight that happened prior or am I in Anarchy, the group the guy had a firefight with.
  3. Egwu Mugabe

    Egwu was born in Port Harcourt in 1981 on a cold day, well, cold for Nigeria. His parents were poor, but he didn't think much of it because everyone in area was, and it didn't bother him. That was until he went to his rich friend's house, he had everything, TV's, toilets, and running water. He decided at that point, he wanted that life, he wanted that life for his family, and for his future children. He found out that his friend's dad inherited the money, and that he didn't earn it. This pissed off Egwu, who had no money to inherit and nothing left to him. He decided to follow a lot of his friends and join a pirate crew, he found Mongo on the harbor in Port Harcourt, Mongo was sailing out in a few days to the capture a yacht full of rich south africans, but the authorities found them and chased them for days. After a few weeks they came ashore in Chernarus, and were set upon by a horde of infected. Most of the men died in the fighting, but Egwu survived, and stuck with Mongo, eager to get home.
  4. Hey everyone!!

    Welcome to our christian community! Enjoy your stay! hhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. John Locke

    John was born in 1997 to a military conservative family. His father always wanted him to go into the military, as they lived in Parris Island because of his fathers job. He was pretty much forced to enlist into the Marine Corps by his father when he turned 17. Boot camp was proveing to be a difficult challenge for him, so difficult in fact that he quit. His father was furious, so furious in fact that he disowned him. His father sent him to Chernarus to join an awful PMC, his father hoped he would die, or come back a better man. John stayed in Chernarus until the outbreak, working for the PMC and trying desperately to become a better soldier, and person. After the outbreak he linked up with a few of his friends from the PMC, which was now disbanded, to form their own and keep themselves alive while helping whomever they can in any way they can.
  6. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    We could play a native americans that had guns and dressed like everyone else on the server, but decided to stand out, which we do. We were not the ones chanting "hey ya hey ya" around a tree, but obviously the blame is going to be thrown on us because we are the ones that play the natives. If you had a problem with how WE meaning me, Law and Clint, were roleplaying, please PM us as we already had our doubts on how the community would recieve the characters. 99% of the reception has been good, such as me getting put in the "whose rp did you enjoy today" thread for the first time playing a native american and recieving pms saying that our rp was good and enjoyable. We have made an effort to tone down our characters, such as taking the fruit off of our walking sticks. If you have any suggestions for improving our rp, while keeping our characters fun to play and interact with, I am listening.
  7. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    The person in the second screenshot is @Law, our friend who also plays a native american. All he said was "thank you tree" and other people came up and started singing and praying. Why is it that it is ok to be anything but native americans in game? Irish people, Americans, Canadians, Aussies, even some guys from New Zealand all found there way to Chernarus but no, native americans are pushing it. And don't forget the somali characters, which of course, you all have no problem with. I think people should RP whatever kind of character they want, somali, native whatever, doesn't matter to me, but it obviously does to you. I'm just wondering why this is ok to you but this isn't.
  8. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    Me and @Clint were not in any way involved with the tree dancing and singing (The subject of the report). My POV: Me and Clint walked into town and started talking to people, after awhile we found this guy with a tent and a barrel fire. After inspecting the fire, and seeing trees chopped down in the vicinity, I dedused that he was cutting down trees (which my character absolutely hates). We started poking the barrel with out sticks waiting for the fire to go out before we removed it, at the time I didn't know you could pick up burning barrels, when I tried and it worked I immediately started saying "IT BURNS" and dropped the barrel. Why Clint then picked it up i'll leave to him to explain. After the fire went out shortly after the guy left the area, I picked it up and ran it down the hill into the trees and left town for a few hours. When we got back, the guy wanted to know where his barrel was, after hinting him, he found it. He then got back to chopping down trees so we took it again, they asked for fair trade for it, we payed them and then just left the barrel there as they promised not to burn whole trees anymore. As stated before, me and @Clint had NOTHING to do with the subject of the report, and weren't even in town when it happened.
  9. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    Hello good men of the farm! Me and my native american brothers would love to fill the dirt with seed. This group is what we need boys, a nice ol potato farmin dip chewin bass pro shop shoppin good ol country group
  10. Apisi Smith

    Apisi was born to devout Navajo parents, who always encouraged him to stay closely connected with his heritage, which he did. During the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in 2016-17, his parents were arrested for assaulting riot officers. Not having enough money to bail them out, he lived out his life for the next year working at a gas station on the reservation. He got a letter in the mail one day inviting him to a large native get together in the international hotel event room in Chernogorsk, Chernarus. He was excited and scared, because he had never met natives outside of his own tribe and ethnicity, he went to the event anyway, to see what could be done about stopping the pipeline, and other environmental conservation efforts. When he got there, he was greeted Wyconda Johnson. He was very nice and reassured Apisi that they were all on the same side, the earth's side. After the event, which consisted of multiple tribal leaders giving speeches about the current state of the earth and their tribe. Wyconda was Cherokee, which was a tribe he had not met before. After the meeting, Wyconda and Apisi got a room together and talked about the differences in the cultures of their tribes, and where the native people as a whole belonged in this world. Apisi talked about his parents, and how they are awaiting trial, and how his tribe is larger than most. When they woke up in the morning, they fully expected to fly back to the United States, but they did not account for the airports being closed due to the spread of an infection. All they could do at that point was stick together, and that's what they did.
  11. Benedict Ali

    Benedict was born in 1989 to poor parents in Rasman. He watched WWF on tv and always had a passion for wrestling, he particulary liked Macho Man Randy Savage because he was so manly and a strong figure and role model. He got into local wrestling when he was 16 and didn't find much success. He was decent at best and always found himself on the losing side of matches. When he was 20 he was approached by MS-13, who offered to rig fights for him if he gave them 60% of the profits from winning. He of course agreed, because he wasn't in it for the money, but the fame and glory. He owed MS big time for this, it meant a lot to him too. MS-13 gave him word of them setting up a Luchadore arena in Chernarus because of the lack of entertainment in that country, they would get a lot of buisness. He agreed to come and fight in the arena because he owed MS a big favor for the rigged fights. It wasn't permanent, as all of his fame and glory is in Takistan, so he will return one day, but he intends to make his stay in Chernarus a good one.
  12. Grisha Dyatlov

    Grisha Dyatlov was born in Berezino in 2000 to distant father who was always at work, Grisha didn't know much about his father because he was barely home and whenever he was he was drunk or watching tv. His mother was an orthodox christian, not a normal go to church on sundays one but a very traditional strict woman. Ever since Grisha was in his teens he always loved metal, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, you name it, he probably loves it. Grisha didn't have a job at this point, or ever in his life. He really didn't have any motivation or attachment to anything but his music. He started learning the guitar when he was 14, he bought the guitar with his own money he saved from christmas for a few years. It wasn't a very good guitar, those were too expensive, a Squier acoustic guitar. He wanted an electric guitar, but couldn't afford it. Even though he barely knew how to play, he loved that thing to death and spent every waking moment with it. He started a garage band with his friends, who weren't role models or anything to look up to, they dealt drugs and shoplifted a lot. The band was called Blackened Cross, he picked the name because of his religious background and how his mother thought it was "blackened" because of the music he listened to. The band was popular, or at least popular on his block which included about 100 people. He was lead guitarist, his friend Dimitry was lead singer and Misha the drummer. When the infection started making the rounds in the news, he thought nothing of it, and his father was too drunk to care. His mother was worried though, checking up on him wherever he went and setting him a curfew for 6pm. This made him hate his mother even more, he never really liked her because she threw out all his CDs for being "unholy". As the infection grew closer and closer to Berezino, his mother grew more and more paranoid and not letting Grisha leave the house for the last few days. As he CDF trucks started rolling into town about a day before the infection hit Berezino, Grisha was confined to his room, but he had band practice that day. Grisha's house didn't have a garage, so he had to go to Dimitry's house, which was just down the road. He grabbed his guitar and hopped out the window and started making his way to Dimitry's house when he started to notice the armed men everywhere, and multiple helicopters flying overhead. A soldier told him to make his way home, and he told him he was, when he got to Dimitry's house he found it empty, just some trash and furniture left. At this point he was getting worried, then he started hearing men yelling outside, when he got outside he found a man that was bleeding from the eyes being restrained by 3 CDF soldiers, he wasn't calming down even after being hit with pepper spray. Grisha was utterly freaked out at this moment and hurried back to his house, as he approached it he saw a military truck peeling out of his neighborhood. When he ran inside, he found it the same as Dimitry's, no people, no, well anything. After this he started hiking out of town, on the main road trying to find his parents, but he couldn't find them. He found a house in the woods south of Berezino with quite a lot of provisions, he decided to stay there until help found him. He ran out of food before that happened, and started making his way back to Berezino. When he got there, the first thing he saw was another man bleeding from the eyes, Grisha started to back off but it chased him all the way back to the house, where he locked himself inside. The man continued to beat the door until Grisha grabbed a kitchen knife and unlocked the door. The man was still beating on it, so Grisha quickly opened the door and let the man fly at him. He knocked Grisha to the floor, and was now on top of him. Grisha grabbed the kitchen knife that was now beside him and stuck it through the mans chin. After this Grisha grabbed what he could from the house and hiked south, trying to prepare himself mentally for the new world.
  13. Whitelist Review

    Ok, thank you
  14. Whitelist Review

    Ok so I saw the last one that said it usually takes 2-3 days and it's been 4 so far for me, but staff has viewed my profile and that means they've seen it. But still it's still not reviewed, no emails it just says it's being reviewed still. Is that what usually happens?