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  1. Eli Brooks face a rather peculiar childhood, his father was a used car salesman in London and his mother worked as a waitress in a cocktail bar. Naturally he spent more and more time with his father trying to learn his family trade, his legal adventures always fascinated Eli and him and his father created hundreds of foolish schemes, ranging from simple fraud to active identity theft, he was a rather shady individual. Due to the nature of his business, his father taught him to hunt and fish when he had the chance. After a rather unfortunate deal that his father stuck with several gangsters, he was placed in a coma while Eli fled to Crimea and then to Chernarus, he established himself as a fisherman and avoided human contact for weeks at a time, only leaving his house for gas. He lost contact with his mother after moving and pretty much lost contact with the world until, on his weekly visit, supply seemed to run short, then a great storm followed, and air force action disturbed his peaceful hiding. He decided that he needed to try and prepare, to venture into the wastelands of towns, maybe even sell a few cars…