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  1. Lets go! Propaganda machine activated, keep it up, you absolute unit!
  2. @Hampze And the other line boys that I never knew the names of, fate will reunite us one day, and I hope the Denim cowboy never forgets his roots in our beautiful song. It was a mess, but a beautiful one. Click 'em Bois!
  3. Born in the city of Belozersk, Bohdan was born to a family of Chernarussians in 1990, with both his grandfather and great grandfather dying in the Great war and the afghan war respectively, Bohdans families knew well the cost of war, his family never let him forget that cost. His family was not well off, his mother worked as a nurse and his father worked as a heavy freight operator, neither brought in much money. As such, his education was minimal, instead working in train mechanics from the age of 12, prior to that his education only consisted of the realities taught to him by his parents… This was the start of the metaphorical and physical train for Bohdan. His mother taught him of the sacrifices that his fathers made and that, though she wished they were still alive, she knew that the right thing was done. He harboured a deep attachment to his mother, practically being his sole carer as his father worked long shifts in places as far out as Pskov some nights. He mostly worked a modest existence, after a several local strikes organised by the unions that Bohdan disregarded, he was shunned by the more Russofilic sections of Belozersk, leading to him joining the national party, where he was a part of a small community of heavy labourers that were not unionised, this being where he met a close workmate up until the civil war, a car mechanic called Damek. It was one fateful day though, that Bohdan’s life would change forever. several days into the civil war, with Bohdan and drafting age, which he initially rejected after his mother’s request. A train arrived from the south covered in men sailing past the station where Bohdan was working, they were all singing tunes and waving flags, as he watched the train begin to fade into the distance, the sound of yelling in Russian quickly followed by a shockwave, filling the air as a single explosion shook the horizon, the train sped at full speed off the side of the road with a sickening screech of metal on metal on bone on stone. He quickly grabbed his bike and cycled alongside the tracks to where the train had crashed, here he saw a crumpled mess of a train. The scene was something that would never leave Bohdan’s mind. He cautiously stepped towards the cart once covered in men to see dozens upon dozens of men, dismembered and mutilated by the incident, then a single man from amongst the pile of corpses raised a hand to him. He raised a hand and weakly dropped two items into Bohdan’s hand, A family photo and a key, the remains of a man said one thing to him “Find them” then the man’s hand slipped out of Bohdans and he merged back with the pile of corpses that he came from. Something in Bohdan snapped that moment. Those men, fathers, brothers, sons, all gone in a moment's notice. In a fit of rage, Bohdan grabbed an AK rifle from the fallen men and fired it into the thick woods alongside the train tracks, from wherever that explosive device must have come, after waiting several moments, he let out a heavy sigh as the adrenaline began to subside slightly. He took the picture, a family photo of a man in his early forties with his wife and a teenage daughter, in a wooden hut with a Chernarussian flag in the background. On the back of the picture it said the line “My world” followed by a stamped address. Bohdan cycled back to his mother and declared that he needed to notify this man’s family. His mother, shocked that Bohdan had returned with a slightly blood-soaked rifle, simply nodded, speechless at the sight, this was the last time he would see his mother in person for years. He mounted his motorbike and drove to the address location along the east coast of Novigrad. Here he followed the address to find that same teenage daughter answers the door, with a shaking hand, from adrenaline and from exhaustion, he raised the picture and the girl took the picture from his hands and started crying, resting her head on his shoulders. After several moments he asked her if she would know where the key would lead, she took him by the hand and led him into a basement where a stern wooden door stared back at him. The girl took the key, turned the lock and “Click” It opened to reveal a small room of weapons, mostly patriotic war equipment, one weapon caught Bohdan’s eye. A huge rifle greater than the size of himself, a PTRD. He slung it over his other shoulder and began to walk out of the room, then that girl grabbed his shoulder, a submachine gun and said “I won’t let you avenge him on your own” – That girl was Krasiva. -footage of Bohdan first firing his gun. The two signed up to the NAPA units down in Novigrad where Bohdan and Krasiva were tasked with running interference in the north of the country as part of a cell, due to his knowledge of the train routes and logistics, they ran sabotage and active fighting against smaller Russian units, destroying supply lines where possible. Following several close calls with the Russians and Red star, he and Krasiva’s small cell, as far as he could tell, was reduced to just him and Krasiva. Here is where they, seeing the writing on the wall as Chernarus was falling to the Red star, they threatened a Russian truck driver at gunpoint to drive them to the north of the border. This being just several weeks before the fall of Chernarus. Here they took a ferry from Novorossiysk to Sevastopol, where they proceeded to lie low. He began to settle in Ukraine… But he was never satisfied. After the Russians again decided to intervene in Ukraine, Bohdan briefly fought on the frontlines with the Azov Battalion before being injured in a convoy raid. Watching the fighting first-hand once again, once again seeing Russian aggression, Bohdan felt inspired once again. He married Krasiva shortly before leaving Ukraine again for Chernarus and establishing connections with NAPA, while having to stay low, he moved over to South Zagoria where he was informed that some NAPA movements and leaders were still working. He got a job working in Zelenogorsk waiting for the time to come while occasionally meeting with his parents… And so, it did, years after he and Krasiva took up arms the chance would come again. Even if it were with the backdrop of the infection, that would pass. And when it did, Chernarus would be for the Chernarussians and Bohdan’s duty to a dying man would finally be fulfilled. The full depth of the infection was yet to bite him… It wasn’t until one night, where he and a friend from prior to the war that he had recently been reunited with, that the true horrors would grip him. He and his friend were both woken from a drunken slumber to the sounds of shooting in the streets, shouting in Russian and screams of agony, as their bewilderment began to be replaced with fear at the sight of the infected… So did the story begin.
  4. The flame of our homeland's heart has been lit by another torch today my brothers! Slava Chernarus! And thanks to everyone who has contributed to us OOC and IC, hostile or not, it has been interesting so far and I hope we shall keep it so for other too!
  5. Well, as a view that I am sure that my brothers-in-arms share, as much as our IC lads may despise the ruskis, the whole interaction I had with you boys, especially the whole hostage rp, was both brilliant and memorable! I am glad to have a worthy adversary! I'll be anticipating our next meeting, however tense it may be
  6. The wind blows through the trees, breaking off small spines of leaves, carrying in the wind and piercing the sky as the bitter cold of a Chernarussian storm, three Chernarussians huddle around a campfire, this is not the first time that they have done so, this is their last resort when they are wanted men, this was their backup plan. Halas, Tyscat and Dragomir, the names of the men who sit here, in collective realisation of what their motherland has planned for them. A message comes in saying of who is near, stating the locations of various men, their names change throughout the history of this place, Communists to Anarchists to whatever else the foreigners have gathered together to betray the land that they stand on, that they neglect and discard as if there were not thousands of men who had died to make it the free land it is today, the free land that it deserved to be, from the blood, sweat and toil of our forefathers and nation bearers. These three men have differing views on what “Independence” means in total, but they all agree on one thing, that we don’t have it as much as we did before, that we need to take it back. Originally intended as a Chernarussian revivalist movement, as proposed to the new nationalist government. Nezávislost was meant to provide cultural revitalisation to the Chernarussian people and nation. Be that with broadcasts, verbal storytelling or something in between, but with the reappearing of the Russians, it seems that the members of the once small and modest group have found a new purpose, or at least, an evolution of the same purpose as it is hard for a Chernarussian identity and history to be taught to future generations if they are being taught under the boot of the Russian Aggressors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “This isn’t the first time we had to fight, nor is it the last that we will have to” These are the words that echoed in Arno’s mind, words from a nationalist whose name has since been forgotten, but whose message has formed a fundamental pillar of what is worth standing for. Ever since running into a group of nationalists who demanded the service of every Chernarussian, he found a kind of purpose, a calling, however begrudging of service he was, the role has grown on him. As is why Nezávislost came to be as it is now, a calling from an increasing number of brothers to form a collective with a purpose, with a common enemy, the torch has already been lit, it is time for the fire to spread. Alexandr Broz met a man named Alexandru Petru, they hit it off quickly and became well aquanatined, to the point of friendship. In the month following, Alexandr told Petru that he was leaving for south Zagoria to meet his old friend Arno. Before saying bye to Petru, he gave his own frequency if Petru wanted to link up in south Zagoria. Petru happily obliged the commitment after a hastily recorded radio message was transmitted from his not-so-distant brother-in-arms. After accumulating a larger following of men behind them, the once mostly leaderless group had to appoint a character to act as a de facto leader, while still holding little power outside of what the group desires, Alexandru was assigned a defacto role following a group consensus, as is so ingrained in the Chernarussian spirit. Independence – It isn’t something you write, and it is true, independence is a lifestyle, a choice. If we all do not constantly become it, we lose our right to uphold it. -Fight against invaders via guerilla warfare [ongoing] -Revive the national spirit and culture of the Chernarus’ [ongoing] -Establish an underground agency against foreign aggravators [day 1060] -Find and help the Chernarussian people with supplies with a potential supply depot [day 1070] -Make contact with other groups and establish trade relations for the benefit for the Chernarussians [day 1075] -Establish relations with other current Chernarussian groups [Mostly Completed] -Incorporate Chernarussian culture to those alien to our lands. Deal with enemies of the cause and nation [ongoing] -Locate and identify those providing active or passive assistance to those who opposed Chernarus, past and present and future, and deal justice where applicable [ongoing] Specifically with regard to find Russian allied groups [day 1085] -Create a new dynamic between groups, and create more living RP -Seek to create a new sense of general conflict in Chernarus to unify players against certain groups -Provide learning experiences for new members of the community -Support players playing local Chernarussians -Try to create a constant semi-hostile group for foreigners to view as a negative Slavní Vůdci Arno Halvarchov ( @Gandidoor) Alexandru Petru ( @Bryan) Alexandr Broz ( @Mr Smoking Dog) Rádiový Operátor Damek Noviak ( @SynO) Bratři ve Zbrani Igor Yahontov ( @RUDDY) "Viktor" ( @Combine) Krystof Beranek ( @Pepsi) Rekrut Yakob Broz ( @Knight) Joseph Volkov ( @Tysdal) Maxim Yakimov (@RussianPotato) Vaclav Broz ( @Nonplayer) Hektor Mora ( @Thrynn) Maksim Vasiliev( @Sm1ley) Send PM to @Bryan and we can arrange a meet-up. Credits: Group lore - @Gandidoor @Bryan @SynO @Mr Smoking Dog Graphics (More to come) - @[email protected] @[email protected] tander
  7. Occasionally over the radio, a short message in Chernarussian plays out over a battered field transceiver, the static not lifting, but instead being broadcasted over. (A version in English for those who can understand Chernarussian IC) (English Script for those who understand Chernarussian)
  8. So, I suppose that I had problem with the initiation partially due to what seemed like a lack of provocation/ justification, and I felt like the justification was more for item gain than other reasons. with regards to what was audible, I had no visual on the person who first called out the initiation, as far as I am aware. And the younger fellow drifted in an out of audibility as he ran, I only had visual on him. But I will also entertain the possibility that I was blind.
  9. It has been lovely to be around! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with redwood, here is to the immortal word of the radio!
  10. Server and location: 21:50, Nadbor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:50, 31/03 Your in game name: Matas Zemaitis Names of allies involved: Joseph Lisovski, Szymon Lewandowski, Tomek Kaminski Name of suspect/s: None available, 16 year old in game. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I personally have none, but I understand that Szymon does Detailed description of the events: Myself and 3 other LDF members were in Nadbor just chatting with Joseph Lisovski, Szymon Lewandowski, Tomek Kaminski and giving directions to a few other guys, one of which Gabi and one of which was Dr Montgomery. Szymon Lewandowski, Tomek Kaminski and Myself were all gunned down in the streets following a rather sudden initiation that was addressed to us via the words "Everyone in the streets holster your guns now", which was heard rather poorly by most of us as the people were addressing a frankly massive area of Nadbor, he had no visible symbol of group on any of them. Equally, we heard no communication between the characters who eventually all emerged on tandem, I did not see this personally as I died quite quickly. I can say for myself personally that I started to comply when the aggressors stated "2", which was when I was gunned down, I did not move, nor did I raise my gun, I was circling through the wheel when I was shot.
  11. The stuff I uploaded was something I did personally when I saw the thread open as a bit of practice, I do think the style looks pretty nice, widely speaking too. I would also like to clarify that the Russian flag is also present on some of the combat jackets in Livonia, as I found much to my detriment when I repaired one I was wearing...
  12. Well, seeing as I am just dawdling around the forums, I can agree with ducky in that replicating the exact texture of the existing item is difficult, especially as the pants are, for some reason, really low res when you load them... As he said again, putting in a new style of camo would be doable, or at least more so... something like this would be what you were going for I guess, at lest in style, no?
  13. Well, I did start work on a set of Livonian style attachments, but I got a little distracted after doing two for America too...
  14. Well, its up on the workshop too, we will see if that goes anywhere, but it is a fair bit more difficult to make models and textures than just one or the other!
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