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  1. Einar Berg

    Einar was born in a period of relative stability, his mother was killed while he was at a young age after pirates hijacked the cruise ship she was on just off the horn of Africa. His father, experiencing the severe side-effects of losing a relative, entered hostage negotiating and frequently was called as a mediator in UN disputes. Having grown up with this approach to hostility, Einar became a pacifist at a young age and vowed to his father to never kill unless it was for the greater good of the human race. He followed his father around the world but had to settle back down in Oslo to study, where he became a student in phycology. He was bought to Chernarus with his father as part of the negotiations with Russia. He was forced to stay there with his father for several months, including those when the outbreak occurred. He woke up to see the beginnings of anarchy on the streets and a note from his father on the table, stating that he had gone for negotiations with NATO and would be back later... But he never returned. Einar spent most of the initial outbreak hiding and leaving only to find food, but sparser supply forced him out.