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  1. Want be a victim.

    Ok i edit post)
  2. Want be a victim.

    A masohistic girl looking people (group) for good rp. Like be turtured, locked at cages. Please write PM.
  3. Anna Ivanova

    Ordinary Russian girl. Not so long ago I have got an education and now I am a journalist. Since 2009 public attention was given to Chernarussia I as the new journalist was sent in July, 2017 to a Chernarussia. My task was to collect news about new conflict in the north of the country. On the place I have found strange things. From a northern part some virus extended. I lived in Elektrozavodsk and heard the arriving disturbing news from a north part of a Country. On July 12 I have gone to Turovo. I have with own eyes seen all chaos on streets. People ran escaping from the zombie. Several times I was attacked by this zombies. I was saved by the police officer who was nearby. The government were obviously not ready to this situation. Hardly I could go back to Elektorzavodsk. But having returned several days later I has found out that the virus has reached also Elektrozavodsk. During short times the whole country has plunged into chaos. In the cities gangs were active. Human trafficking began to prosper. To get out of the country there was no opportunity. The ships and planes avoided this place. I never held earlier weapon in my hands. And now it will be very difficult for me to survive in this situation. I hope to meet that who will help me to survive …