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  1. Nora Alme and Nolan Alme got married in 1999 and had two children, me being the oldest. Nolan left after a year of my birth though, as a kid I never had the chance to know my real father. In 2004 my mother remarried Sean Hawk. She took on his name and no one told me that he wasn't my father until 2010. I decided to keep his name despite the fact he wasn't my real father. In 2011 my brother died our car crashed and piping went through the windshield and killed him. After that, I decided I wanted to find and reach out to my real father. Watching my brother bleed out next to me had an affect and I didn't want to be estranged with any close family members. I began asking my mother about him but she was unwilling to give out any information. For a year to it was a struggle, all I had were documents that I got from the department of records. One day I was moving thing's around in the attic trying to clear out my brothers stuff, when I found a wooden medical crate. I opened it with caution to find a photo of my father and a few other men in the box. There were hundreds of letters and document's. I spent hour's reading it all, when I was finished I figured out he'd gone to start a new life in Chernarus. I reached out to the Chernarus office of immagration and they pointed me in the right direction. Within about a week I found him, Chernarus just happens to be one of those second world countries, and doesn't have a whole lot of phones, and without a short wave radio, I decided to start reaching out to him via letter. We began corresponding everyday for the next couple of year's. Eventually he stopped replying though, which was so unlike him. Now at the age of 19 I'm setting out to find him. If he's dead I need to know it, I'm bringing a radio, sat phone, and the clothes on my back. I hope for the best.
  2. After the Chattanooga recruiting office shooting, an attack so close to my hometown of Atlanta, I could no longer tolerate just sitting around, doing anything. The next day I went to the nearest Marine recruiting office. I spent the next six months completing the rigorous marine training course. After that, I was assigned to the 1st marine division. My division was sent to deal with a developing rabbis outbreak overtaking the country of Chernarus. When we arrived we were dispatched to Elektrozavodsk. When we got there though, the town was desolate. Our mission was to sweep the town and shoot on site anyone who was infected, we were told they were beyond help. My job wasn't to question order's though, but just to follow them. As we began to sweep the town we encountered a large group of infected. As instructed we opened fire, but it seemed to do nothing. Within minutes our rank's broke and we scattered to the nearest buildings for safety. Barricading the door's I did a head count to find there was only six of us in this particular building. I instructed one of them to get on the radio and see if anyone else was alright. We began sending out a constant signal, then began Barricading the windows and any other entry point. I've been keeping track of time with dashes on the wall, after two days, still, no one had answered our signal. We came to grip's that everyone else was dead and it was only us. The inventory showed that our ammunition and food supplies were running low. We'd have to do something and fast. It's been two weeks since we first got trapped in here, some of the men have started to get a little loose in the head. Our food storage is out, well have to send someone out to scout for food and water. Two men were lost in the search for food. I've collected water by placing canteens on the roof while it rain's, but this won't last Tex, Preacher, Skip, and myself. It's now been three week's since we got trapped in here, our radio has died and we'll have to assume the worst. Tex has fallen sick, While I want to help I cant take the risk to my men, I have to keep them safe. It has been four day's since I had to put Tex down. Preacher and Skip understand why I did it but I can't help but feel as if they resent me, and themselves for not doing anything. It's been a month since we entered Elektro, We can't live like this, Skip last night broke down the barricade and was killed. It's just Preacher and me. He's looking thin, I don't think he'll make it. It's been a week since skip died, Preacher killed himself. I won't survive alone out there but I need food. It's been four day's since Preacher died, I had to butcher him, I needed the food, but I never want to have to live like that again. It's been nearly a month since Preacher died. I heard gun shot's outside and I'm going to investigate. Maybe it's someone who can help me.