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  1. "This disease, the infection, has taken over our world in biblical proportions. Now that the world is gone, how many of us are left to tell how this shit happened?" Robert Hickock was a journalist, born somewhere around Colorado sometime in the 1960's. Not much is known about himself, because he dedicated his life to learning about others. He takes photos, videos, writes down observations. He interviews just about anybody willing to talk to him. He's seen it all, always seems to have a quote or story to fit any situation. Rob tries to avoid trouble, but is never afraid to approach a survivor to ask them questions. Rob got into journalism at an early age, and traveled all around the world. He came to Chernarus after hearing about the infection spreading around there, and was unable to leave the place after he arrived. With loads of camera equipment and no possible way out, he decided to get people's stories. From the day he arrived, he was asking everyone anything, hoping to get some information about this unknown disease. Robby is a people person, with charm. He's usually able to talk himself out of a dangerous situation, but he's also not afraid to use deadly force, and absolutely has before. But his story is not important, the survivors whom he interviews are.
  2. Bill was born in the United States, and served in the Vietnam War, where he got the nickname Wild Bill. After the war he continued to serve in the U.S. military, until the 1980's, when he finally retired, and returned home, living in rural areas of the U.S. He was always bored at home, and looked for something to do. He decided to move to eastern Europe, primarily to be alone and to hunt, which is precisely what he still does in the apocalypse. He wanders the far north regions of Chernarus, mostly around Stary Yar, Kamensk, and Krasnoe.