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  1. I had to go, I couldn't wait ten more minutes for OOC reasons.
  2. POV: I and @Nottshack ran towards the car after our allies had already engaged in conversation with the Garcia person. When we got there, we witnessed some of the conversation and @FranzStigler getting in the car. We heard shots and me @Nottshack and @Cuchulainnstarted running into the woods, in order to avoid combat cause we thought it was false KOS.
  3. *Hunter holds the PTT* "I see two on the south tower, engaging now!" *Silenced shots can be heard* "One guy, east tower, I am spotted." *Shots can be heard and someone dropping dead next to Hunter* "Fuck, one of us is down." *Puts the radio on the dirt and tries to help the downed person* "Yeah, he is dead. OH SHIT WE ARE GETTING FLAN-" *He drops dead, and the PTT releases*
  4. Anatoly, the only son of an NKGB officer, was born and raised in Leningrad, Soviet Union. Thanks to his father, his life was easier than the other kids, and he later was trained to become a KGB officer. Anatoly didn't believe in Stalinism, because he worshipped the Holy Trinity, but he still played along with the Union's rules. When the Soviet Union was disbanded in 1991, he was one of the first officers to join the SVR and was sent to spy in Chernarus since 1992. He has uncovered hundreds of secrets from the Chernarussian military and government, and he is still on active duty, but lately he has problem with communicating with the Russian government.
  5. You know, campfire roleplaying wouldn't be interesting without the fights and the wars.
  6. My name is Hunter Blazek, I was born in Novigrad, but left with my family for Severograd when I was four years old. Both my parents were Chernarussian. I lived an amazing childhood, I was one of the best students in my school, and I got degrees for History and Computer Science. When the civil war happened, I decided to enlist in the CDF and fight against the red menace. When we won, I chose to stay in the army. We had about 7 years of peace, till the Outbreak started. We were ordered to evacuate the people from Chernarus, and that's why I am still here. I and my unit went inside a building in order to save civilians, but in the process, I got bit by a walker. Everyone left me, they said I will become like them...You know, I managed to hold in that building for four days. Thank god that this family forgot some supplies. Anyways, for some reason, I am still alive, hehe, maybe I got God in my side after all.
  7. *Yuri is on the rooftop of a building and the wind is strong, someone tells him to speak* "My name is Yuri Svistounov and I speak for the Independent Freedom Fighters." "The war is over. The House has won. We surrender.....we give up." *Someone walks up to him, tries to say something, but gets told to shut up by a person with a Spanish accent* "Yuri.....Yuri out." *Yuri starts cursing and the PTT releases* *Two minutes later, Yuri was executed and hanged from the tallest tower in Lopatino Castle*
  8. Kimon


    no we are kinda new to cannibalism
  9. Kimon

    Yuri and his buddies

    Hunting criminals near Vybor.
  10. Kimon


    Preparing to eat after a successful hunt.
  11. *Yuri chilling in his car, holds his PTT* "Give me a location and time, I will be there, most likely." *Yuri releases the PTT*
  12. *Yuri holds down the PTT* "Mister Moody, even though you are siding with us in the fight and trust me, I appreciate that, I think you have a mental fucking problem. We don't fucking kidnap, rape and execute innocent people, and anyone who does this shit will be judged in a court of law when we get the state back to its feet." *Yuri releases the PTT*
  13. *Yuri holds down the PTT* "You know, you could have talked to us before taking the castle for yourselves." "And when we said it belonged to us, you rejected us." *It's a shame that people are dying, but we didn't start this. You did, with your shitty act of aggression." *Yuri releases the PTT*
  14. *Yuri, sitting inside his car, grabs his radio from the back seat and holds down the PTT* "Hello, free people of Chernarus. I am Yuri, and I speak for the Independent Freedom Fighters." "Many of you already know about our war with the House. Well, not just our war. We are about four factions against them." "We fight to allow trade outside the walls of Lopatino Castle, which was our home before they....before they took it from us." "I do believe, that the House was fair and just, but not anymore." "So I ask you, free people of Chernarus, to take up arms, and fight with us in the fight for the Castle." "I will stay on this frequency for a while...while I roam South Zagoria and help anyone in need." *Yuri releases the PTT*
  15. Kimon


    Man I am watching your vids now and I can say great work fam.