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  1. The Republic of Estonia had been slowly (and secretly) establishing relations with Chernarus since 2011, mainly to import coal. Negotiations took a long time, finally finishing in a rather fragile agreement to export a relatively small amount of coal each year. Due to the frailty of the agreement, 5 diplomats were instructed to stay to ensure its strength. The diplomats were swiftly evacuated after the arrival of NATO troops, but one of their assistants suffered a car crash while heading to one of the checkpoints. After waking up in the car, he saw the infected closing in. He panicked and made an almost fatal decision to run without checking his surroundings. His destination - the nearby forest. After barely surviving in the countryside, he met some friendly villagers who were defending their homes. All seemed well for a while, the villagers assured him that the evacuation of the countryside villages would occur soon and helicopters would land in the fields in just a few days. A month passed, supplies ran low, and the village was overrun. Hoping to get on a helicopter, the assistant headed to the military airfield in the northwest. Finding it filled with swarms of infected, he understood that he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. Having done 11 months of mandatory military service in the Estonian Defense Forces, he has an understanding of firearms and basic survival. He tries to make use of of army gear, thinking it will work for the longest, but still falls victim to some of today's comfortable clothing. Being only a low-level assistant, he doesn't speak much of the local languages, but he can speak a little bit of Russian and is fluent in English. In his heart he strongly wishes to return to his homeland, believing it to be a safe haven. His name is Jaan Saar.