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  1. Marek is a computer security expert from Poland. He was part of a delegation of engineers who were participating in a UN project of hardening the Chernarussian military apparatus against cybernetic attacks, to ensure a higher level of protection from attacks of the sort (the project was encoured mostly by western countries, expecting a Russian effort of the sort). He is a geek with very little field experience, but due to the mission received basic training like the rest of the team. Also, there came a military escort with their delegation, which is the main reason why he is still alive. During the first months of the events their group became smaller and smaller, but he was able to pick up some basic skills to survive, and made a kind of friendship with the commander of that force. During a looting run, the team got in a hard situation, and their military escort was lost, and he separated from the them, and now he is all alone. He has no family, nearest to him is his good friend, and likewise super geek Grzegorz, who he didn't see since leaving from home. Will he be able to harden up to survive, or become Z-food like many of their peers?
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