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    I knew from the day I took my oath that the road ahead of me would be very dangerous and eventful. “Strength and Honor For you, Fatherland,” I shouted with such pride. I was 23 years old when I officially became a member of the Polish Special Forces unit GROM. I spent my first months of duty with A Squadron in the heart of the Middle-East deep behind enemy lines. A traumatic and bloody onslaught I witnessed, but it was practically nothing compared to what I’ve seen now… A select few of my squad and I were hastily pulled out of Afghanistan and relocated to Chernarus, a place I knew very little about other than a civil war the took place a few years prior. Our mission was a deep undercover reconancene mission. Tension between this small nation and Russia was growing rapidly. We were warned of the consequences of being discovered and that we were completely on our own. Myself and my three squadmates made it to South Zagoria around the end of June, after a good week of hiking through the dense wilderness we took up camp in the forest north of Severograd to keep an eye on the military. We kept logs on everything we could from patrols to a Russian helicopter that landed in the base. Nothing seemed too interesting at this point, but then on the night of the 10th all hell broke loose as I witnessed a Russian attack on the facility leaving many dead. It was the beginning of the end. Though we were not supposed to get involved physically we did when we found a few soldiers that looked as if they were suffering from burns. Norbert, who was the leader of my squad confronted one of the soldiers, but got no response. He moved closer and then out of nowhere the CDF soldier went rabid and attacked biting into Norbert’s arm deeply. I’ve never seen anything like it before. We quickly made the decision to kill the soldiers as the others began to charge at us with horrid cries. We quickly rushed our leader to an abandoned building in the town of Severograd.Norbert’s wound got worse rapidly. It wasn’t long before he became one of the “them”. I had no choice. I had to gun him down just like the soldiers we saw the night before. My head was spinning and I could say I truly was afraid. Just outside the window I witnessed terror in the streets as victims flooded into the hospital. My two surviving squadmates and I were discovered on the 11th by CDF who were patrolling the outer limits of Severograd. I watched my comrades get executed right before my eyes. I was all alone now and suffering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. A day later I was brought to an island off the coast and thrown into a prison cell. My wound was poorly treated and I was began to fall into shock. All I could hear was the sounds of the world falling apart… Planes, gunshots, and cries. The prison was abandoned soon after, and I was surely going to die on this small island. To my luck a fellow prisoner was able to help me before fleeing himself. It took me months in this abandoned prison to recover. Though I don’t feel my best I have to go in search of supplies. I don’t know how bad it is out there, but I have a feeling it’s far from good. All I heard after the first few weeks was a dead silence that chilled me to the bone. I’ve lost the ones I called brothers to this god forsaken country, and It’s up to me to see them honoured as heroes in the fatherland. There must be a way out of this mess and I must find it alone -- war changes people and I highly doubt I can trust the ones that cross my pass. .