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  1. Jozef Nowak, son to Peter and Ela Nowak was born on the 18th of January, 1994 in the city of Portland. For the most part, Jozef’s childhood was pretty peaceful. He attended a decent public school, had a few close friends and take hunting trips with his father numerous times a year. This is where he picked up how to shoot rifles and bows. He also learned a lot about tracking and trekking through dense forests. In his latter teenage years, Jozef became an avid photographer and intend to pursue a career in the artform. After attending college for four years(one abroad in Warsaw) he landed a photo- journalism job based out of New York. Two years rolled by and Jozef was putting together a hefty portfolio as a journalist. After hearing word that tensions between Chernarus and Russia were arising it was time to pack his bags and grab the next plane ticket to Chernarus to get more details on the subject in conflict. It wasn’t long till all hell broke loose(literally…) and Jozef was swept up in a dirty mess of terror and destruction. Since the outbreak, Jozef found “safety” among two other survivors. One of which was a doctor -- the other a marine. Both were stationed here to help the effort before total destruction took its course.