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  1. *Anatoly presses the PTT and laughs off cheerfully* Aaaah, blin. A brother who has lost hope? I already have a few Ruski at my side. Is it really worth keeping your life in turn for losing your pride, honor and living in fear until you are found out? Join us and yo-...we have a chance to make a difference! *He lets go of the PTT*
  2. *Anatoly clears his throat and begins speaking, a traditional Russian voice with heavy alterations and distortions can be heard* Blyat, any other Russians stuck here? I'm tired of being subject to undeserved discrimination even though it was the Russian government who build all the major cities in this place. We need to wake up and band together! *The transmission ends*
  3. Shazzzam

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    @Descendants Yes, I have fired shots with my Makarov pistol at the blonde fellow in @uSx's video starting at 5:25 where I can be seen entering the building behind @BreadERP. Those are the only shots I have fired and do not know if they hit or they did not hit my target. I believe that my hostility at the pointed time is justified by the non-compliance of the people inside the shack after @BreadERP and me initiated on them and told them to come out and surrender. I have not committed any hostilities towards anyone else before that.
  4. Shazzzam

    Selinka Nikolayevna

    She should despise her own name then, since it's purely Russian in origin lol
  5. Shazzzam

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    Look, the Kamenici were holding our guy and you guys were around the place with weapons so what could we assume? You knew what the Kamenici did and if a counterattack from our side came and you didn't want to participate either leave or just leave your weapons on your back and show that you are not willing to participate, instead of occupying the barn with your weapons out and ready to shoot, circling the barn as well.
  6. Shazzzam

    S1: RDM - Zelenogrosk 11/10/18 - 19:30

    POV: We go to our guy's rescue after we assumed he was being robbed. We scouted the area from afar and see that is the case. We set up positions and I follow behind @BreadERP since I only had a pistol and was more of a support for holding captives while the rest resume the fight. After we approach I see a guy coming out of the shed with a Pink armband and I stay with him teling him to keep calm and not pull out guns for everyone's safety, assuring him we will take care of the situation. Before @BreadERP, me and @RussianPotato begin assaulting the shed, me and @BreadERP yelled at the people inside the shed (assuming Cerna Liska members), to get out of the shed with their hands up and their weapons holstered. We say that to them multiple times giving them around a minute, before we see no results and decide to go in and force them to surrender. The fact that you decided to stay inside with your weapons out instead of complying gives us all rights and reason to go in there and kill you @Harry
  7. Shazzzam

    Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

    I actually ran away with the rest of my bros from the Bank so I don't get mis-ID'd or die in the chaos randomly. Doesn't even matter if I fight back and reach success, in that shitstorm I would have most likely died at some point. I even got shot in the head and barely recovered and ran away with the rest of my group. Personally, I expected more than just "another firefight". While I understand that the initiators which I think were Kamenici. could have used the whole talks as a way to set up and ambush and take everyone by surprise, for me it's just "another firefight" and I've seen so much firefights in the last few days that it's becoming dull. I came to RP in this server and I'm seeing every attempt of large-scale RP get into a PVP. It's repetitive and bland at this point, can't you guys spice up things by not turning each RP situation into a firefight or hostage RP?
  8. *Anatoly laughs back and presses the PTT* Yes you are right, I am running low on cigarettes as it is! *He pulls out another cigarette from his pack and lights it up as he presses the PTT again* If I was you, I wouldn't worry about what other people need. Calling the language of the Chernos Cyrillic, the same the Russians use... Russians and Chernarussians don't get along too much. The two nationalist groups right now might consider your words traitorous, to say the least. I wish you the best of luck when they find you and stop you for a nice talk! *He releases the PTT button*
  9. *Annoyed, Anatoly presses the PTT* Okay let me give you a little language lesson. Kamensk means rocky town - hence the position of the village. Novodimitrovsk means new Dimitrov's town. Svetlojarsk means bright or shining town. Vybor which everyone pronounces Vaibor incorrectly means Selection. All Russian words. Zelenogorsk holds no meaning in Chernarussian, it is a combination of two Russian words - Zeleno and Gora which means green forest and at the end of each town's name the sk is a traditional way of Russians naming their towns or cities like Smolensk in Russia for example. As far as I have studied languages, the Chernarussians use Latin and attempt to copy the Czech language, which is also using the Latin alphabet. By saying that the Chernarussians use the Cyrillic which was created by Bulgaria and adopted by Russia is in my opinion a great insult, especially to the current nationalistic groups we have running around. In fact, you can notice all the billboards and advertisements being in Latin Chernarussian. *His tone lowers a bit as his frustration fades away* Look, since you are displeased with how Grishino is run and it's name, you can instead go and claim your own town. I'm sure it will be very easy and you will provide everyone with the safety they desire. Since you are running it, you can shape it into your perfect image of a town. Here, I can even help you with it's name! Why don't you call it Uneducatedsk, in honor of you! *A laugh can be heard and the static sound cuts it as Anatoly let's go of the PTT*
  10. *He grins hearing the lady talk about Chernarus* If you are irritated by the new name of Grishino and claim it should be in Chernarussian language, then why is every god damn road sign in Russian? Why are you using foreign accents to put your words out here? Very hypocritical... *He let's go of the PTT*
  11. Listen listen listen, the people that are against racism and homophobia and agree for it to be banned in RP are a minority here. The rest of us who want it to be allowed shouldn't be restricted because of a handful of people. Why should a small group enjoy themselves without such RP, when the rest of the community which is many times more than them, not enjoy themselves with it? If someone isn't okay with it: // I don't like it, please stop And don't confuse constant repetition of some racial slurs with actual good racist role play. That kind of roleplay itself shouldn't be banned because there are racist trollers here. The trollers that use racist RP and do it badly should be the ones banned, not the type of role play itself.
  12. *Anatoly presses the PTT* The bank does not steal your money, it keeps it safe and with the recent hostilities it will be closed for a day or two. Sorry for all inconvenience caused for the people who are still alive from yesterday and wish to withdraw money. *He laughs at the man beginning the transmission and continues talking* The Bank security is not there to protect you, it is there to protect the bank and your money inside it. Sorry if you expected more, but we are not paid to do more and the town officials, if there are even any, do not pay us to protect the town itself. *He releases the PTT*
  13. I think @Roland said somewhere that this place wasn`t created to be a safe spot for all the sensitive people who have problem hearing certain words when addressed strictly IC. No one is racist OOC if he is being racist IC. It doesn`t bring anyone joy IRL to act like that IC. When I play my Russian character and call some Chernarussian character a mental second-hand Russian with stupid imaginations of being part of another country and nationality, I don't fell good IRL. I don't feel like being a superior Russian IRL who thinks that my country dominates other smaller countries who seek independence. I'm a Bulgarian and many people like me play characters who are totally distant from their IRL nationality (even though Bulgarians do have many similarities with Russians, language and slav culture wise). By being racist, sexist and whatnot, people forward their character story and their standing in the Dayzrp world that other characters reside in. In my humble opinion it is extremely selfish for other people to demand other people to stop with their type of role play because it hurts their feelings. Be mature about it and ignore the type of role play that you meet but you do not like seeing. If RP was restricted according to the sensitivity of a minority of players here that ruins their safe space then the role play overall would be cut down to friendliness in an apocalyptic world, with campfire RP and hostile RP would make little sense at times. Many RP opportunities will be denied. People wish to be shown respect and the type of RP that hurts their feelings and safe spots IRL be excluded and forbidden, but they should also show respect to the people that wish to do their kind of RP in return. Everyone here use different kind of RP to develop and expand their characters and the story revolving around their characters, be it friendly, neutral or racist RP. No one should be restricted as long as the RP they provide enhances the RP of others in a good way. No one is special. This is RP and IRL should be forgotten when things are IC. We are like actors. Acting out our role in a role play server.
  14. Yo, I won't be playing for another 1-2 days because I got sick and lost my voice. When I recover I'll be back asap, sorry fellas and good luck!
  15. Shazzzam

    S1-Invalid execution of a hostage- 10-18-18 around 21:00

    My POV: As the bank security which is friendly with the Saviors and disliked the idea of cherno Nazis pushing us out of here, we decided some of us assisted them. I started walking with a group of Saviors including Rico Hernandez. Eventually we reached a lake and saw that we are getting surrounded. Someone initiated on us and I put my hands up. I got grouped up with the people left alive, which were Rico Hernandez and another guy I don`t remember what his name is IG. We walked a bit with the men taking us hostage until we reached some church. We got lined up against one of the walls surrounding the church and while they were interrogating us, they decided that they should move Rico somewhere else. That`s the last I saw of him.