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  1. The problem is that 2/3 of the people on the server want to role play by themselves. The Seekers - Seen them only once and by extreme chance. Never seen anyone else from them. Never seen Sanctuary. Never seen The Damned, but that's due to timezones. Many old role players here just know each other and have formed their own group of their kind of RP, reluctant to let others in that easily. But honestly some people just wanna role play by themselves which is extremely unwelcoming towards new players.
  2. Shazzzam

    142.45 - A Response

    *A man with a clean, heavy Russian accent replies back with high motivation and excitement to the transmission. He makes out the difference of the accent, considering it due to the insufficient quality of the transmission, making out most of it.* Здравствуйте! Вы слышите меня хорошо?Я могу рассказать вам о местонахождении существующих фракций. Что они делают, чего хотят. Наиболее печально известна Анархия. У многих фракций разные цели. Чернарусской силы обороны здесь не существует. Только националистическое движение присутствует. Их рабочая сила - лишь горстка солдат. Никакого общения с Черным русским правительством.Я собрал союзников, которые хотят помочь российскому правительству за безопасности, гражданстве и небольших денежных вознаграждениях. Вся северо-восточная часть Южной Загории опустела. Сейчас мы планируем поселиться там. Южная Загория находится в полном хаосе. *He ends the transmission*
  3. Shazzzam

    Radio Broadcasts From Beyond - [Multiple Sources, Lore Broadcasts]

    *Nikolai reaches atop the Kamensk radio tower. A male Russian voice can be heard on the radio.* Это Николай Димитров. Гражданин России. Я нахожусь в Чернаресе, Южная Загория. Если вы можете, пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной на частной радиочастоте 142.45! Я готов помочь своей родине! У меня есть жизненно важные сведения о деятельности за границей. Здесь есть и другие россияне. Запрос способа выхода или заказы! *The transmission cuts off*
  4. Shazzzam

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I am myself. You are you. Do you promote my given example and wish to take it to yourself? If you think it is right, by all means go ahead.
  5. *Nikolai picks up his radio* Hmm...fine, give me a frequency I can talk with you in privacy. *Nikolai ends the transmission*
  6. Shazzzam

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I agree with Para. You guys just have to win every fucking time right? The way you guys deal with criticism is just disgusting. Pushing it to the side like it doesn't matter at all. I mean, your superiority complex runs wild here, but in the end everyone will simply avoid you or just quit and go elsewhere Good luck.
  7. Awww crap man, we ain't gonna listen to hardbass and drink vodka at Pavlovo no more? Bummer. I even wondered if I could be your hardbass DJ for that event you talked about, but fuck that now. You know, I agree with you a hundred % but personally what differs me from you is that I don't give a shit and I know the kind of person I am and the kind of people that hate me behind my back and I just feel pity for them. On another note, I wish to thank you for the great RP you provided me with and this isn't just a generic "thx for rp bye" comment. I like your RP because it was unique. You did something new. The wheelchair RP, even when we got initiated by those cherno nationalists. The slav mentality. And you didn't have a story on the lines of "my parents got killed; I got tortured when I was 10; I had to murder my own family when I was 5;" You just did what you liked and found fun and that's it. I wish I could invite you to my future Russian group, but I will honor your decision of taking a break. Honestly you should not care about other people's opinions thrown behind your back, because at the end of the day they prove with that, that they are beneath you. Have fun with your rest buddy and take care!
  8. *Nikolai hears the chatter and decides to talk* Mutual respect, hah! Pizdec! There is only one way for us to achieve victory comrades and it is if we stand together! I have a plan, but I need trustworthy men, blin. Something more rare than even high-quality vodka in this shithole. *Nikolai ends the transmission and takes a quick swig from his canteen full of vodka*
  9. Shazzzam

    The Seekers Open Broadcast (Open 75.80MHz)

    *Nikolai presses his PTT button on the radio* So, blin...where are you guys? I mean, why would you want to discuss that on a private frequency, someone can just leak it out to everyone when he learns it for himself. You might as well tell your location here. Otherwise I do not see how you can be of help to anyone. *He let's go of the button*
  10. Basically I need to have a word with my target before an initiation, obviously. And maybe not even once, but a few times and getting 100% accurate ID on him, from him. Then there could be some betrayal-type of role play where I need to hold him "hostage" or something and still ask him for permission if I can kill him, although that contradicts some rules. 8.1 Killing another player must always be justified with role play. Where as we have the justification already. If we use common sense - not killing him due to the other rules, even if role play justifies it and leads to it, would be rule play and the motto here is supposed to be roleplay over ruleplay. I don't know, I just gave up finding a sensible pattern in the rules.
  11. I understand. Thank you for the quick replies.
  12. Fair enough. Another thing though. May I use me being a hitman and having someone as my target a reason to drag him into hostile RP, initiating on him, since I have IC reasons to do so (being hired to murder him) or does that go as "You can't initiate on someone cause your character is this and that" etc, even after role play has been provided before the initiation, that lead to the initiation.
  13. Staff question, I don't want blind guesses. Alright, so if I say that I'm roleplaying as a hitman, I role play with someone how I get hired, I find my target which I must kill and provide role play (no instant KOS or anything), may I execute him at the end of the provided role play or I am not allowed to execute him simply because I role play as a contract killer, regardless if sufficient role play was provided or not?
  14. *As Nikolai had just finished his canned tuna as he entered the Green Mountain compound and activated the radio tower there, broadcasting...* Comraaaaades! Hopefully none of you have died, but if so it is surely because lack of good weaponry! Looking for prevention of the otherwise, still inevitable death? Want to live a little bit longer? I am always here for you. In the past days I have made numerous trades, more and more people actually manage to stay alive with the weapons I give them, so they can prove my consistency in delivering the best tools for sweet, brutal violence against whatever wants to harm you! *A second part of the broadcast goes up* This week's specialty is not my personal favorite, no. But it is a European masterpiece In dealing damage! The FN FAL, for all of you gopniks out there having trouble with small calibers! I picked this up from a dead UN soldier, blin. But since he is dead, it won't help him no more! *A quick, cruel laugh comes up* But it can help you! This time I will not say the price, but instead be open for offers! And it does not have to be something material, services are also of use to Nikolai! Just don't pay me in bottle caps, blin. Do not delay your companionship with this wonderful gun any longer, because Nikolai gives the best guns for no blood! *the broadcast is set on repeat*
  15. *Nikolai sits back in one of the cargo containers at the Kamensk military base, changing his gas mask filters* Blin, two left... *He turns on the radio, an authentic heavy Russian accent can be recognized* Oi Lev, blyat! You got out of that wheelchair my friend? Listen, remember that AUG I gave you and told you that you can pay me later? Well, this is it. If you can use your two legs and still drink up to two liters of vodka without passing out come with me. We will go repair a radio tower, I can't hear my comrades from Russia on a real good weapons shipment. You get free M4 if you show up AND you repay me back for that AUG! What do you say, priyatel? *Nikolai cuts off the transmission* Hm...I wonder if my beans will get radiation if I stay here too long...