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  1. Actually the way the current rules are: When you are in a hostile situation and it makes RP sense to help your dynamic friend that is not part of your official group or you aren't part of his. You can't unless you get in VOIP range and re-initiate. Which is the best display of blatant rule play. You have to sacrifice all advantages, all sense and logic just throw it over the window and get your ass in there just to be sure your re-initiation is heard, because rules.
  2. Shazzzam


    One of the few I truly respected around this place. I will see you around.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): A comment I made on this thread Why the verdict is not fair: 1st. I do not think you know the definition of flaming. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_(Internet) 2nd. I reserve all rights to use all information to my defence and support in this appeal as long as it does not conflict or go against the rules and guidelines of this community. As far as I have educated myself regarding the rules and guidelines of the community, I have found nowhere the following restriction: to use other users' provided information in their appeals and reports or posted anywhere on the forums so I can support my claim that the verdict or punishment regarding myself is indeed unfair. As such, I will use @gElmo's provided points in his own appeal, which can be found in his appeal - specifically the ones called Exhibit A; Exhibit B; Additional evidence - since his appeal is similar, if not exactly equivalent to mine and is regarding the exact same subject in a compatible scenario. The appeal: 3rd. You have put this punishment on me for me bringing his points up, while it was him who stated them first. I see nothing wrong with bringing up the points and indeed it is nowhere said in the guidelines or the rules of the community and forums that I can not bring up the warning points of someone else. In fact, my warning to him was important indeed, because he did forward them up to 25 or more with a second warned post in a matter of hours. A warning not to screw up and get all the money put in the fancy avatar, coupled with the chance to be a part of this community, is a normal warning under the circumstances. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It is said that I am accusing someone by @Taryn, while indeed it is technically incorrect. I am not accusing them, I am stating that they are indeed an attention seeker and I am simply right beyond argumentation, due to the victim's way of acting prior and presently on his threads and topics. His attitude, coupled with points already provided by @gElmo's own appeal regarding the same exact matter, which I have decided to not just copy and paste here but to directly use, are indeed sufficient proving points to my defence. Further support that their behaviour is equivalent to what the definition of attention seeking is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attention_seeking Such behaviour relates exactly to the term "Attention Seeker". The topic name "Hello my children." coupled with this quote of his ""although some, know me as dadd- ", his previous and present behaviour around the forums as a whole. It's immature and stating it directly should not be an offense, but considered an insight as to why he received many of his points and why he is close to hitting the 30. If you consider his behaviour in that thread alone (not taking the edited part, since my warned post is before that) and you considered that mature, well I seem to have stumbled in the wrong community. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points, removal of the punishment as a whole from my history. What could you have done better?: Nothing.
  4. Shazzzam

    Hello my Children.

    You seriously need to stop seeking attention. This seems more like a poor apologetical post, rather than a second introduction. 22 is a dangerous number regarding warning points, try not to lose all the money you just put into customizing that flashy profile of yours. And we try to be a mature community. It think it's said somewhere in the guidelines.
  5. I can be the DJ, if you still want hardbass or other electronic music included! I will be using the premium version of you.dj and I'm well versed in that sort of thing, just gimme a date and exact time so work doesn't conflict with it.
  6. It's most commonly found in civilian buildings and some work places as well. (normal civilian homes and houses - types do NOT matter) Check this page for more info on where they can spawn! https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Wolf_Mask And also this page to check out what is considered Civilian: https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Loot#Civilian
  7. I have never downloaded the experimental 0.63. I keep my game at 0.62. I never had any bugs at all, besides a bad module here and there when trying to load a HUGE inventory (tents with a lot of shit in them for example). It's definitely people who try to play 0.62 while having updated to 0.63. I preferred to wait, seems like I was rewarded!
  8. I mean, my point was people role playing the stuff they write to some degree, not fully. I never said fully. But they don't even role play it to some level. They just don't role play and write shit for whatever reason. I never meant to have replies like "I was 1 inch away from cutting my wrists and I know more than you what depression is". That's just...seriously. I came here to role play. When I joined in January this wasn't Facebook.
  9. Holy fucking shit, I just gave one example and people are trying to crush me with their wild experience of depression. Depression ain't my problem, it's that many (not all, for fucks sake) people don't role play out the shit they write in their character. And I said that ticks me off, I ain't jumping on people to change the way they role play cause I know my opinion doesn't fucking matter. I mean, many people will start to fight me again for what I'm about to say, but frankly, I don't give a damn: It's not the rules to fully blame, even though they help for the decline of the server fullness, I'll have to agree with @CaliforniaRP on that one. But what it is more is that @gElmo is right, this is more of a social club, than a role play server. When I came here, I didn't even want to visit the forums, cause honestly, I don't care about the shit of anyone on here, be it depression or problems or whatever. I didn't came here to make friends, I came here to ROLE PLAY. Cause it says Role Play, not mental disorder rehab center. Moreover, people keep blaming the game and the mechanics itself for the lack of players and newcomers etc, but that's not at least what I would agree to. At least I know my friends who played here with me, @Dozydavid @yasen400 and @SingleAss didn't quit cause of the game mechanics. They quit cause it became dull and uninteresting since you meet the same god damn crap each day. And while most of you will counter-argue against what I'm saying right now vigorously, saying who the fuck am I, what the hell do I know, I'm not right etc etc - I don't really care about anyone else's experience in this server because I get satisfaction from my own role playing experiences. I don't feel good when someone tells me "no, bro. I got there today, had some good rp, idk what you are talking about, you are totally not right and I get a lot of fun rp with him and her" etc. I get that fun experience sometimes but it's becoming rarer and rarer and my motivation for hopping on each night is fading away and I remember when I first go on here around January this year I think, it was much more fun. Look at all the leaving messages people leave. Most leave cause of real life issues, others cause of OOC issues with other role players, others simply leave without leaving a message (very likely due to boredom) and lastly, others are banned forever. No one left cause of the fucking game mechanics. So if the game itself is not the problem, why the fuck don't newer people come in and actually keep staying and playing? Rules can't be the only reason. You can bash what I said all you want, this is only my opinion in the end and I doubt it will matter.
  10. Depression isn't like hiding a gun and deciding when to pull it out and show it. Depression is the type of illness that affects a person's behaviour altogether. Being a psychological liar on the other hand is a type of mentality that can be hidden extremely well. But the thing that triggers me is that people simply put on a lot of mental illnesses that are obvious and tick off someone's behaviour openly. And they don't role play it. Why do they put it there if they don't role play it and even if they do how can people have like 3-4 of those? How did they survive the apocalypse when they are on the verge of suicide. A person with crippling depression might say at some point, what the hell might as well cut my wrists than getting eaten alive. Just doesn't make any sense man.
  11. Yeah that's a mistake, my bad. But seriously, people with that much disorders can not survive in an apocalypse. Hell, they need help to survive in a normal world, let alone walking the zombie-crawling streets. On top of that many people who include problems such as those in their characters rarely role play them out at all. I have met very few characters who actually role play the mental disorders they have included in their character and it has been fantastic. But those exact people who remember what kind of mental bs they wrote in their character's description, not only role play them out, but they don't include a ton of mental issues, but usually one or two. To top if off, putting different types of depression, anxiety, PTSD and all kinds of disorder and mental breakdowns all together on a character, leaves that character with slim chances to survive the harshness of the current apocalypse, unless there is someone around them to constantly protect them. If we are talking about psychopaths and violent disorders, then due to the violent nature and cruelness of the individual, he may even be more than capable to survive in such conditions. Also you got me totally wrong, I am not against have one, max two mental issues. But people just stack 3-4 of them like nothing. And before someone bashes this with "who are you? you ain't that great either at rp bla bla". Correct, I am still learning a lot and I'm only barely half a year in this RP thing. But if people will decide to put something in the description of their character, they might as well remember it's there and role play it correctly.
  12. I'll agree to that. There are just groups of people like it's fucking high school and it's difficult to blend in just like that. People know each other for awhile and RP their own thing, which new players don't get what is it about. On top of that, in-game talking is ridiculously stupid. People don't even act like it's an apocalypse. No fear no nothing. And you see characters running around with 5 different types of mental issues (anxiety, depression, PTSD, depression and what other bullshit they can grind in there). I don't even wanna RP these days because every time I go in-game I get another episode of the Bold and the Beautiful.
  13. I do not have any and he is correct about @CaliforniaRP. The people who I have mentioned as allies, even though they were mostly neutral, but were targeted by the initiation and some were killed after me, feel that there was little time to comply as well and the situation was done badly. Their POVs will give enough evidence.
  14. I also dislike campfire RP for example. I openly state that. But nonetheless I role play it with other people out of respect for their choice of RP and I would not deny them any type of role play. Same goes to you and anyone, I will role play unbiased. As for the OOC dislike, it is silly to say such a thing my friend. Some like campfire RP, others like business RP, third like hostile RP. People have preferences and so I have my preferences about types of role play, I have them also about people. But I will role play with anyone despite any likes/dislike OOC and I will also show the needed amount of respect. This report is not due to me disliking you OOC, it has a very good stated reason as to why it is on here, you can read the report and find out. This is my second report I have ever made honestly and the way I told you see you in the report section, is simply me telling you that I will report you for what happened. In fact, the last time I tried talking out a situation with you, you told me if I have any problems I have to simply take it to the report section and the staff team will sort it out, completely denying to talk out the situation and telling me to "hit the road" so to say. Isn't that right? I see nothing wrong with notifying you that you will be a target of a report. Also it is still quite strange to me why when @Sylva entered to say something to one of the other members of the room I was in, which were a part of the situation, also @Mexi @G19RP and I believe also other people which I do not recall entered and when I asked why, they said to record if I start flaming @Sylva. Apparently they were recording the situation, at least that is what @Mexi told me. I think I showed you the required respect at that time in that room. I will reply further only to staff questions.
  15. Server and location: S1 - Stary Sobor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-06-29, 22:52 Your in game name: Anatoly Petrenko Names of allies involved: @melkerornberg @John Castelle and I think one or two more people, but unsure Name of suspect/s: @G19RP @Sylva Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No evidence besides POV's of allies/suspects. Detailed description of the events: We organized a group from Vyshnoe and decided to go to Grishino or NWAF. We entered Stary Sobor and decided to check the Military. We see a person running at us and go to check him out. Suddenly @G19RP initiates at someone, but there is great confusion because his exact initiation words were "put your hands up", pointing his gun seemingly at me while there are people behind me and around me and we all have different nationalities IC so it is very confusing who would be targeted. I turn around and begin asking who is being told to put his hands up exactly due to the high numbers of people and I am shot. It was within around 1 second. When I turn around I do not put my gun up or anything, I just get shot for turning around and staring at @G19RP. I later learn OOC that the initiating force were Kamenici and the people who were not in it, which were 2-4 other people got shot as well with little time to comply. One of them is also with green mode on, the reason for initiation is not present at all. There was no reason for initiating on people with Normal Rules mode. In the other POV's by the involved people, they will tell how exactly they were wronged as I am not very familiar with the follow-up on the situation, since I was the first one to die. I would also like to note the rule "6.4 Demands during hostile situations must be reasonable and made clear and unambiguous to all players." The part of this rule that was broken is clear and unambiguous, because we were, as I said, part of different nationalities IC, characters with different agendas just gathering together for a one-time adventure to get more supplies. "Put your hands up" was said, but as to who it is unclear throughout the situation. If it was to all of the people who are not a part of Kamenici, since Kam are the initiators, then there are people among the victims that have the Normal Rules on them and the initiation would be considered Invalid in my opinion since there was no reason and they probably bet that we all had the open hostilities mode on (orange). Furthermore I would like to use this report to further report @Sylva for unnecessary OOC, about an hour before what I described happened. I believe that at least 2-3 lines were said by him that were with no reason to be written, were not an emergency and ruined immersion.