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  1. Enfusion Engine Issues

    Alright so, each game you download, install and attempt to run, successful or not you get asked a question by Windows Security, something on the lines of "This application might make changes on your system/machine, will you allow it?". Of course you click most of the time yes, because otherwise it won't be able to run and by logic, you want to play that game. Same is with DayZ. If I click no and deny it access, it will give me as well as everyone else, the error of BattlEye not being able to properly start up, therefore the game not being able to run. The top text is relevant with this, because each time you give an app allowance to change your PC, it does so in a manner that you won't feel right now, but eventually it might mess up a thing or two. Some apps that you were able to run before, you are unable to run now or they change in a way. This has something to do with the complicated registry of your computer, which I strongly recommend you do not touch, no matter what. As of Windows 10, the system is certainly better and more complex as well. Now to the better part. This is a last resort suggestion of mine, but it might still help you because I do not think you have tried this. I will assume you are running Windows 10. If you are not, then the whole process of my fix might be slightly more difficult for you. Reinstall your Windows from scratch. Yes. Do it. Save your pictures, music or whatever other sensitive and important files you might feel you will need in the future. Then simply go to your Windows 10 start menu located in the bottom left corner. You can see the shutdown button. Click it. You will get three options. Sleep, Shutdown and Restart. Hold your Left Shift key on the keyboard while simultaneously clicking on the restart key. It will restart your PC while also leading you in the Windows settings menu. There should be an option similar to "Zero your computer" or ""Nullify your computer" or simply something on the lines of DELETE EVERYTHING, which will lead you to additional options that will ask if you want to completely delete and freshly re-install new parts, or do you want to wipe out the whole system and re-install it. I suggest you wipe out everything, hence why I suggested you save what you think is important. It will take a few hours, depending on the machine, I suggest you do this overnight or if you will be away, the waiting time is annoying at least for me. Now, if you are running a GeForce GPU, install GeForce experience and install the newest drivers through it. If you are running ATI Radeon GPU, install the latest drivers as well, I am not that familiar with ATI software regarding drivers, so just do what is needed to install them properly. With a fresh, new OS and latest drivers you should not be held down from stupid overlapping mistakes, hidden somewhere. If you don't have Win 10 simply re-install your PC from a disc that has an OS. That can be tricky as most Win XP/Vista/7/8 are pirated, I have no idea if you are running the real thing or just a copy of it and if you are willing to switch. The difference is big between an original and between a pirate one. This is not guaranteed to work, it is simply what I did after DayZ refused to load after startup on me and it fixed it permanently.
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    There is clearly a statement that it can be appealed. If that appeal never happened, why would they even say it? So it sounds like the perma banned guys have a chance and it's not completely impossible to return? Even so, why does everyone act like people who break rules should be banned for some days and keep being tolerated over and over again? I have been banned as well, that's why I read the rules and looked over past reports to try not to "fuck up" again. A mature person would consider that every action causes a reaction. Everything you do has a consequence. The perma banned people, either are immature enough to not consider the possibility of consequences or they knew exactly what might have happened and regardless, chose to go on with it. It is the unchangeable mindset of people, that get's them in a clinch such as this. If they were prone to fixing themselves, perhaps this would not have occurred. Think outside the box.
  3. The Deal With It Attitude

    What do you mean you can't contest it? You may appeal this by contacting emails and appealing to Rolle directly at [email protected] Now, you made me open a beer and read the drama, but I can't help but see that you are speaking of something you are not fully understanding. My opinion: I do not agree that there were no logs, no nothing. If this is not bias, why was the report not handled as every other report? I fully understand the fact, that the admins can do whatever they want regarding this exact situation, but you guys are like the judges and the report section is the court room. And what I see happening in that exact court room is just a verdict backed up by insufficient evidence. There is another thing about this though. The logs may have been reviewed between Rolle and Aiko, the whole situation might have been thought about hidden away from us. Every report is openly reviewed in the report itself, however this one might be different. We see it as just a verdict being thrown out because we don't see a long-a*s review between many staff members.
  4. Characters escaping death.

    You talk as if I explained nothing. I never said perma someone because he died. I said perma him if it's absolutely justified by the injuries sustained by roleplay. There is both roleplay in it and the injuries must be beyond any repair of the human body. I'm not talking about one shot, I'm taking about emptying a clip on someone's body for example. Also this is not forcing perma on someone. Neither the attacker nor the victim have a say in this. Only the roleplay may decide of the victim will get killed, mostly depending on the victim's actions. Rolle understood that and he made a fair point to which I agreed, I would ask you to not make empty arguments if you have not comprehended what I tried to say.
  5. Characters escaping death.

    Hm, you also make a good point and I do agree to an extend. Well you are the head admin, you have more experience than I do, so I concede the discussion. However, this leaves me to ask one more question. You said The last thing we need is to give people less ability to fight back when attacked, if anything it should those who are defending themselves that should have the upper hand somehow. But are they not prone to being reported for NVFL already if they try to retaliate against a bigger group? Mostly situations where hostile RP is initiated, the hostile group is 2-3 times larger than the person/people.
  6. Characters escaping death.

    @Rolle With all due respect It seems you misunderstood what I said. I am not suggesting that the permanent death be done by other players. I suggested to be justified and done by the role play itself. Let me give you an example. Someone taken hostage. Finds a window of opportunity to retaliate. Get's shot multiple times at point blank range and his corpse stays there for quite a bit of time. Such roleplay should suggest that the character has either survived by a thin margin, which gives him a need of a min 1 day recovery (in other words, unplayable for 1 day) or to be permanently killed due to injuries. The character himself can not be killed if he complies, so there is no abuse. It is indeed his choice if he wants to risk benching or permadeath if he chooses to retaliate or not.
  7. Characters escaping death.

    I'm playing by the current rules Boris, that's how I got dragged out of there. I respect your opinion but I await more feedback on my statements.
  8. Characters escaping death.

    Same goes to your group, but I'm just implying that not in all injuries, only in some cases that is understandable that the "benching" should be applied due to heavy injuries or permanent death to extreme wounds. Here is another example: Take the VDC which is supposed to be a lore group, right? Let's say they had a fight with some other group. Both sides took losses and some of the characters took irreparable damage to their bodies. Now look at how the lore would sound like with the current rule - "There where those VDC guys. They fought some hostile group for the defense of South Zagoria. Some of the VDC members got their faces blown off and one even took a grenade to the chest, point blank range, got torn to pieces. But they all managed to somehow get out of it alive and still remain there to complete their goals." It sounds retarded. And that's how it basically is right now with all the deaths.
  9. Characters escaping death.

    Well I'll be straight here. Rule 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable. is more or less, based on realism. You can't speak on a radio in front of someone, without them hearing you. It's physically impossible. The sound transmitted equals to the sound made in the first place. The person near the one talking in the radio will hear the chatter almost equally as well as those who were listening on the other side of the radio. There is rule. It is not based on realism however so the first rule which I gave as example makes me confused. Do we value realism in roleplay or are we ready to bend realism in an impossible manner so the roleplay can be extended. 9.2 When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death. But this rule is flawed since there are many types of death. It is also not based on realism and I'm asking why not? I do understand that if this rule were to not exist, people would have to perma their characters because of even stupid glitch deaths, since we all know this game is not the most polished one in terms of bugs. But as I said, the range of deaths varies greatly. For example you can fall off the map and die, that isn't considered really roleplay, rather than an unfortunate death to a glitch in the game. However there is also the other type of death, which is more roleplay oriented. A guy gets captured, taken hostage. He gets threatened with a shotgun shot to the face at maybe 1-2 meters distance. He fails to comply and gets a shotgun shot in the face. How is this, roleplay-wise, playable? How on Earth can you consider this good RP, to simply shrug off such severe damage to the human head, which is also justified by the roleplay example. If such a situation is played out, tell me, how must a victim explain later on that his face managed to recover the blown-off flesh, fractured and crushed jaw and bones and perhaps come out blind, because his eyes are simply obliterated, at least one of them is torn to shreds from the shotgun pellets. Not to mention brain damage. In the best surviving case the character must come out as some form of handicapped individual with a hideous facial appearance. My suggestion for this is that perma death should not be asked for - for example | //permission for perma? | or to be possible ONLY if the character owner is willing. When the character owner is willing he may always kill his character at any time, but I think that, besides his own choice, if his permanent death is justified by roleplay, the roleplay itself should decide if the character is deemed unplayable, or at least how in another thread some dude suggested being "benched". But the idea here is, he should be unplayable not due to too many deaths, but rather because of the injuries sustained from even one conflict. Example: In a hostile RP some character got damaged with gun wounds and managed to survive. The character will be set as unplayable for a time frame set by the character owner, not less than 1 day, in order for the character to recover. Someone sustaining heavy gun injuries and simply regenerating them in a few hours is bad RP imo. Feedback.
  10. Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    @Lady In Blue You are correct about the part where people just can not miss someone using a radio. If we are realistic. Many characters have been killed. While you might have made a dozen of shots on their body, which realistically would have very slim chances - a miracle if you want to call it - to survive such terrible damage, many of those characters return with the RP explanation "My team pulled me out of there" I have managed to crawl out of there with 20 shots in my body, including one or two in my head, managed to patch myself up while I was bleeding from around 10 sides and now I'm laying in a bush, steadily recovering from the 20+ bullet wounds that were in me" and so on and so on. No one is perma unless the owner of the characters agrees to it. Their character will escape every situation, reviving quicker than Jesus. This also applies to the fact that there can be no "acting tough" in a hostage situation where you are the hostage, for the sake of RP. Meaning: Every character must be a pussy and must comply in order to enhance the hostage RP to the max. Every. Single. One. No one being crazy enough or brave enough to act tough is unrealistic as fuck. But yeah roleplay. Overall the hidden rule is: *Role play over realism*. What you are trying to change won't change unfortunately. But I completely agree that it is indeed impossible to hold a two-handed rifle/gun and still press the PTT unseen. It's not only unrealistic, it is IMPOSSIBLE IN-GAME. Only the roleplay allows it here apparently.
  11. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Hans presses the button* I haven't heard one Anarchy supporter on this radio. In fact I hear exactly the otherwise. I told you, killing you would be like swatting flies, now shut up. *Hans releases the button*
  12. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Hans presses the button* Will you freaks shut up? And stop playing big men on a fucking radio, you Anarchists are less than 15, the army at Miroslavl is hundreds, let's see you get out of that little shithole called Severograd in one piece and go North. *Hans releases the button*
  13. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Hans awoken by the long radio transmission pressed the button down to reply* Well what the gentleman just said is somewhat correct, but we do not serve the Government, we serve the people it is the reason we are here. We are not seen gathering subjects and performing tests, we are seen distributing supplies and helping those in need. This help will be remembered and returned in time and what have you left Anarchy? Only death. Besides, the 22 Phantoms is not entirely made of CDF soldiers, I myself am German and when I get a chance to contact my soldaten back in the country killing your pathetic miserable group would be like swatting flies. Consider the rest of the nationalities in the 22nd as well, you will eventually be fighting against hundreds of us. Parade your so called victory while you can. *He lets out a muffled laugh, trying to take it easy due to his wounds*
  14. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Hans turns on the radio again, smirking at the hypocritical comment he hears* Oppressive regime? What the hell are you talking about? You are the ones who force your beliefs on other people. And by an all out war with you means shooting you twice now? You seem to get out matched each time, this does not look very good for you, especially passing out from a shot to the arm. The third time you will die, one way or another. *He turns off the radio and goes to sleep, recovering and coughing heavily*
  15. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Hans hearing this starts up his radio* Well unless you have captured these two fellows and forced them to say this... *He rethinks his sentence and starts it with a cough, slowly pulling out every word* As you can see I am still alive from the last skirmish we had...even though barely, but alive nonetheless. I would not say the same for your fellow, he seemed quite dead moments before you shot me in the back. Luckily my two fellows you released dragged me out, but so much for me. *He laughs and coughs at the same time, holding a hand over his bandaged wound* Fuck...Well, if the leader is truly giving up on this, you seem to be quite satisfied by it. The question is, why? Why do you think this is good for you? Why do you think you are not still kaput? The question is simple, exactly because of this merciful leader of ours, that the tumor known as Anarchy has not been cut out yet from this system. Well, you are simple fellows, the matter itself is simple, the topic we are currently discussing is simple and the human life is simple as well, so I will simply put it... *Hans coughs once more, returning to his steady, monotone and calm voice with a slight german accent* ...This certain of events is highly unfavorable for you in any meaning your limited mind capabilities may handle and successfully understand. To put it more bluntly for animals such as you, who know nothing else than raving in such complete chaos - the leader, Luka, was equivalent to a suppressor to a gun. If he is removed, we will be loud once more. What do I mean by this? If the leader is truly gone, we do not need to hold ourselves from killing each and one of you. His orders were to avoid you, he himself did not take kindly to violence. I hope you understand now why you are still able to push down the button and erode the radio waves with your disgusting voice. This will not stop, we will not stop and this is exactly why I thank you for releasing the CDF of the restrictions regarding violence we once had. We will meet again. *Hans turns off the radio and lays down to rest from his gun wounds, coughing more*