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  1. me and frank loyd was inside the traiderbase to take people hostige. we waited for the right opportunitie. frank loyd shuted get on the ground dont turn around, dont speak. too some guys inside the traiderbase. i did the same to a guy i was in a tent with. i brought him outside the tent so i could get some cover. frank was screeming at some guys at the door: drop your guns, and dont come in. this happend multible times. then someone shot i dont know who. so frank shot back. at that time i was standing beside a tent and got shot one time. i did not know how they could see me because the tents windows was closed. i ran behind a tent in the left corner so nobody could se me or shoot me. then i got shot one more time i dont know why. i went unconcus for like a minute and i was dead.
  2. Name: John Blaze My Friend: Frank Loyd enemy/suspect:Nico Van Beek Me and my friend Frank loyd wanted to get some action and decided to try and rob someone. we saw a guy all by himself and thaugt that he would be a good target. this guy did not have a working microphone and started to avade us, even when we tryed to talk to him. (bad rp) he ran into a doubble red building and pulled his pistol out. my friend started to approch him with his hands in the air. he put his gun back and we talked to the guy to get him distracted while Frank Loyd closed the door. we pointed our weapons at him and told him to drop his backpack and get on the ground multiple times. he typed why in the chat and after that he immediately pulled out his weapon in his hands. i thaught he was going to drop i but then pointed the weapon at me and shot me dead. i tryed to shoot him but my gun was jammed. keep in mind there where 2 people pointing heavy weapons at him. this is lack of value to life, rp and many days of grinding gone.
  3. he was born in norway but when he was 11 his parents was let off work so they dicided to move to england to find work. He was brought up on a rough area in england. and he could not undersand what the other kids was saying. he was bullied a lot at the age of 16 this lead to him being very violent towards his parents. he started to drink and fight every weekends and was arrested. this led him to calm down for a while. before coming to chernaurs he had a falling out with his family and decided to leave to a remote plaze where he could gather his thoughts.
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