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  1. Happy new year you nutters 

    1. Inferno


      New Year Same Me

  2. It’s been one hell of a year. 
    Merry Christmas To you all 

    1. Scarlett


      Same to you Merry Christmas

    2. Kattsura


      Merry Christmas!!!

      animal christmas playing GIF

  3. First 10mins on Livonia - “ wow a car how lucky is that....it’s broken...ah well....hey look a car!....this one is broken too......there’s 3 more.......wait a minute..”

    1. Finn


      I do love how the broken car models are nicer.

    2. Rover


      Those damn broken cars always catch me too. Its a good model though 😄 Just look for the cinderblocks beneath the axels

  4. 1002 hours......Have a rest shock, you deserve it. 

    A new map with a new doctor is in order.

    1. DuquesneLR



    2. Inferno


      Remember those PK rights you gave me? Time to find you on your new char.

      very funny lol GIF

    3. DuquesneLR


  5. Imation11


    Have had some awesome role play at the moment, think it’s mainly been the Joyce family with the odd ward family in as well. Nearly died on one outing keep up the good work oh and congrats on the approval
  6. Photos of the land and actions of my characters
  7. From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Same scenario as the time with chedaki and the same church.Sometimes its good to know the right people but unfortunate for the people who don't. All you can do is look on with guilt.
  8. Have not had one issue with being cold at all. Changed my characters clothes and look to suit the new cold conditions.
  9. Imation11

    Couldnt save him

    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    I was driving up to Balota when I heard the shots. I saw you fall but I was just too late :( im sorry.
  10. Imation11

    made it

    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Thank you little red car
  11. Imation11

    The shock wagon

    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Going for a drive!!!
  12. Now always remember

    mental health GIF

    1. FalkRP



  13. Imation11

    • Imation11
    • Inferno

    You got shot by Kevin shock....just going to let you think about that 

    1. Inferno


      Definitely a shocking moment when you spun and laid a PHAT bullet in me

    2. Imation11


      Not as shocked as I was. When I clicked the mouse my brain said........” is that infected leaning ? “

    3. Inferno


      Shock be like, Shoot first think later

    4. Imation11


      I just gave awesome medical RP....let’s ruin it in 3...2...

  14. Imation11

    • Imation11
    • Scarlett

    Congrats on purple 🙂 

    1. Scarlett


      Cheers thanks 😁

  15. One of my favourite songs to sing IG while walking about 


    1. Inferno


      you shot me

    2. Kattsura


      I must has!!

  16. Imation11

    The VMC Field

    Stunning. A picture that can speak a thousand words
  17. The mccarthy family. Thank you for the experience, was a good laugh all the way.
  18. The nightmare before Christmas...


    1. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      snow dive GIF

    2. Brayces



  19. Imation11

    I am Kitty Shock, Nice to mew You!

    Say my name...
  20. The road to 1000hrs begins...

    1. Kattsura


      Do your best!!

      black cat thumbs up GIF

    2. Malet


      I wait for you at 1250 🙂

    3. Scarlett


      i'm at the finish line with friends waiting with my 1015hrs, good luck 👍

  21. Imation11

    Vultures Media Thread

    You signed my radio
  22. Imation11

    What inspires you to make your characters/RP them?

    My job. Dealing in mental health I wanted to see how in a apocalypse world how people would receive a psychiatrist. It has been very interesting to say the least and hopefully spread a bit more about mental health issues while at it.
  23. Imation11

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Awesome to have you lot back.
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