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  1. Thank you @PhoenixLR my character is a washed up waste or is into drink and drugs. When I drunk RP, I hiccup, burp, Go to injury and slowly make my way to ruin and make him stumble about, trip up on the curb and wondering about trying to find a kebab. Drunk RP can be done right, not just getting louder and “ shooting each other with rubber bullets “ if people are doing that.....I mean...meh it’s upto them at the end of the day
  2. Awesome night again. once again the people at the bar, was a good laugh also great RP from the police officers I very much look forward to running into you again soon @FireDude good to run into you again
  3. What a awesome day back had a lot of fun and met some amazing people. Sam who traveled with for a few hours, Your are awesome. The people in berezino and the pub, what a experience a good laugh and thanks to the RAC solider who threw my characters drunk ass in a comfy bed and not on some bins, Great RP. Finally all the people I met in Olsha. Great RP and being super friendly to a new guy like me
  4. When I shoot a deer 


    1. Inferno


      Come back n3rd

    2. Basko


      He is back. As a psychiatrist I heard.

  5. Jimmy had everything anyone would want to have, a privilege upbringing, loving parents, good education, taught right and wrong, friends. He got a job in the financial sector and did well, moved to London, enjoyed the high life. With money comes spending, he started to spend on things people in his position would on....drugs, alcohol, women. With a high comes the crash, He spent far to much money, and owned money to some very shady people. Cause of his non ending party attitude, his performance at work suffered and was sacked after being caught doing a line In the staff toilet. With people after him for money and threatening todo some serious harm, he spent all what he had left on 1 flight to safety, a place no one would ever think about looking.......
  6. Thank you to everyone 

    doctor shock was one of my favourite and most successful characters of all time. Thank you to everyone for who said hello and shared and made him apart of your story. 

    It was one hell of a ride :) il miss him.

    See you lot around in the new wipe :) 

    1. Trijim


      o7 to Kevin Shock

    2. Benry


      He will be missed

    3. Malet


      Only doctor Jona ever respected ;) He'll be missed

    4. Roman


      I miss G-Dog, the englishman whos white privilege didn't get respected.

    5. Rover


      You memorable bastard. Looking forwards to seeing who you bring to the new lore.

    6. Mademoiselle


      Thomas was love and life though. Don’t lie!

  7. Oh god don’t put me through that again...... Great moments was a awesome story
  8. So glad things haven’t changed. Was a good few hours 🙂 


    1. Inferno


      Hold up, you played again without tell me? 👀

    2. Imation11


      @Inferno just wanted to jump on and see what was going on and what not 🙂 see who I run into randomly. Met a few familiar faces or voices 

    3. Stagsview


      honestly seeing you back in the server shock while streaming was the best thing ever shock...missed your presence here

  9. image.gif.9284cf019fa2d69e87eac2eb8957e6de.gif

    1. Duke


      The Simpsons Hello GIF Welcome back

    2. RiZ


      Robin Williams Hello GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

    3. Inferno


      missed you welcome back GIF

    4. Wee_L_LR


      come here GIF by Migos

    5. Hofer


      New phone who dis

  10. Well ok then 😂😂

  12. Awesome! A great bunch of role players, this group will be amazing I’m sure and the RP they will give it will be of high standard
  13. *Door opens*
    ” Hello! How’s things goi....”

    *notices everything is on fire*
    ”...bad time? Il give ya a minute “

    *slowly closes the door* 

    1. DrMax


      I'm waiting for you to return. 

    2. Inferno



    3. Rover


      this is fine GIF

      Miss you Shocky-poo

    4. Malet



    5. G_DateLR


      miss u come back GIF

  14. Happy new year you nutters 

    1. Inferno


      New Year Same Me

  15. It’s been one hell of a year. 
    Merry Christmas To you all 

    1. ScarlettLR


      Same to you Merry Christmas

    2. Kattsura


      Merry Christmas!!!

      animal christmas playing GIF

  16. First 10mins on Livonia - “ wow a car how lucky is that....it’s broken...ah well....hey look a car!....this one is broken too......there’s 3 more.......wait a minute..”

    1. Finn


      I do love how the broken car models are nicer.

    2. Rover


      Those damn broken cars always catch me too. Its a good model though 😄 Just look for the cinderblocks beneath the axels

  17. 1002 hours......Have a rest shock, you deserve it. 

    A new map with a new doctor is in order.

    1. Duke



    2. Inferno


      Remember those PK rights you gave me? Time to find you on your new char.

      very funny lol GIF

    3. Duke


  18. Have had some awesome role play at the moment, think it’s mainly been the Joyce family with the odd ward family in as well. Nearly died on one outing keep up the good work oh and congrats on the approval
  19. Photos of the land and actions of my characters
  20. From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Same scenario as the time with chedaki and the same church.Sometimes its good to know the right people but unfortunate for the people who don't. All you can do is look on with guilt.
  21. Have not had one issue with being cold at all. Changed my characters clothes and look to suit the new cold conditions.
  22. Imation11

    Couldnt save him

    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    I was driving up to Balota when I heard the shots. I saw you fall but I was just too late :( im sorry.
  23. Imation11

    made it

    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Thank you little red car
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