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    Well if I am lucky that you manage to convince her then il be more than happy to come.
  2. Imation11


    Mental health and dealing with the huge problem that it is in this land among your local chernorussain people Is a no joking matter Mr Rick ? Was it ? might as well said your name is Dave i joke I joke god damn it why ain’t you Noah!!!
  3. Photos of the land and actions of my characters
  4. Imation11


    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Sometimes you just have to stop and look
  5. “ I just want to help people “ kevin has been repeating this sentence over and over again as he try’s to write in his note book, the pen hasn’t been used so long that it has dried up and all it is doing is cutting into the paper. Weeks and weeks have passed and he hasn’t taken on a client in so long, his books remain closed and he thoughts nor his emotions are now not his own. So much has happened, with new cuts on his body and people trying to break his mind. The followers of Mann, the toy collectors, The comfort drug pushers....comfort...the evil drug that now controls his emotions. He try’s to stop himself, he is trying to find a way to get of it but every time he sees the drug or anyone mentions it he goes crazy and that’s all he can think about. Kevin just wants to roll over and die when he dosnt have any but he must stand and he must carry on with his work. His best friend Doctor James Cole, his only crime was knowing Kevin, for caring to much and getting involved with his shit to try and proctect Kevin, it cost him his eyes. The guilt is far to much, everything he looks at James he just wants to hold him and not let go, he just wants the nightmare to end for him and for James. “ I just want.....*the pen finally starts to work*...........to help people “
  6. A video I was able to get of me being a zombie and running after the unexpecting survivors. I’m the one in blue in the middle. 


  7. Time to Role Play IRL, how do I look ? being a zombie at a event in the shopping mall in my local city. Wish me luck 


    1. Eddie


      Looks good man! Have fun & good luck!!!

    2. Samaritan


      Just if you need some guidance on how to be a zombie 😉


  8. Any more bad things happen to Kevin I’m going be playing this song in my head 😂


  9. Just notice how that sounded of course we do, we have plenty of times yet even tho I can’t return to camp or see you
  10. @Rover what can I say man but you are amazing. Thank you for being such a huge part of my story and letting me be apart of yours. @HeyItsGrimm @Kase @Zanaan @TheMrGasMask ( Anyone else who was there please let me know ) thank you again, I absolutely enjoy the hostile talk and the back and forth between me and you lot. @ScarletRose always nice to have a walking buddy especially with just how messed up our too characters are at at this point in there lives and the story we have with each other. @Lyca @GreenySmiley ( and the other person who was there ) thank you for meeting me and giving me fantastic rp, hope you liked High as a kite Kevin and also to you @Ender your speech you said to @Lyca was very powerful and a emotional plea to her, great job. To everyone else I ran into, Thank you
  11. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. 

  12. Oh you was kane. Thank you and It was great interrogation from you and @Squillium did a good job stepping in
  13. @TheMrGasMaskOG don’t think we will have a friendship like that again unless we have characters that where like that before. Was good to RP with you again, great voice by the way. @Mademoiselle hope we just fell out IC not IRL @ScarletRose the end is drawing near but who for ? Thanks again @Kase and to all the others in the group, thanks for the RP. The truth is out lol. To everyone else at the camp and who I ran into, thank you
  14. Imation11

    Old mans diary (rambles of an old man)

    God damn it!!!! Damn it!!!!!! We was meant to have the talk!!! I was meant to help you!!! heaven doesn not deserve you old man. Your fire and spirt was the light in this world. I’ll miss....I’ll miss the puns...I know what a shock!
  15. Getting away with murder!!!


    1. Rover
    2. Imation11


      This will Be playing in my head when the time comes 


  16. Need to update shocks story but there is SO much 😄 poor Kevin 

    1. Rover


      I expect a page for James alone, nothing more or nothing less.

       heart love GIF

    2. Imation11


      You nightmare 😄 Kevin has so many things going on and he has to deal with you lol 

  17. Imation11

    Dead Batteries {Restricted Recruitment}{Active}

    Feed back: I enjoyed my incounter with the dead batteries. You lot really set the mood at the get go and did things I would never of guessed, like giving me my gun back to shoot the person who sold me out to you in the first place. It was chaos but controlled chaos, you had full control with what was going on and whatever came up you guys changed quickly and smoothly. You have a great lore and story to be apart off and it really changes who your character is and how they act. The start of it was crazy as there was a lot of people talking at once at times and //chat and it was difficult to keep up. I missed a action someone did ( I believe it was being head butted ) but I missed it as there was a few people talking and I didn’t notice it was done but that was more than likely my fault. In all please keep up the amazing work and can’t praise you enough, it’s great to have a hostile group with a story that really drags you in and can have huge changes to your own story. Thank you for your time
  18. Imation11

    Medical Item Suggestions

    Item name : head bandage reason : would be awesome to have and look at to show someone with head injury, takes up Hat slot when you place it on refrence pic :
  19. Imation11

    Medical Item Suggestions

    Item: stethoscope reason: just think it would professional, could use the vest/gun hostler slot refrence pic:
  20. Imation11


    The weather was acting perfect for the mood that was going on. From the dark planning to the after math
  21. When you look back at the week so far and see a trail of destruction you can only look ahead and just keep going. You know it’s going to be one of those bad weeks...

    1. ToeZiesOG


      But...It's friday..

    2. Imation11


      Not even that can help 

  22. Imation11

    "Comfort" The Drug of Novigrad

    So il be busy dealing with the people who have been taken these drugs lol awesome stuff
  23. Imation11

    The Cult of Mann Media Thread

    God damn it I have a cold lol could of got me on a better day. Was brilliant tho, thank you for judging me
  24. Imation11

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Yay I get to hear @Isaiah Cortez “ Shock “ puns even more.....
  25. Past my audition to be a zombie at one of these event things at a shopping mall. Get to Role Play irl 😂 looking forward to it 

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