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  1. Kevin Shock has the death punch! 😂 Sorry @Mr Smoking Dog 😘 Make sure to give @RedSky a follow and watch the adventures 


    1. Lyca


      *stares at Shock* 

    2. Pepper


      wait but i was just told to take the non violent approach!  Dr. I've leaned so much... like how not to listen to my psychiatrist! ❤️

  2. Imation11

    Interview With A Community Member: Saunders

    Raises hand
  3. I am broken too 


    1. FalkRP


      Sad boy hours

  4. Brilliant. Wish you the best of luck with this.
  5. What about if your character becomes famous ?
  6. Thank you for the RP, always good to see cowboy, @Mr Smoking Dog Is boris
  7. How do I add a screenshot into the month contest? 

    1. DrMax


      By posting it on the media thread. You have missed this month but get ready for the next month! 

    2. Imation11


      Damn, ok il keep an eye out 🙂 thank you 

  8. Photos of the land and actions of my characters
  9. “ I’m just a psychiatrist, how much trouble can I do?“ That sentence keeps going in his head as he looks up at the sky...he is floating in the sea, on the outside he hears only the ocean. On the inside, all he hears is that sentence. Blood leaks out of his body, the vest did nothing to stop whatever hit him. The sea is cold and only getting more cold, he can’t feel anything. He has trouble breathing, his glasses are...somewhere. “ well that was fun “ there was hardly any sound to it as he spoke to himself. In that mad moment, that decision, that has put him in this position...was the most he has ever felt alive in a long time. A prison break...actual prison break, nothing like the great escape...but it sure was something. All he did was unlock the door of his cell and someone he thinks of as a friend. while the others were busy, they climbed onto the roof, jumped from to far of a height and knocked himself out, woke up then ran into the ocean.....khandra is going to kill him, He pinky promised to be ok not to do anything reckless. He swam as fast as he could, bullets landed near him, he wasn’t going to make it to the mainland. He swam to a tiny bit of land....a final stand. He fires like a mad man, all the trust..all the understanding he built up over the last few days....gone. “HEY!!!” A man shouts right next to him, pointing a rifle at kevins head. In that split second...in that moment, with his heart beating like crazy, his head feeling cloudy and the sweat pouring of his head...he turned to the man and fired. He didn’t see where he hit him...but he fell. He freezes in that moment watching the man fall....he did it....he finally shot at someone...his gut turned, his very soul turned cold...did he just kill someone??. That moment will be with Kevin forever now....” is this it...is this the moment I finally lost to this world? “ he thinks to himself. Not even a second later, he felt something hit his chest. There is no pain, just an annoying thud, he looks down to see his vest smoking and a hole. He feels the blood go down his top on the inside, he falls backwards into the sea. He doesn't know how long it has been now, floating and looking up at the clouds, he has decided, he hates the sea...never did like going to the beach as a kid..the coldness, the creatures that swim in it and god knows what else goes on in it with pollution and what not. The back of his head hits something, he has stopped moving. Land! He has finally hit land but what side is he on ? He hears voices and footsteps that come closer to him, his eyes start to close as he feels a hand grab him by the shoulder.....his eyes shut...
  10. Imation11

    221100_screenshots_20190705213400_1 (1).jpg

    .....so just a normal day then
  11. Imation11

    221100_screenshots_20190705213400_1 (1).jpg

    Taking people out for a walk and showing them around? That’s awfully kind of you Mr Falk...
  12. How’s life going...


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  13. Imation11

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Shock presses the PTT in disbelief* ” I think we need to have that talk Emmanuel “ *he realises the PTT and starts walking around looking for him*
  14. *Kevin gets told about the conversation as the battery in his radio has died and didn't notice, he finally puts a new battery in and hears whats being said. He presses the PTT in a annoyed one* "This is Doctor Kevin Shock, psychiatrist. Arnost was it ? All I can tell you is that your daughter is doing fine and is with a good bunch of people, they are looking after her well and she seems to be happy for the most part. She is dealing with a few things right now but is under my care and am currently doing my best for her. *He pauses for a second* "Due to the situation and also due to your daughters wish, she does not wish for me to give her location to you at this time or discuses anything about her situation with you. I will be more than happy to meet you at some point to talk about this further and wish to bring up to you some troubling things that I have been told in private " *pause* " You will have to give her time " *he puts the radio back on his backpack*
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