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  1. Had a awesome time today. What started around a camp fire quickly turned into looking for a lost little girl and meeting group after group of people. After wondering around a few days to my bearings and stuff about the sever it was great to meet and chat to so many good people. I was thomas
  2. He was once known as a weak, useless, punch bag known as Thomas Church. He had a very hard life, he was put up for adoption at a very young age and moved from foster home to foster home not for anything bad or naughty but....just acted...different. Bulled in school and bulled outside it would never end nor did it when he finally got a job at the local paper factory in Bristol. He was the bosses shout at guy and was made todo all the awful work no one else wanted todo. Constantly getting pranked on and kicked about at work when he went home to his 1 bed flat all he could do, rather than finally breaking down or even end it all he would just look at his damp wall in his room and just let his head go empty and let everything go black then wake up next day and just get through his miserable life one day at a time. The new factory that was opened up in a Far East country called vybor, Chernogorsk a couple of months ago it had started to have a few problems with workers going sick and started to fail, so the boss, managers and for some reason bringing Thomas probably to make coffee and teas and doing all the paper work and just to get shouted at caught a flight out to see what was going on as they invested a lot of money into it. A few months went by and the locals where getting more and more sick and even riots started to happen and even strange accounts of attacks like biting. The factory came to a stand still and Thomas was feeling the full force of the bosses anger. They woke up on the day when it all finally fell apart. The local army had turned up and cut of all accesses to the town, no one was coming in or out of vybor. They round up the local people and us trying keeping the non sick together. There was gunfire now and again, people running and getting shot in the back which was making the non sick locals very angry. The locals started to fight the army and the gunfire really started. Thomas ran and hid under a car, all he could see was people’s feet and body’s as they fell to the ground. A scream...a scream Thomas will never forget, a loud scream like it was hundreds of people screaming at once on the outside of town. People who looked liked they should be dead ran into town and started to attack anyone breathing. Thomas still hiding under the car could only watch as his boss fell to the ground and watched someone or something, jumped on top of him and bite down onto his face. Thomas pulled himself out from the car and even under constant gunfire and people trying to grab him or bite him, was able to get out of town. Over the next few weeks he scavaged for food and what he could but kepted on having it taken of him from groups of survivors and people stronger than him. One day he was hiding in a house trying to open a can of beans when the front door came flying open and 3 men standing in the door way. They dragged Thomas out and started to kick and punch him while 1 of them was going through the last of his stuff. They held a knife to his neck and was on about killing him, 1 even said “ I want to know what it will be like to actually stab someone “ in that moment Thomas could do the one thing he knew he could do...empty his mind and let everything go black and just let them get on with it. His eyes shot open! "NO"! he shouted. something finally snapped in Thomas's head, all those years of abuse! all those years of getting kicked about! "No more"! he shouted up into the mans face. he reached out and grabbed a knife from the mans boot and stabbed it as hard as he could into the mans neck. Thomas Stood up covered in the mans blood and watched the other 2 men's faces turn white. With a huge smile, maybe the first smile he has ever raised in his life, he ran at the other 2. morning broke and the sun raised about the house 3 body's lie on the ground soaked in there blood. Sat on the other side of the road with his head between his knees and hands on top of his head and giggling uncontrollably was Thomas, feeling reborn he stood up now knowing what it takes to survive and knowing what he must become....