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  1. 10 hours of RP last night, never doing that again lol. The plus side tho I’ve got plenty of stuff to write up on people and hope to add more to the Note pad 

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    2. Imation11


      Thought it made it more real 😄  I’ve got so much to write up tidy, I rush write then write it up better later 

    3. CamoRP


      Yeah, I tend to do that during my weekends. So many damn hours of DayZRP... hahaha!

    4. Imation11


      I try and stay on as long as I can, but life is far to busy for me to be able to stay on for really hardcore times, expect for last night, that was just a rare moment.

  2. * Kevin was just finishing of his note when he heard the man on the radio. He places down his pin and picks up the radio and presses the PTT * " Hello there, I'm afraid I don't have any candy but iv got 2 good ears willing to listen to you. People are mean to you because of your autism? well that's not very nice, how are you copying with it ? you must be doing well to survive all of this. If you want to talk if you throw me a freq you use il be more than happy to meet you. * Kevin puts the radio down and turns his note pad over to a fresh page *
  3. Music on profile and active character now working 🙂 

  4. * Kevin Smiles has he hears the voices, making him forget about the pain, he picks up the radio and presses the PTT* " Hello there, il be happy to visit both places today, im just about to leave now. Hope to bump into you both very soon " * Kevin realises the PTT *
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen! The Doctor will be in the house......in 15min. Saturday night Role Play here we go   

    1. sh4wzy


      How's that satchel treating you? 😄

  6. "Hello.....Hello is this thing on? " * Kevin realise the PTT and puts the radio on the floor next to him. He takes deep breaths as the pain in his arm starts to hurt again, hoping that it wasn't cut to deep. It cant stop him tho from doing what he is here to do and that's to help people. he picks back up the radio and presses the PTT * "Hello...My name is Doctor Kevin Shock and no before you say, Im not that kind of doctor. I'm a Therapist, psychologist, social worker how ever you wish to call it. I'm calling out to help, I understand some people can be very unclear or unknowing about mental health especial in this land. Mental health is getting better known and understanding where I come from and I hope to bring it here, for the people who are having a hard time at the moment" * Kevin takes a second break before pressing the PTT * "I'm here to tell you that its going to be ok. Are you having trouble sleeping ? Low in mood ? Avoiding people or starting to ? Thinking of self-harm or have done all ready done it ? Are you worried about a loved one ? Hearing strange voices ? acting completely different than how you normally do ? feeling sad and that sadness never seems to go away ? Night terrors ? suicidal? Then please contact me and we arrange a private talk or if there are any safe zones or city's under control and are keeping people safe then please get in contact......Thank you " * Kevin realises the PTT and holds his arm as the pain is coming back *
  7. Oh I can not wait to meet you IC XD awesome stuff
  8. Imation11


    Really enjoyed my interaction with you guys last night, thanks for the “ teaching “ or “ lesson “. Good luck and all the best for the future.
  9. @shipwreck117 and the other 2 who was with you had a awesome time with ya, you was my first patient profile was writing everything down like crazy. I look forward to talking to you again. @Jean I also look forward to meeting you again too so I can write down more stuff and see the real girl behind the mask. Too the people who held us up, thank you for the W on my arm and for the lesson, sorry my fancy clothing and the way I talked upset you so lol Good hostile RP
  10. He.. Hello, Milford Cubicle.

    1. Imation11


      What’s this? Could it be.....Kenneth!? Back from the Great War? My very own little Kenneth. Back on shore leave to see his older brother

  11. Thank you all for your kind words towards Thomas. I never thought he would do so well or be well received. my new character has some big shoes to fill and hope he takes part in many peoples story’s and be involed in a big way, plus he is coming with a big story that will hopefully evolve him as it goes.



  12. “ faster!! Faster!! She screams, faster!!! “ Kevin puts his foot down on the Audi R8 as the engine roars though out the cheddar gorge. She had such a beautiful smile and a laugh that would make angels themselves jealous. She looks at him as he looks at her “ I love you “ she says, “ I lov..” Kevin looks ahead and sees a bright light. Kevin shots up from the bed with a yell, covered in sweat and breathing heavy. He stares for a moment trying to control his breathing as reality starts to creep back in front of him. This happens every morning he wakes, he can never forgive, never forget, never forget....her. The yelling as drawn them...the “ puppets “ he calls them. He looks down from the balcony, they scream and yell and try to reach to him. “ Morning Frank, Morning Bernice how are the kids “ these 2 have always stayed around, maybe they use to live here and can’t bare the thought of leaving, or maybe they just know that Kevin is in here and are just waiting for him to come out, they scream louder and get more aggressive when Kevin talks to them. “ Going to be a beautiful day I hope, I’m leaving today, maybe il come back from time to time to check in on you too, remember follow the steps and I’m sure you 2 can resolve your marriage problems “ Kevin laughs as he walks back in side, “are they even married? “ he thought to himself. he picks up his bag and starts to collect all his notes and paper and pens, he picks up his ID it says Dr Kevin Shock therapist/Social work Avon and Wiltshire mental health partnership. he looks at it with a blank stare. All them qualifications and he is wasting it all on them puppet...dead things...he wants to help people, he wants todo something, that’s why he came here to help...so maybe just maybe...they can help him forget. He throws the backpack on his back and walks to the door. He dont how a clue what he is getting himself into, with everything going on here, how it has changed people...how it has turned people...there will be plenty of work for him to do...and with a smile on his face...he looks forward to it, he runs towards the door.
  13. * Thomas’s eyes open, face sideways on the dirt, one side of his body is soaking wet while the other side is soacked in blood...being washed away as the rain falls down on him. He grabs the radio Next to him, he has been striped naked..most of his stuff stolen...bleeding....there is so much blood. Thomas takes 1 more breath before pressing the PTT* ” My name...is Thomas.....it was...a....pleasure...meeting you all.....my friends “ * *The radio drops to the floor as Thomas turns onto his back looking up at the rain filled sky..he lets out his strange little laugh one last time...................silence now...only the rain..*
  14. Haha brilliant ? I did google who he was tho. Thank you ? going to miss playing as Thomas ( and our little random chats ) but need to mix it up
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