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  1. Leon_Idas

    New Moon Media Thread

    Activated some mad dodgeball skills today
  2. Leon_Idas

    Bad RP and NLR in Kabinino 00:30

    I assumed we solved that shed situation, as i passed earlier and everything was unlocked and open, and then it was shut. I thought our chat had solved that, but if that's why brandon had suspicion that is fair enough and perfectly sound reasoning, even though I explained it and settled it with some ammo and manual labour.
  3. Leon_Idas

    Bad RP and NLR in Kabinino 00:30

    Firstoff to address the actions in game. If your friends were not involved and you were not in comms with them, why did they instantly turn hostile towards me once i tried to roleplay and identify with you? Firstoff that is blatantly wrong because we roleplayed for a solid amount of time together passively earlier today with @Challenger @Jackfish and @Cuchulainn for quite abit before the server crashed, but that is neither here nor there. Secondly, in my video you can hear Trent say that i had messed around with his lock but he repaid me for it, so we were all good.
  4. Leon_Idas

    S1 | Kabanino | BadRP/NVFL | 2019-01-20, 00:45

    Jebidiah POV: I was watching the men interrogate the thief and hid behind the crate when i saw things going south. They surrounded him and initiated on him and he seemingly didn't react, then tried to escape and when they started shooting he pulled his out and shot back, and was killed. Due to him not instantly whipping his gun out, I am thinking he had a voip bug and couldn't hear any of his initiators.
  5. Leon_Idas

    Bad RP and NLR in Kabinino 00:30

    Server and location: S1 Kabinino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Jan 19 00:30 Approx Your in game name: Jebidiah Richards Names of allies involved: @Puncture @Camokid95 Name of suspect/s: @YungBrandonRP @Zorull Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (IDK what happened to my aspect ratio in the recording BTW) Detailed description of the events: After a firefight broke out in kab between our boys and district/green dragons, which our guys retreated/died as i was a hostage in this fight, I was Role playing with Trent and some of the district around the shop on a new character since i Permakilled Jabari, when I believe I heard one of the boys who died in the fight running around back in town very shortly after. @Zorull was killed by @Puncture during the fight and showed up in freshspawn gear and was scavenging items. When I approach him and try to roleplay, he just ignores all my attempts to roleplay and walks away. Shortly after all the members of the green dragons begin getting extremely hostile with me for no reason because i was trying to roleplay with zorull who i suspected of breaking NLR, and shortly after, @YungBrandonRP kicks me out of town randomly, because i suspect he was trying to prevent me from getting any sort of interaction with his dead group member, which is questionable because I had done nothing wrong and had been roleplaying with everyone there all day. The only roleplay I have ever gotten from Brandon was him asking my name and that is it. Zorull yells: "Its a grenade run", and "I am with trent" in the start of the recording. I did a timestamp in chat shortly after, which can be compared with the time of when puncture shot him.
  6. Leon_Idas

    s2 / kabanino / rdm / 05:00

    Was lootin up around kab and heard it was poppin, so i told the boys, and i went to check it out. Found some crates in a shed, and picked thought them. a guy ran up on me and asked what i was doing and i said i had heard about some supplies on the radio trying to bullshit them. I call out for help on the radio, then the men initiate on me, I run to an adventurous position, and trade a few shots with one of them then die.
  7. Leon_Idas

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    There are a ton of wild outlandish claims here I do not even know where to start. Firstly, we do "RP what we claim" we have constantly been defending Kabinino and protecting its citizens for weeks. Secondly, we did not do what we did because we knew you were logged off, we had tried earlier when you were occupied by our IC Allies in a Noviya Petrovka firefight, but we received radio confirmation that you were retreating away from a fight towards Kabinino, so our small group retreated. I simply looted the airfield once to find a weapon then we went back. It is not my responsibility to dictate when you can and cant play the game. Next thing is you claim nothing of value would be gained from destroying this fort, but it was evident that walking into town, harassing citizens, and declaring martial law, that the compound was going to be used for ill intent. The original deal was not stuck with the Mercs and Trent. I went there far prior and struck a deal between him and new moon regarding his protection, and made it clear we wanted the piano house compound unblocked, or it would be dismantled. When we moved the arms dealers out of the compound, your group was present and had nothing to say about claiming it for yourselves, you just helped yourself to their stuff and ran off. After that, the claims of OOC hate are pretty obvious, shown in the video by yourself and other members of your group, the @'ing of snake emojis at myself in the discord, giving out people's IP address's and affecting peoples family's and personal lives because you had your walls broken down in a video game. The Actions of @Viking and @Dusty during the day you attacked the Saviours was a case of OOC actions, and they were reprimanded for it. Lastly, your final statements confuse me the most. Are we not allowed to joke and laugh in our own teamspeak? We simply made a few jokes, as it was evident your group was threatening us to "Join your teamspeak or its a report". Your 2nd last line makes zero sense, Are you under the impression Game Masters are not allowed to join groups or something? Anywho, I am done with the back and forth, not going to post until requested by staff.
  8. Leon_Idas


    Id Plus 1 satchel charges being added back, not mines tho.
  9. Leon_Idas

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    First off, you can remove people from your group if you see fit, you were simply hired by us and it would ICly be evident that you were not when you stopped getting paid. It was evident you had betrayed us when you publicly claimed the town as yours, claimed OUR base, and declared martial Law. We had all the IC reason to as a large force had occupied our compound as we prevented it from being used against us. And said force was extremely disrespectful, and harassed us heavily that day. I personally spoke to Trent in character about the compound to ensure it was unlocked and not part of his ensemble, but he was free to build if it stayed unblocked. Nihoo was not involved in that conversation, and wanted to ensure that ooc'ly Trent wasn't upset about what occurred.
  10. Leon_Idas

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    Because, at the time when we had approached them when yourselves were working for new moon, The agreement was made with the members of your group present for it, you personally did not have to be there.. It was not small construction either. All the walls were fully up at the time we gained control of the compound, The only new thing was the towers. Also in regards to your "Evidence Time lapse, Over Half of the videos you posted were while you were a part of New moon being in clip 2,3,5, and 6, which is confuses me because you claim the compound is yours but it is very clearly shown under our control. And something interested me about your 7th clip. You are tearing downs someones base because "It is Garbage, Its an Eyesore". But is this not Greifing as Defined Here? I feel this should be taken into consideration
  11. Leon_Idas

    Build Anywhere - MOD

    You can do this already, the point is the same. This just fixes standalones shit detection and lets you place things like tents anywhere too where they would logically place-able.
  12. Leon_Idas

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    No -1 lol If you need to organize fights to satisfy your experience here, go make some more friends, get better at the game, so you can win fights normally. If the saviors have a continues track record of rollling on people, having endless zergs of the same people coming back to fight days in a row isnt too realistic. Now this is a quality idea, if the teams are balanced. Would be fun ooc little activity.
  13. Leon_Idas

    Add Developers to Staff feedback section

    Done, thank you
  14. Leon_Idas

    Add Developers to Staff feedback section

    I think developers should be added to the staff feedback section as they are currently an integral part of the community, and deserve to receive feedback too. Plain and Simple
  15. Leon_Idas

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    Im Visible in Eagles Video at the 11 second mark going through the break in the wall, The second i heard him screaming i took up a tactical position because i assumed we were going to capture eagle and interrogate him.
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