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  1. Leon_Idas

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Im talking using Modding tools similar to what was done in arma 2,, or a3 for that editor.
  2. Leon_Idas

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Name: Bridge to Prison Island OR add an option to search for driftwood in the ocean Picture: N/A Reason: Adding a bridge to the prison island using something like the in game assets from the dam's would make the extremely cool location easily visit-able for roleplay sake. Finding Driftwood would exclusively help people stay and roleplay on places like prison island without being forced to leave due to cold.
  3. Leon_Idas

    Anyone up for Dayz Mod?

    Im down for this, or arma2 missions, or ESP I44 Missions those are fun AF
  4. Leon_Idas

    Day or Night?

    Keep nightime if flashlights and fires work. Realistic
  5. Leon_Idas

    DayZ Mod Revival and such..

    Few days to relive the memories is better than nothing at all
  6. Leon_Idas

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    Reduce the effectiveness of tools for destruction, not the durability. Tool durability is already absurd enough. ripping 6 shirts into rags with a brand new axe to ruined? no thanks.
  7. Leon_Idas

    Bring back settlements now before its too late!

    We should have something in place rules wise for settlements. Hopefully we will get easy access to a map editor eventually and we can begin building actual settlements like way back in the day.
  8. Leon_Idas

    War Goals/Attritation

    Adding something similar to the good Samaritan rule we had might make a difference
  9. Im sure at some point they will get access to the base-building files and can throw a few 0's to the health of the items
  10. Leon_Idas

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Kojo Akiwimba POV- We were at crossroads and wanted to go checkout a camp at vybor industirial. I approached @LukeRP and tried to roleplay and he told me to fuck off. I said "alright man I am going to fill up my water then" When @LukeRP said "Go away you Smelly Nigger". This greatly upset us all and we began to take up positions to Initiate. While this is going on , Josh is being harassed at the water fountain by one of Kameníci slaves and he gets initiated on and the firefight began.
  11. Looks amazing, cant wait to roleplay with you guys
  12. Leon_Idas

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    Ahh good old epoch days. Its too soon to tell how building will effect the server performance wise, hell even gameplay wise. a group of 5 guys with axes might be able to rip through walls like no tomorrow. I say as long as people do not start building absurd structures it will be fine.
  13. Leon_Idas

    Player recognition system

    I do agree something could be done, but do not know the correct way to go about it to keep both sides happy, My idea ideally would have the scroll wheel option from mod and everyone's names as survivor, and if you meet the person, befriend them and they agree to it, you could "write down their name" and add them as a friend which would change the scroll wheel option. Probably a poor idea just something i thought of.
  14. Leon_Idas

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    its server performace and general clutter issues, if ever single joe and randy on the server feels like staking down their claim on a plot of land thats alot of houses, and objects on the server.
  15. Leon_Idas

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    You can chop down walls and gates