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  1. Leon_Idas

    DayZ Standalone mods - a decade from now

    #make altar great again In the past, our modpack consisted of multiple clothing packs Visual mods, Vehicle mods containing new cars, and weapon packs. Clothing packks, which groups were able to obtain, which was nice because the second you spawn, you would have your skin, this virtually eliminated mis'iding people, in standalone due to the fact clothing does stuff, idk if this would work out. Something that i had thought of would be setting a standard for the insulation/Armour/storage values on all group clothing if this happens. Think this is a decent idea @Rolle? Prud lake attack o_o
  2. Leon_Idas

    What We Can Do

    Fantastic roleplay, I have known most of these guys for years, all of them doing amazing, memorable characters. I have known you for a few months, and what have you brought to the table? Nothing can save standalone, only arma 3 can and will save this place, which is why i want to stay around and help that happen. I for one, am also tired of seeing you rag on my friends, and players here that made this place good, If you have nothing nice to say, please stop posting. People got upset with how dayzrp was run, and how a situation was handled.
  3. Leon_Idas

    What We Can Do

    takes 1 match to start a fire
  4. Leon_Idas

    Will We Bounce Back?

    Oust standalone as the main focus, because "the community started in dayz" is a terrible argument, slack up on the rules, give more chances to those who built this place
  5. Leon_Idas

    Something new?

    Server is fairly active still, has declined a little, no issue finding RP if you know where to look. There is an arma 3 server coming out here which should spike the playerbase.
  6. Leon_Idas

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    From experience, lots of people in the arma 3 community have apex due to the content, not the map, so newer players will more than likely have it.
  7. Leon_Idas

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    Make the in game rules similar to mod to keep people in line, but make adjustments when they are needed, and a good mix of serious to light RP.
  8. Leon_Idas

    Bring Back Desolation

    Early Alpha, thats not a meme for once
  9. Leon_Idas

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    +1 for not SA
  10. Leon_Idas

    Friendliness IC?

    I agree, bring back fear
  11. Leon_Idas

    This year on DayZRP...

    no kojo either :C
  12. Leon_Idas

    Will We Bounce Back?

    Wish this was true, There is another heavily streamed server that is getting a lot of attention that we currently done have.
  13. Leon_Idas

    Lore reset?

    Wipe it, makes it easier to make hero groups.
  14. Leon_Idas

    Shitty voice changer or Text RP?

    Voice changer if you can pull it off, Look at past community members like Juggs, or members of DUTY, They did it and it was awesome.
  15. Leon_Idas

    This video made me wet

    Didnt Rolle say something about talking to the desolation developer on his stream yesterday?