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  1. JURI PETROV After the civil war at 2009 Juri Petrov was found at Novaya Petrovka, his hometown. He and his daughter were emotionally broken from the great loss of the war... his wife, the mother of his daughter was dead. They did not have a home because it was destroyes during the war so they had to find a new one. After few dayes they found an abandoned green house near the Health Center of petrovka. Three years has passed... Juri was trying to grow some apple trees near the house when he saw a group of infected was going straight to the green housewhere his daughter was. He ran as fast as he could but that was not enouph, by the time he was there it was already late. His daughter was the last survivor of hiw family and he had given his word to protect her with his life.... he failed. Now Juri is a lonely wolf.... a wolf without a herd.... a wolf taught from the life itself that to live and survive at this world you need the power to let the past be the pastand only with the pass of the time all hurts are cured
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