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  1. Macbrine

    The Great Battle Of Novy Sobor - IC PvP Event


    If i sit right smack dab in the middle of this playing guitar will i get gassed hmmmm :thinkingemojji:
  2. Macbrine

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    I got a banjo and everyone expects me to be a god but I still learning please send good banjo vibes my way also send tin whistle vibes to @Rebel Pado trying to get him to do foggy dew @SweetJoe
  3. Macbrine

    Radio chatter rules changed

    You actually can send memes over the airwaves https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow-scan_television
  4. Macbrine

    The Juice Appreciation Thread

    @Pado is my flavor of juice bitter sweet tbh
  5. Macbrine

    Flowers and such.

    Real Flower Girl Vibes tbh Nice Arrangements Making @Pado and I proud
  6. Macbrine

    Staff Appreciation Thread

    yes thank you @Species
  7. Macbrine

    The Deal With It Attitude

    ya you are right we need to look at the longevity of this community. gassing 4 nibbas who didn't deserve it aint maintaining anything
  8. Macbrine

    The Deal With It Attitude

  9. Macbrine

    The Deal With It Attitude

    4 people permanently banned over "badrp" which was very objectively "bad" rp according to the video evidence ive seen The whole point of the report is to judge.
  10. Macbrine

    The Deal With It Attitude

    you in the what now
  11. Macbrine

    The Deal With It Attitude

    Ill take him out Rollando Just say the word
  12. Macbrine

    Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (NA RECRUITMENT ONLY)

    Looks lit lads Glad to have an armed force to serve the King of Severograd
  13. Macbrine

    Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Honestly You guys don't want to know what @Pado and I sexually identify as he means from the show
  14. Macbrine

    Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    now draw blue getting captured and tortured over and over again
  15. Macbrine

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?