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  1. Always fun to RP with Riptide and Pack members, and @Urban_Sniper was the one who kinda saved your ass. I bandaged you then shot a revolver next to your face to wake you up. XD
  2. @SofiaLR If Nolan has to come back to help unify the Pack and Riptide, I'll do it. Fuck it. #GhostNolan
  3. Ross grew up as a farmhand in Kansas, he absolutely loved it too. He was raised as an only child by his single father, James Levitt. One day, after a long day of work, he asked his father, "Whatever happened to Mama?" He will always remember his fathers words, "Sometimes God takes the one's we love. Sometimes, he let's them stay. And sometime's, the people who give us the greatest things, have to go early." All he could do was smile. He knew that whether or not his mother was there in person, he knew that she would always be there with him in spirit. Ross grew up being taught that family was the most important thing to have, and that family could be anyone, anywhere in the world. As long as you love them, no matter what they do, they're family. He and his father fell on hard times when Ross turned 19. His father was going to have to sell their farm. As a last stitch effort, Ross joined the Navy, and sent every last scrap of a paycheck he got to his father back home. Ross loved the military, but one late night, after an intense excercise, the Commander of Fort Worth Naval base pulled him aside, to tell him that his father had passed. "The police told us that it was a peaceful passing. He was just old, and stressed. I'm sorry son. If there's anything we can do, let me know." A few years later, the outbreak happened in South Zagoria, and the Navy was in a panic. Ross had managed to work his way up to Petty Officer First Class by this time, and was commishened to transport the Marines to the country. The trip across the Atlantic was as calm as could be, and with all the time it took, he befriended a certain Marine, a woman named Elle Nisbet. Not the prettiest name, but to him, she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. She was one of the first waves of Marines to be sent to South Zagoria, and everyone on the ship knew what happened to the first wave... Not being able to take a loss like that, he decided to sneak off the ship with the last wave of Marines. They all understood, and nobody ratted him out. When they arrived, they went their seperate ways. Ross still doesn't know what happened to the Marines he left with, nor the ship full of brothers and sisters he left behind. Now he's trying to search for Elle, to either find and love her, or put her spirit to rest...
  4. Liberty Berntson

    Fae Williams.

    @GenjiRP ………………………………………. ….God woman, I love you.... ……………………………………… ….You actually made me cry.... ………………………………………...
  5. Daddy B is first priority, but Zombie did kill Nolan, and the character I'm coming back as knew Nolan, so he'll want to know what happened there. I haven't decided which one I want to join, but Riptide has my favor because of OOC people in the pack.
  6. It truly has been some of the best RP I've ever had, being a member of Riptide. I got to meet two of my favorite characters: Ace @JkpFrog and Robbie @Malthis. I got to meet new characters that I fell in love with, like @UncleB, @-Chow-, @SofiaLR, @Flea, and @Jman14102. (Not you @Geraldo Da Witchi, Lol) (Love you @Lyca) But this had to happen. Nolan had to pass. I loved his character, I loved that you all loved his character. But I need to focus on me right now. My relationships, my Fiancé. I need to take a break from RP. I sincerely do love you all, and to the people I didn't mention, You were just as influential on Nolan's character as the people I did mention. You guys have given me the best experiences in RP so far, And you better be around when I come back. Don't let the drama of RP ruin the relationships you have now, okay? THIS IS LIBERTY! Signing off.
  7. @Anouk @bloodcrusader Oh... If only you knew...
  8. Liberty Berntson

    We're straight up gonna do it.
    Like really.
    Like, seriously.

    Love you Genji.

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  9. *The music stops, and a sad Ivan begins to speak* "I've been thinking... A lot... Which is never good... *He softly chuckles* And... Well..." *He pause for a while* "There's no point in having this radio station anymore..." *A somber Julian continues* "Yep.. We don't know if anybody is listening, and Ivan feels the radio station should be... Discontinued..." *Ivan starts again* "Everybody in the village down south is dead... Some group called 'The Boars' wiped them all out, tried to wipe us out too. Until, Julian, killed all of them." *He somberly chuckles* *Julian clears his throat* "Let's not.. Please..." "Right.." *He pauses swiftly, then suddenly picking himself back up* "Alright everybody! It's been a good run! I wish you all who are listening the best of luck! Aaaaaand remember! Don't get bit!" *He pauses* "Wow, that sounded fucking stupid.." *The Chernarussian music continues*
  10. *Chernarussian music stops* "Hello everyone. It's me, Julian!" *Disappointed and unenthusiastically* "And me. You're Co-host, Ivan!" "See. That wasn't so bad. And you're only 'Co-Host' for a day." "Yes, because what Julian lacks in fighting ability, he apparently makes up for... In Poker..." *Chuckles happily* "Thank you Ivan. Now, in the News we have for today, we heard more about the radio stations! The new, and frequent radio stations that have been popping up all around Chernarus is really exciting to see!" "Yes, a friend of mine, a Doctor named Nolan, also told me to reach out to a man named Quinn. I've tried contacting him privately through radio chatter from my personal frequency, but he's yet to get back to me. So if you're listening, get on that Quinn." *Rustling of papers in background* "And uuuuum, from what Bailey wrote down, it seems there's a Russian settlement down the road from us! We should go say 'Hi'!" "No." "Please?" *Deep sigh and a brief pause* "That's all we have for today 'Folks'. We'll update you on this settlement down the road. For those of you listening, I'm Ivan." *Excitedly* "And I'm Julian! And you're listening to the NCBN!" *Chernarussain Music Continues*
  11. First of all, I would like to say that Dan and Nolan (My Character) are good friends IC, at least I feel that way, but as for the conflict that happened months ago, I was not a part of it. I guess I'll start from the initiation: The Communists came out of no where as we were headed home to Vybor, leaving @Roach and @Mr. Blue behind. They told Dan to put his hands up, and being that I thought there would be some good RP to follow, I didn't want to raise my gun to defend @Dirty Dan. (Plus I didn't want to break any rules being that Dan and I are in different groups, but IC I also didn't want to put Riptide into any trouble with the Commies) We all stood down as Dan was motioned towards the wall of the radio building. There wasn't really that much RP from @G19RP in my opinion. No offense, but it was just basically saying, "You did this, that's why you're going to die, no chance of making it out alive!" just said in three to four different ways. I feel that in most hostile RP, especially because of reasons that happened months ago, there should be at least some chance to get out alive, with nobody being hurt, but then again, that's just my opinion, and isn't in the rules. Since I saw G19RP start to raise his gun to kill Dan, I wanted to stop them, and give Dan his Last Rights, being that my character is Catholic and friends with Dan, and I wanted to make a small prayer for him in game. Since he wasn't perming and it gives people that sense of Dues Ex Machina, like maybe the prayer worked, who knows, but I felt the RP was lack luster and I thought it would be interesting. Without even a second thought, G19RP shot Dan in the neck/shoulder. (I only say neck because it ruined everything on his head, but to me it looked more angled towards the shoulder) Being that my character is also a Surgeon, as soon as G19RP and his 'Goons' left, I immediately sprung into action trying to save Dan's life. I will go into further detail as to what happened as far as the "Medical RP" and Dan's injuries are concerned if asked for by the Admins. I would also like to say that I have no OOC hard feelings towards @G19RP or @BorisRP, just stating what I saw with my own eyes. Thank you.
  12. Stop, you're making me blush.. XD You too. I love our character dynamic. That's why Nolan took extra care of @Dirty Dan, because he sees you and Dan as good friends.
  13. @Brady Well, that's the point. Don't just say "Shot in the head, got rekt". Give the character a small eulogy, tell the story of their final hours alive. Make the people feel for you. Make sure people know what you're character was about, like if they were a good guy and they will be missed, or if they were a massive evil genius, who the world is better off without.
  14. Thank you for noticing me Moderator-chan. :3