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  1. Can't wait to run with this group. I hope I can make some of you cry.
  2. Elliot grew up as a farmhand in Kansas, he absolutely loved it too. He was raised as an only child by his single father, James Castelo. One day, after a long day of work, he asked his father, "Whatever happened to Mama?" He will always remember his fathers words, "Sometimes God takes the one's we love. Sometimes, he let's them stay. And sometime's, the people who give us the greatest things, have to go early." All he could do was smile. He knew that whether or not his mother was there in person, he knew that she would always be there with him in spirit. Elliot grew up being taught that family was the most important thing to have, and that family could be anyone, anywhere in the world. As long as you love them, no matter what they do, they're family. He and his father fell on hard times when Elliot turned 19. His father was going to have to sell their farm. As a last stitch effort, Ross joined the Navy, and sent every last scrap of a paycheck he got to his father back home. Elliot loved the military, but one late night, after an intense excercise, the Commander of Fort Worth Naval base pulled him aside, to tell him that his father had passed. "The police told us that it was a peaceful passing. He was just old, and stressed. I'm sorry son. If there's anything we can do, let me know." A few years later, the outbreak happened in South Zagoria, and the Navy was in a panic. Elliot had managed to work his way up to Petty Officer First Class by this time, and was commissioned to transport the Marines to the country. The trip across the Atlantic was as calm as could be, and with all the time it took, he befriended a certain Marine, a woman named Elle Nisbet. Not the prettiest name, but to him, she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. She was one of the first waves of Marines to be sent to South Zagoria, and everyone on the ship knew what happened to the first wave... Not being able to take a loss like that, he decided to sneak off the ship with the last wave of Marines. They all understood, and nobody ratted him out. When they arrived, they went their seperate ways. Elliot still doesn't know what happened to the Marines he left with, nor the ship full of brothers and sisters he left behind. Now he's trying to search for Elle, to either find and love her, or put her spirit to rest...
  3. Cosimo De Medici was born on the streets in New York City. He survived by picking pockets, stealing food and drinks, and squatting in random spots in New York. Until one day, he met an Ex Italian Mobster, who took him under his wing. He raised Cosimo as own, teaching him how to cook, the importance of family, and that crime definitely does pay. He taught Cosimo that anything that exists in the world could be his, if he'd only reach out and take it. This sounded perfect to Cosimo, but not soon after, his 'Father' was gunned down in the street by a man named 'Thomas Falcone'. All this happened right in front of Cosimo. He was so upset by the sight, that he not only sought vengeance against Mr. Falcone, but his entire family. On September 11, 2001, Cosimo stormed into a New York apartment complex with nothing but a Colt 1911, a WWII Combat knife, and magazines for his pistol. Everybody remembers where they were on 9/11, but nobody remembers that criminals still existed. With all the commotion about the towers, Cosimo managed to slip away relatively smoothly, with the exception of killing 2 policemen. Days later, he read a news article about the slaughter in the apartment complex, and so he decided to leave America all together. He boarded a random ship in the Port of New York, and stow away to where ever he could find. The ship he picked just so happened to stow away to Greece. After establishing some criminal contacts in the area, and then after some sour business negotiations, and 5 years, he decided it was time to take a relatively cheap flight to Chernarus. After all, crime does pay, and saving a little money on a plane ticket to a war torn country to start your new life is a steal. Now, living in the apocalypse, Cosimo is living his dreams.
  4. Unofficial Operator to the [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government]. [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government]. The [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government] of the [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government] Offensive. [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government] is to move into the area of Operations and establish [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government] and resume contact with [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government]. The Commonwealth is to be preserved, maintained, and restored to it's original glory under command of [Information Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government]. God Bless Operative, and may you succeed fully in your mission. -Signed, General Commissar [Name Redacted Under The Declaration Of The Provisional Government]
  5. Bye Sleepy! You stay the same too, we only ever talked once, and it was to say hi, BUT STILL!
  6. Hello DayZRP Community! Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love @Roland and the rest of the staff that are currently and previously involved with the community. But love isn't enough. And I'm tired of seeing the people I look up to squabble over shit that doesn't need to be fought over. So this is my farewell to the DayZRP Community. I know not many of you know me, or care enough to want to get to know me, but I'm saying my farewell's to you anyways. @LouieRP You're a really charming and funny guy, and if you ever want to grab a beer in the future, I'm here. But I swear to God if you say I'm kissing your ass one more time, I'll kick your ass you understand? But seriously, you were one of the nicest people that introduced me to DayZRP, and the wonders of torturing someone. @Mr. Blue I love you, like, you were there for Nolan, you were there for Ivan (Bishop), you even tried to make Scott eat someone, And then you let him go without hurting him ONCE. You're seriously one of the single most greatest RPer's I've ever seen. I love you Papa Blue. @PurifiedNoobs12 Don't listen to anyone, but your accent for your character. It's terrible.. Just kidding, keep up the good RP Bud! @Roland I'm really sorry for how the community is, and I wish I could change it back, But I've just gotta go man. I can't be in the community anymore, I'm joining the Navy soon, And I can't keep having this OOC crap seep into my normal life. You are the best Swede I know! All the best... @Svenne @SebbePwnYou @NordicBattlegroup Sorry about the best Swede thing... You know you guys are great, but Rolle's Rolle. @GenjiRP Don't @ me scrub. You know I love you, and I'm really sorry for leaving... And we still haven't talked about me, but we can do that later. @Dakotaen You already know. You honestly helped me grow so much personally, and RP wise. Same for you too Genji. But I just can't be here anymore... It's Toxic. @Clumsy @Para @DrMax @Harvey @Lyca Please God, don't ever change you beautiful Son's of Bitches. @Ark @Spartan Thanks for all your help... With all my problems... I'm not good at doing, ANYTHING... ............Also, notice me Ark...…... @DayZRPCommunity Goodbye... -Liberty
  7. Always fun to RP with Riptide and Pack members, and @Urban_Sniper was the one who kinda saved your ass. I bandaged you then shot a revolver next to your face to wake you up. XD
  8. @SofiaLR If Nolan has to come back to help unify the Pack and Riptide, I'll do it. Fuck it. #GhostNolan
  9. @GenjiRP ………………………………………. ….God woman, I love you.... ……………………………………… ….You actually made me cry.... ………………………………………...
  10. Daddy B is first priority, but Zombie did kill Nolan, and the character I'm coming back as knew Nolan, so he'll want to know what happened there. I haven't decided which one I want to join, but Riptide has my favor because of OOC people in the pack. ?
  11. It truly has been some of the best RP I've ever had, being a member of Riptide. I got to meet two of my favorite characters: Ace @JkpFrog and Robbie @Malthis. I got to meet new characters that I fell in love with, like @UncleB, @-Chow-, @SofiaLR, @Flea, and @Jman14102. (Not you @Geraldo Da Witchi, Lol) (Love you [email protected]) But this had to happen. Nolan had to pass. I loved his character, I loved that you all loved his character. But I need to focus on me right now. My relationships, my Fiancé. I need to take a break from RP. I sincerely do love you all, and to the people I didn't mention, You were just as influential on Nolan's character as the people I did mention. You guys have given me the best experiences in RP so far, And you better be around when I come back. Don't let the drama of RP ruin the relationships you have now, okay? THIS IS LIBERTY! Signing off.
  12. @Anouk @bloodcrusader Oh... If only you knew...
  13. We're straight up gonna do it.
    Like really.
    Like, seriously.

    Love you Genji.

    1. Fae


      Image result for my penis can only get so erect gif

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      No homosex is cherno russia

  14. *The music stops, and a sad Ivan begins to speak* "I've been thinking... A lot... Which is never good... *He softly chuckles* And... Well..." *He pause for a while* "There's no point in having this radio station anymore..." *A somber Julian continues* "Yep.. We don't know if anybody is listening, and Ivan feels the radio station should be... Discontinued..." *Ivan starts again* "Everybody in the village down south is dead... Some group called 'The Boars' wiped them all out, tried to wipe us out too. Until, Julian, killed all of them." *He somberly chuckles* *Julian clears his throat* "Let's not.. Please..." "Right.." *He pauses swiftly, then suddenly picking himself back up* "Alright everybody! It's been a good run! I wish you all who are listening the best of luck! Aaaaaand remember! Don't get bit!" *He pauses* "Wow, that sounded fucking stupid.." *The Chernarussian music continues*
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