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  1. Scott Thane

    I grew up in the United States as a North Georgian. I was taught to hunt at an early age, and honed my skill over the past twenty years. With the recent passing of my father, I wanted to seek out a new life, a new home.In 2010 I was looking for a nice place to settle when I heard about a small country outside of Russia called Chernarus. The country looked great, despite the recent civil war economically it was booming, it also seemed to have vast open game hunting. I gathered together what money I had and booked a flight. After landing, I moved to the small town of Novaya Petrovka, I bought a small house on the outskirts and began small hunting excursions. Now having lived here for a few years I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for the land. I began planning my next trip. Getting only the essentials I set out. In my typical hunting ground everything was quiet. I decided to stay in the area for a few days and let all the wildlife get accustomed to my presence. After living off the land in the small campsite for about a week, I began to scout the area for any traces of animals. Moving through the wood’s I found some rushed footprints and thought about why someone would be acting in such a peculiar manner, or if they may be hurt. I began tracking them. Following the trail for nearly a mile, I began to hear odd groaning sounds. This determined it, whoever it was they were hurt, I rushed over the hilltop. I stopped in horror seeing some grotesk almost human ripping apart a deer shoving it’s entrails into its mouth. I let out a gasp and it turned sharply and began running towards me. I stumbled falling down the hill I aimed my rifle and began firing. My bullet’s hit but seemed to do nothing and before I knew it my magazine was empty. I pulled my secondary as it closed the gap, aimed and pulled the trigger as I closed my eyes. I heard a small thud, shakily turning my head I saw it lying motionless on the ground. I had to know what was happening, but I had to be careful, there could be more of these things. Making my way back to where my truck would have been parked, but it was gone, someone had stolen my truck. I started the trek home which took about two week’s. When I got there the entire town was quiet, empty car’s blocked the street. Something was wrong, I went home and turned on the radio. On the radio I heard the reports of the ‘rabies’ outbreak, how the UN and United State Military had gotten involved, a plane had crashed into Chernogorsk. I decided to pack what I needed and head to Miroslavi where the UN and Medical researchers had established a research lab in search of answers as to what I encountered in the wood’s.
  2. Whitelist Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/summary-21208/ Why the verdict is not fair: I wasn't accepted the first few times because my backstory didn't match the lore, so I tried to fix this. I have been able to pass my test for the rules and such that you need to pass in order to write a backstory, however, after countless times of reading over the rules, I have answered one question wrong the past two times, but the answer was completely true. I have read the rules many times, and I feel as if I had a chance to say what was going on, or maybe had a one o one interview, then I could completely handle this issue. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't completely remember the question, if I could look at the test again I would be able to point out how the question is directly the cause of the prevention of my whitelisting. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like another chance, because I'm really interested in joining this community, or maybe getting to talk to an admin or moderator directly in order for there to be no miscommunication. What could you have done better?: I honestly can only read the rules over so many times, I'm sure this is completely my fault, but the question to me seemed completely unfair. In short I would most likely triple check my answer in order to prevent this from happening in the future.