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  1. Miss doing some RP with peeps. I think I will be coming back tonight. Hope to run into some of y'all!


  2. Wulf_jon

    Share Funny Stories

    Hmm...okay I remember something super funny. I was in the men's room and an elderly man came running in, he was huffing and puffing. I heard him muttering to himself "if I don't get to this toilet little ol Shelby is going to come out to say hello"....man, it took everything in my power to not laugh, but I'll tell you that when that poor old man sat down on that toilet -- it sounded as though he was literally releasing an unholy demon. The moment I walked out -- he yelled...."It's poop! My gosh it's really poop". That was when I couldn't hold in my laughter...done! haha Cheers.
  3. Wulf_jon



    I am truly digging this very much! Like 1,000,000%
  4. Keeping it real!


  5. How’s everyone doing? 🙂 

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Pretty good, only a few more days of school until I'm out for the summer. Hbu?

    2. Wulf_jon


      @Mr. Blue Not bad dude! So far so good 🙂

  6. I'm still here...just taking a little break to recharge the DayZ batteries.

    I'll be back to kick some ass soon 🙂 


  7. *Renzo tried to get the radio working again, but every attempt resulted in a low buzz along with some high pitch signals. It appeared to him that the frequency he had used along with several others have been intercepted. Being that he couldn't get his radio transmission out, he decided to give up...for now. After some time, he walked back into the house he had been staying at. He wanted to get to higher ground, so he walked to the back of the house and managed to find a latter. He placed the latter along the side of the house and climbed onto the roof. He sat on a small flat platform which was actually quite comfortable and allowed him to doze off for a while. He woke up the next morning and began thinking about Ash, there was some minor tension between them two, so he wanted to see if he could get in touch with her and figure things out. He switched to her frequency and held the PTT hoping that she'll get his message" "Hey, it's Renzo. I..I have been thinking a lot about you and what happened the other night. I was hoping we could talk privately and clear the air. Find me soon!" *He releases the PTT*
  8. So pumped for tonight! It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a rock/metal show. Let’s go and get crunk!!!

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Image result for rock concert gif

      hope you have a blast 😄 

    2. Wulf_jon


      Thanks dude 😉 

    3. Blake Quinn

      Blake Quinn

      Rock Onn


    4. SofiaL



    5. Wulf_jon


      Yes I sure did...feeling it today 😞 

  9. An animal I've become




  10. *Renzo climbs down the latter and begins moving towards the open field in order to try to get a better connection. The voice Renzo had heard over the radio didn't sound familiar, but he still was intrigued and wanted to see if this man could actually help him remember anything before the accident. It took him a best part of an hour to finally get a signal on his radio, but when he managed to get it working all could be heard was radio interference.* He thinks to himself "Hmmm..seems like there is some sort of electromagnetic shielding that is blocking my ability to put out a radio transmission.. I've got to try to find another way of communicating with this man to find out the truth, but why should I even trust this man. I guess it might be best to just hear him out." *He makes his way to the nearest police station and begins rummaging through the rooms in search of a CB radio. He heads to the roof top and stumbles across one at the top of the stairs, he thinks to himself "it seemed as though someone had tried getting this to work, but was bitten by the infected. There was blood stains coming up the stairs and onto the roof, and it appears as though the bitten individual had leaped over the railing." He turns around and heads back to the CB radio and begins tinkering with it with the hopes that it will work. Through sheer luck the radio turns on and doesn't appear to be encountering any interference, so he pushes the PTT* "I can't say that I know who you are, Ivan is it? How can I trust what you tell me is to be the truth? All I remember is getting in a truck during a fog and rainy night and crashing into a house. When I woke up there were 3 individuals who were tending to my wounds from the accident, they were quite friendly and still appear to be. When I was able to be mobile, they had asked me to *Transmission is being interrupted* and I had agreed to allow *Static interference causing the transmission to fail* "We met up with a man and two women named..." *Transmission intercepted and blocked*
  11. *Renzo tossed and turned until he finally decided to get up and go for a walk. He climbed up and into a hunting stand, the nights sky and the cool breeze..He thinks "Shit, it's freaking cold, but I can't sleep. I need to try to remember who this man is, Ivan...Nino mentioned this name to me, but I have no clue who he is." He sits down and flicks a cigarette into his mouth and quickly lights it. The fire from the match gives off a slight sense of warmth, but clearly not enough to keep his hands warm. While desperate to find out more, he grabs his radio and presses the PTT* "Erm..um. To the man who calls himself Ivan, your name was said to me during a conversation and I'm not sure why. I don't recall your name nor have I ever met you. What information can you provide to me that will help me remember who.." *Transmission begins to get triangulated* "It's very import - *interruption* , but what did I *static* I am here in *more static* For fuck sake this damn radio keeps cutting out..... *Transmission ends abruptly*
  12. I haven't yet, but I do hope that I do soon.
  13. Yes! I’ll be sure to make it to vybor sometime today
  14. Wulf_jon

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    Looks good!