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  1. Killer profile song man! Love the Starset :) 

    1. Zilly

      Thanks dude! <3

  2. A Cannibal's Thank You Message (Open Frequency)

    *Lorenzo quickly picks up his radio and presses the PTT* Listen up you animal! What you've done is unforgivable and if anyone finds out who you are - you'll wish you were dead. Sooner or later you will be figured out. I'll be sure to have my people keep a close watch on those who enter this town and visit the bar. *Released the PTT and smokes a cigarette*
  3. No! Thank you for being an awesome RPer!
  4. Random Screenshots

  5. It's always a pleasure my good sir! Loving the new character
  6. Come hang out :) 

    I will be in and out of the pub, but I will be there!



    1. Laski


      Don't tell me what to do

    2. Wulf_jon


      @Laski - come on! ALL THE COOL CATS ARE DOING IT :)

  7. Severograd bar opening soon! [Radio Call]

    *Lorenzo grabs his radio and presses the PTT* To all survivors! Just wanted to let you all know that I will be opening up the bar, so come on out! Don't be shy - let's have a good time. See you all soon! *Releases the PTT*
  8. What do you suggest?

    @Beni - Thanks my man! I do see those snowballs are pretty righteous, so I may take a look at those as well Cheers,
  9. What do you suggest?

    @Eagle - Good point! Thanks for your suggestion kind sir!
  10. What do you suggest?

    @TheTrueHawk - Hey dude! Thanks for your suggestion. I will look that one up right now
  11. What do you suggest?

    Hey guys and gals! I am looking for a new pair of headsets, but I'm unsure as to which kind to get. Is there a brand you'd suggest if I am looking for one that works well in the DayZ world (of course), but are also noise cancellation , the mic comes in really clear (in your opinion), and encompasses your gameplay (feeling like zombies are behind you rwar!). Provide me with some low end styles and some high end styles. I am on a budget right now and would not like to put such a huge dent in my pocket right now Any links on Amazon would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing your suggestions!
  12. Love those quiet afternoons where I can just blast some jazz and prep the ol Downtown Severograd bar for the day :) 




  13. (Open Frequency.) -Looking for a bar/market-

    *Lorenzo looks out his window and sees a few wolves passing by. He then steps out for a quick smoke and notices one staring at him from a distance. "This is one strange wolf" he says as it begins to make it's way closer and closer to Lorenzo. He quickly thinks to himself - "Am I hallucinating or is this really happening?". It was only then does he hear the message on his radio. He looks up again and the wolf was gone.* *PRESSES PTT* Hello, yeah hey! Names Lorenzo and I'm one of many that work at the downtown corner bar in Severograd. Quite frankly I am not certain if I will be back in town for a while, but you may find others who live there who'd be happy to help you. I will be honest with you - that town is pretty run-down due to all the riots and fighting, but it's completely up to you if you'd like to venture there. *Quickly releases the PTT as he begins to hear howling again and is curious to know where this is coming from. He mutters to himself "What the fuck is happening? I can't see a damn thing in this fog." Suddenly the noise appears to be coming from the kitchen. Lorenzo slowly creeps towards the kitchen and gently opens the kitchen door. He sees the same wolf staring at his face again...however, the wolf doesn't appear to be a threat... the static from the radio forces him to refocus his attention to the unknown man speaking again* *PRESSES PTT* As I mentioned before, the decision for you to venture of there is your to make, but please be mindful of your surroundings and I ask you to keep another thing in mind. Don't take candy from strangers..I know it sounds lame, but in this world it's true. Having said that, cheers! *RELEASES PTT*
  14. Bad modules errors?

    Thanks I’ll give it a go